A Cosy Candlelit Christmas: A wonderfully festive feel good romance An Unforgettable Christmas Book 2

She has absolutely no intention of forgiving him, but who could resist an all-expenses-paid trip to the French resort of St Martin-de-Belleville? There she meets smooth-talking Justin and nerdy glaciologist Sebastian; two very different men, with two very different agendas. It's heart-warming and will leave you with that warm fuzzy feeling.

A beautiful novel!’ the Cosiest Corner, 5 stars‘This is a wonderful festive read. Torn between her head and her heart, Isla finds herself utterly lost in a winter wonderland of her own feelings. A truly amazing 5 stars!’ goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars‘This book is beyond awesome, loved every page. Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars‘This is 100% my favourite of Tilly Tennant's novels so far.

This is a lovely book filled with fabulous Christmas cheer that chick lit and romance fans will adore. Goodreads reviewer, completely fell in love with it… A lovely heartfelt read, with lots of Christmas cosy moments thrown in, 4 stars‘I absolutely loved this book, not to mention lots of snow. Perfect for fans of Jane Linfoot, Debbie Johnson and Jenny Colgan.

What readers are saying about a cosy candlelit christmas:‘ooooooooohhhhhhh I LOVEEEEEEED IT!… Spell-binding, beautifully written and 100% memorable - Tilly Tennant has blown me away. The writing garnet, 5 stars‘cosy, sweet book that i adored! … despite the freezing cold temperatures outside, beautiful setting… you could not ask for anymore! five Stars!’ Stardust Book Reviews, 5 stars‘This is my favourite Christmas book of the season so far, and I’m keeping everything crossed for a third book! Fantastic characters, great story, Tilly Tennant's writing will leave you feeling warm inside… It could easily be read at any time, although perhaps in front of a fire with a warm cup of cocoa would be ideal!’ Rachel’s Random Reads, 5 stars‘Well this was an absolute gem!.


A Very Vintage Christmas: A heartwarming Christmas romance An Unforgettable Christmas Book 1

A fantastic read to snuggle down to this winter. Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars‘this was a truly delightful, heart-warming story from start to finish with lots of Christmas cosy feeling moments throughout. Lovely, likeable characters and the perfect setting… On that note, I'm looking forward to reading her next book already.

Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars‘This was a great feel good holiday book. Grab yourself a nice warm drink and curl up ready to feel all warm and cosy inside - no hesitation in giving this a massive five shiny stars!!’ Donnas Book Blog, 5 stars‘What a fabulous book! I'm a huge fan of the Tilly Tennant books, she's quickly becoming my favourite cosy writer!

. It is a little different than your normal holiday book but that is what makes it special. Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars. I highly recommend this story if you're looking for a nice cosy read this winter!’ Caoimhas Books and Lit, 5 stars‘The storyline had me smiling throughout. This really is another tilly treasure and one that will stay with me for some time!’ Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars‘I love Tilly's books they are great cosy reads and this one is just as good as the rest.

I adored the quirkiness of it and the characters.

Christmas at the Little Village Bakery: A feel good festive romance to curl up by the fire with Honeybourne Book 2

Krafti reader'Observant, humorous, insightful, and heart squeezing. It felt like diving in a book with long lost friends and with the warmth and cosiness emanating from the bakery you can't help but feel like you are 'at home' with this delightful story. I adored her humor' books and bindings'Loved this beautiful, evocative book that evokes the spirit of Christmas! Absolutely enjoyed this and will definitely be recommending it to everyone.

Thank goodness her cousin Darcie is here to help her. A delightful Christmas read. Renita d'Silva'Really enjoyable. There is never a dull moment in Honeybourne! 'Book Kaz'This was cute. I loved the christmas setting!' Tweety Andy ReadsPraise for the Little Village Bakery:‘Hooked. Highly recommended. Shelley back Books‘I absolutely loved this.

Well read pirate‘this is the first book I've read by this author and I absolutely loved it.

The Christmas Wish: A heartwarming Christmas romance

I read this story over the course of 48 hours and that says a lot considering my kids are needy lol. Netgalley reviewer, 5 stars‘Fabulous. A heart-warming festive story set in a stunning location. I would highly recommend it to all. Pretty awesome… I read it in one sitting. I have no words to describe the emotions it invoked.

The karibbean kollective, 5 stars‘A once in a life-time trip of discovery, learning to love yourself, finding yourself and taking back your life. I fell in love with the characters. Absolutely perfect! . Thank you Tilly Tennant for this wonderful story. Netgalley reviewer, 5 stars‘Amazing. Got me feeling festive and ready for Christmas already! I lost myself in this story… It was perfect!


The Summer of Secrets: A feel good romance novel perfect for holiday reading

Harper thought she had everything she ever wanted. Could not put it down. Too busy trying to untangle the truth, Harper doesn’t notice Shay getting rather close to his ex from the village. Really brilliant. I loved everything about it. Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars‘i adored this wonderful heart-warming story that captured my soul and left me glued to my ereader and I didn't want the story to end.

For better or worse? She has no idea. If she solves the mystery of her sparkling prize, and be left broken-hearted?An utterly gorgeous, can she hold onto her dream, or will she lose it all, heart-warming romance, full of love and laughter. I just want to say how fantastic this book is … if you’ve not read any books by this author, why the heck not?! Do it now… you won’t regret it! I just love love loved it.

Stefloz book reviews, 5 starscan new love grow when you dig up old secrets? Fall in love with this heart-warming romantic comedy from Amazon chart bestseller Tilly Tennant. Harper woods wakes up every morning on Silver Hill Farm feeling like the luckiest woman in the world. Just keeps you guessing. Alas, i'm now bereft and missing my dose of feel-good from Harper and her friends at Silver Hill Farm.

The Garden on Sparrow Street: A heartwarming, uplifting Christmas romance

This charming book would make a lovely stocking-stuffer. Netgalley reviewer‘i always get drawn in by Tilly Tennant's novels …This story will make you feel so warm and cosy and wintery. And as the community comes together and the garden flourishes, Nina can’t help but be drawn to Irish gardener Colm with his sparkling blue eyes and kind heart, finding herself confiding in him about all her recent troubles.

But just as colm and nina grow closer and he opens up to her about his own secret loss, Colm’s estranged wife returns from Scotland, wanting to try again. Read it too quickly. A lovely storyline and super characters. I loved the characters, it was heart-warming and unputdownable. The cosiest corner‘Tilly's books I love.

They are always like a big warm hug in book form. Great characters and a great plot line. So when nina hears that sparrow street’s Community Garden, one of Gray’s favourite places, is to be put up for sale she knows she must do something. As the cold winter nights draw in, escape to the sleepy town of wrenwick, where the streets sparkle with snow and a lonely young widow is about to find that true love really can strike twice… As Christmas cheer fills Sparrow Street with excitement, grieving widow Nina is having a hard time.

I left my world, entered the town, loved every page and was sorry to reach the end of this story, met the characters, say goodbye to all the characters. Netgalley reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐‘this was a totally heart-warming read that once I started didn’t want to put down.

The Little Village Bakery: A feel good romantic comedy with plenty of cake Honeybourne Book 1

5/5*’ krafti reader'this is an adorable tale of new beginnings, new friends and a village pulling together. Highly recommended. Shelley back books'i absolutely loved this'Well Read Pirate'Get yourself out in your garden, with a cool drink and maybe some cake and enjoy this lovely summery read. Portobello books'i loved this story, it had a little bit of everything, romance, heartbreak, mystery and a little magic thrown in for good measure.

I will be reading more by this talented author. Haven’t got a clue‘i adored this delightful story … I am already pining for more … A lovely heart warming tale of new beginnings, new friends, new love. Heartbreak has forced her to make a new start and when she arrives at the old bakery in the little village of Honeybourne she is determined that this will be her home sweet home.

A sweet touch and light humour' BestChickLit. Com 'tilly tennant has an amazing gift for story-telling and I’m sure we’re going to see great things from her in the future. Holly Martin. It’s time for millie to face the skeletons in her closet if she’s going to live the dream of running her little village bakery, and her blossoming romance with Dylan.

I’ll definitely be reading the sequel when it comes out. Mum reinvented'i loved Honeybourne; it’s the kind of place I would love to live. Hooked.

The Summer Getaway: A feel good holiday read

But nothing can prepare her for the shock of discovering who’s staying in the villa next door… Ashley got much more than a suntan on her first ever foreign holiday; one whirlwind romance and nine months later she had a daughter, Molly. Too heartbroken and proud to ever contact the father, Ashley made a decision to go it alone and raise her daughter herself.

Ashley moon is all set for a dream holiday with her daughter in the glittering French Riviera. And just when ashley thought things couldn’t get any better, comes the news of a handsome new occupant in the villa next door. But fate has other plans for Ashley. A fantastic read from the first page worth far more than five stars.

Goodreads reviewer‘if you are looking for the ideal holiday story or even just to sit back and relax with then I have to recommend The Summer Getaway …If you are in need of a pick me up then The Summer Getaway will be ideal there is a lovely relaxed but heart-warming feeling to it that will guarantee the reader will be left smiling.

Fifteen hard and lonely years later, she finally has the chance to take Molly on her first ever holiday; a gorgeous, all-expenses-paid trip to the charming French resort of St. At its heart this story is about family and how complicated life can be along with showing a sweet and beautiful romance! Charmed from start to finish, a perfect summer story!’ Rae Reads.

Perfect for a summer weekend. Goodreads reviewer‘i have always loved tilly's books and this one is her best by far totally hooked from the first page and so heartwarming and romantic and absolutely brilliant read with beautiful countryside and you think you are there in the French Rivera.

A Wedding in Italy: A feel good summer holiday romance From Italy with Love Book 2

A great feel-good book set in beautiful Italy. A lovely feel-good story. Stef loz book blog'Observant, humorous, insightful, and heart squeezing. This book makes me want to brush up on my Italian and move to Italy!’ Darcy’s Book Blog‘What another absolute gem. Tilly tenant is one of my favourite Authors and this book definitely didn't disappoint.

Goodreads 5*‘a wedding in italy has the same warmth in the narrative and the wonderful descriptions of Italy that transport you away. Can love and the city of romance conquer all, or is that just a fairy-tale?Let Rome steal your heart this summer in this gorgeously romantic escapist read. I loved it and would recommend it to everyone.

Read day and night 5*‘I just loved reading this. Every day in her new home is a fight against leaking pipes, her cantankerous landlord and her less-than-perfect grasp of the Italian lingo. Sun, spaghetti and sparkling prosecco. I adored her humor. Books and Bindings. A perfect read for everyone who likes romance, chick-lit, woman's fiction or just fiction.

This is especially true for those who are looking for an escape but don't really have the means to do so. Pretty little book Reviews‘The book was a 5.

Hattie's Home for Broken Hearts: A heartwarming laugh out loud romantic comedy

Everyone loves hattie’s home for broken Hearts:‘This is a story that will melt even the hardest of hearts, it is perfect for lovers of Jenny Colgan books. This story is about loss, love, and second chances. 5 stars ‘i fell in love with the donkeys straight away, my favourite was definitely Norbert… Overall, just like Hattie! They all seemed to have their own personalities and I thought that they all were so cute! But, this was a heart-warming story that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The cosiest Corner, Five stars. And when handsome newspaper reporter Owen does some digging into Jo’s past he finds something that connects her to Hattie on a whole new level. I raced through the story finishing it in an afternoon. Hattie can’t help but fall in love with the donkeys and the opportunity to get close to dreamy Canadian vet Seth but Jo is harder to get to know and when she finds her boss sobbing in her sleep one stormy night, she knows that her new friend is hiding a dark secret.

But as she returns home she finds her parents struggling to cope with a terrible family tragedy. In a desperate search for a new start, hattie takes a job at the donkey sanctuary nearby on Sweet Briar Farm where Jo, the taciturn owner, certainly loves her animals far more than humans. Hatties home for broken hearts is an amazing feel good book.

I couldn't help feeling like the grinch whose heart grew several sizes while reading this wonderful story.

Christmas at Conwenna Cove

All my expectations were surpassed, this is a bundle of love, hope and christmas joy…’ ali – the dragon slayer‘i just loved this book, such a festive treat and what a magical story!!…  Will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside – really did love this one!!’ Donna’s Book Blog‘I was giggling to myself in a few short minutes of starting the book… Brill! Once you get started with this read it may very well get stuck to your hands.

As the snow falls on conwenna cove, can oli and Grace find the happiness they both deserve?A magical and uplifting Christmas romance, perfect for fans of Jenny Hale and Heidi Swain. Praise for christmas at conwenna Cove‘Cosy up by the fire with a mug of steaming hot chocolate and drift off to Conwenna.

. It's a superglue read. Blooming fiction‘it was a treat to return to conwenna Cove… I want to pack my case and have my own Conwenna Cove hug… A wonderful, heartfelt, festive read that left me sighing with contentment. Kraftireader‘a delightfully romantic festive read… left me feeling warm and fuzzy with its wonderful characters, beautiful settings and in depth story lines.

Lozza’s book corner‘this is a fantastic festive read I have no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending. Another superb book from Darcie who seems to keep getting better and better. His world revolves around his children, Amy and Tom, but being both mum and dad isn’t easy and his romantic life has taken the hit.