A. C. Becker’s Redfish: How, When and Where


A.C. Becker's Speckled Trout: How, When, & Where


Fishing Magic: The Texas Coast

This book contains many of the most sought after secrets on fishing the Texas coast. Along with the often guarded fishing tactics used on the Texas coast, the book has many fun stories on fishing the Texas Bays while giving valuable information on how to approach your own fishing trips. It gives valuable information on fishing the coastal waters from the Land Cut to Sabine Lake, including the Texas surf.


A.C. Becker's Flounder: How, When, and Where

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Larry Bozka's Saltwater Strategies :How, When and Where to Fish the Western Gulf Coast

Used book in Good Condition. From tackle to techniques, locations to lures, it is the most comprehensive book ever published on the strategies and approaches that give the saltwater fisherman a decided edge when striking out on the flats, beachfronts and bays of the Western Coast. Larry bozka's saltwater strategies: how, speckled trout and flounder--from the Texas, When and Where to Fish the Western Gulf Coast, " is the definitive guide and reference to catching inshore gamefish--primarily redfish, Louisiana and Mexico coastlines.


Texas Trout Tactics

This is a must-have for every Texas Gulf Coast angler. Texas fish & game magazine, is proud to announce the release of the first title in the Saltwater Strategies Series, The Authority on Texas' Great Outdoors, Texas Trout Tactics, by Chester Moore, Jr. Tf&g's saltwater Fishing Editor. Inside you'll find valuable insight on: * stealth techniques * seasonal Patterns * Trout Hotspots * Pointers on Tackle, Bait and Lures * Tricks, Tips and Techniques the Pros use * Trout Tournament Strategies And much, much more.

. Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition.

Flounder Fundamentals Saltwater Strategies

Used book in Good Condition. The first book in the series, first published in 1998, when and Where to Fish the Western Gulf Coast, Editor Larry Bozka's Saltwater Strategies: How, has been extremely popular and will soon go to press with a revised edition. He even offers a wide selection of recipes to help you enjoy dining on this wonderful fish.

The book covers a wide range of topics for both the novice and veteran fisherman, from tides and feeding patterns, selecting the right gear, illustrations and suggestions about baits to use. Texas fish & game magazine's Saltwater Editor, Chester Moore, Jr. Has written a highly readable and informative book on fishing for flounder.

Used book in Good Condition. Used book in Good Condition. Chester Moore, Jr. S flounder fundamentals is the latest in Texas Fish & Game's Saltwater Strategies® series.

Pat Murray's No-Nonsense Guide to Coastal Fishing Saltwater Strategies

Used book in Good Condition. Here's just a sample of what you'll learn: decoding the coast: topography, water flow and historical perspective land locked: a guide to quality fishing without a boat Wading Techniques: uncovering the mystery of mysticism of wadefishing Nearshore Tactics: from tarpon to sharks, world-class battles await within sight of coastal beaches Treasure Maps: an in-depth look at Texas' most popular bays and most secret spots to target including detailed maps with the author's personal notes indicating specific spots to target Tournament Tactics: winning techniques and philosophies to turn what learn into cash Hiring a Guide: an ex-guide's look at how to hire a real pro Tips from the Pros: see what the pros would use if they could only have five lures And much, structure, much more.

. Used book in Good Condition. Pat's straight forward approach gives an insider's look into fishing like a pro. Put simply, it will make you a better fisherman. This no-nonsense guide is the culmination of years of professional guiding and countless personal angling experiences. It provides an in-depth look at the details the transform the sport of coastal fishing into an art.

It is an a to z guide for everyone from beginner to pro. Used book in Good Condition.

Plugger: Wade Fishing the Gulf Coast

Yet fervent and abiding concern for those waters spurred his commitment to a catch-and-release policy for all fish under three pounds and to Gulf Coast conservation. A fisherman’s fisherman, Grigar claimed to have caught more than a million pounds of fish in his sixty years along the coast. From a pioneer in catch-and-release and a legend in saltwater wade-fishing.

Rudy grigar, one of america’s most notorious characters of saltwater wade-fishing, lends the inimitable voice of experience to these yester yarns of the coastal waters of Texas and Louisiana. Used book in Good Condition. His tales and tips are the bible of those now wading the Plugger’s favorite spots.

Used book in Good Condition. The ultimate reference guide for coastal fishing in Texas. Used book in Good Condition.