After The Music Stops

Get low 13. The truth 5. Unashamed 17. Run 6. After the music Stops 2. Track Listings 1. Nobody 15. I did it for You 4. Bonus track 1 Shrink-wrapped. Jesus muzik 3. The king 11. It's your World 8. King intro 10 Prayin for You 14. Death story 16. Send me 7. Invisible 12. Grateful 9. El shaddai 18.


So in word, thought, and deed Lecrae's mission is to do simply that. What are we here for? God created us to Glorify him. With no ambitions of being the next big thing or dreams of fame and wealth, Lecrae simply wants to point listeners in the direction of the Cross. Understanding that christians live as regenerate born again people in an unregenerate not born again world, he knows the odds are against him.


Real Talk

Represent 6. Wait intro 14. The line 11. The church 9. Track Listings 1. Wait 829569807024. Souled Out 2. Aliens 4. We don't 3. Take me as i Am 8. Real talk Interlude 7. Crossover 5. Nothin' 10 Who u wit 12. Heaven or Hell 13.


1 outsiders2 welcome to america3 say i won't feat any mineo4 nuthin5 fear6 anomaly7 timepiece8 dirty Water9 Wish10 Runners11 All I Need Is You12 Give in feat Crystal Nicole13 Good, Bad, Ugly14 Broken feat Kari Jobe 829569807024.


829569816125. Brand new record for 2110!! 829569807024.


829569823420829569816125. The album features appearances from Big K. R. I. T. Ashthon jones, mathai, and Mali Music, along with labelmates Trip Lee and Tedashii.829569807024. Apart from his work under his own name, Lecrae is also known for his work with Rap group 116 Clique. Producers on the album include DJ Khalil, Street Symphony's Heat Academy, and The Watchmen.

. 2012 release, the fifth album from Grammy-nominated Gospel Hip Hop artist and producer Lecrae Moore.

All Things Work Together

829569816125. All things work together is the new and highly anticipated album from Lecrae. It's knowing that the struggle can bring about a richness in character beyond all wealth. Lecrae's affecting reconciliation towards hope rises to the height of his verbal gifts on All Things Work Together. Other tracks include the album's insightful opener "Always Knew, " the prophetic "8:28", and "Watchu Mean" featuring Reach Records protégé Aha Gazelle.

On all things work together, acclaimed guest artists, and impressive up-and-comers for the diverse effort, Lecrae also enlisted a cast of multiple award winning producers, including Metro Boomin', who produced the single "Hammer Time" featuring 1K Phew. In describing his vision for all Things Work Together, Lecrae explains: "It's a journey through chaos and hope and brokenness and blessing.

Shrink-wrapped. The 14 track album balances profound introspection with cunning social critique. This is an artist in command of both firepower and nuance, fearlessly transforming his message into an uplifting soundtrack of healing-through-pain. The album includes the previously released hits "Blessings" featuring Ty Dolla $ign, and the powerful "I'll Find You" featuring Tori Kelly.

829569823420 When you're in the middle of the chaos, you can come to realize that it is shaping you, creating endurance.

Church Clothes 2

829569816125. 1 co-sign, Pt. Shrink-wrapped. 8295698234202 2:16 2 believe 2:12 3 devil in disguise 4:15 4 the fever 4:05 5 i'm turnt 2:27 6 let it whip 3:58 7 Sell Out 2:19 8 Lost My Way 3:22 9 Misconception, Pt. 2 4:35 10 round of applause 3:48 11 was it worth it 3:54 12 bun b speaks 0:34 13 finer things 3:25 14 hands up 3:06 15 my whole life Changed 3:50 16 If I Die Tonight 3:39 17 Hang On 3:08 829569807024.


Rehab: The Overdose

First rehab release Debut at No. No. 829569807024. 1 on both Christian and Gospel Billboards. 829569816125. 829569834723. 1 selling christian Hip-Hop artist in the CBA Market. Shrink-wrapped. 829569823420829569817825.

Church Clothes 3

Shrink-wrapped. 829569816125. 829569823420 Track List: 1. Freedom ft. Sidelines 5. Misconceptions 3 ft. Forever 9. John givez, jgivens, Jackie Hill Perry 10 Gangland ft. Deja Vu 4. 829569817825. 829569834723. Can't do You ft. Cruising 6. Kb 829569807024. E-40 8. N'dambi 2. It is what It Is 7. I wouldn't Know ft. Propaganda 3.

Let the Trap Say Amen

829569823420 Shrink-wrapped. 829569834723. 829569817825. 829569816125. Songs: get back right / holy water / switch / yet / i can't lose / fly away / preach / 2 sides of the game / Can't block it / Plugged in / Only God can judge me / By chance 829569807024.