Alpha Shifters Of Salem Alpha Mates Of Salem Boxset

Find out what happens in the full and complete series!Sold To The Alpha BearI’d just sworn off men. Then a howling alpha sold me off to the new alpha bear in town. Brianna’s life is in danger because of me. She looks after my sons and I can’t stop lusting over her. Love seemed impossible before I met her.

But an alpha mountain lion cannot be without a mate. Brianna is too innocent and I need to shield her from danger. I’d do anything to protect my baby growing inside her. Even if she hates the way I have to do it. Note: adults Only! Christian is a single dad with a dark past. His son has gone missing and I know he’s keeping secrets from me.

My trust has been broken before. I can’t let that happen again. Christian isn’t the man worthy of my innocence. But his cocky eyes make me fall in love with him. Tempting me to become his mate. The raging wolf in him scares me. But he would fight the world to keep me safe.

Bear Lake Protectors Bear Lake Protectors Boxset

My father sent a bear shifter to hunt me down. I watched him transform when I was in danger. He protected me. Captured me. Now he won’t let me go. Perhaps, i don’t want to escape him. He’s ruthless but I see the love in his eyes. And i demand to know his secrets. Especially now that I’m carrying his baby. Book 4: her bear clanI’ve been kidnapped by three forbidden bear shifters.

Full of dreamy bear shifting alpha bad boys who will do whatever it takes to protect and claim their mates by any means necessary. As a wolf/human hybrid, I’ve been on the run all my life. I’m lonely and yearn for love. The three brothers need everything but that. They only want a mate that can breed their baby.

Getting pregnant might be the biggest mistake of my life. Will they sell me off after i give birth?…Or is this just the beginning of our story?Note: Adults Only! I’ll do everything to keep her safe. Even if i have to fight a pack of wolves. As a new alpha bear, I’m in search of a mate. I knew she was mine the second I laid my eyes on her.

Dragon Assassin's Nanny F.I.R.E. Special Ops Dragon Book 4

I’m the most powerful dragon assassin in the world. I could have any woman I want. She’s my daughter’s nanny. But i’ve fallen for the one that I can’t have. Being her boss isn’t the only thing that makes it totally wrong. Lianne is a distraction. I’m an important member of the Special Dragon OPS team.

The alpha of F. I. R. E has his eyes on me. I can’t let my team down. It’s why i needed a nanny in the first place. But her sweet curves have become an obsession. My job is slowly taking a backseat. Being with her is more than just a compulsion. I need to keep her close. Lianne has a little secret, and a wolf is after her life.

There’s no one in the world that I can’t defeat. And the man that’s messing with my woman is going to regret ever being born.

Jason Silverback Redemption Book 4

A silverback seasoned shifters romanceBear shifter, Jason, has seen all his fellow Silverback Saviors mated and married. Now, it’s his turn. The woman he’s waited his whole life for is finally within reach. However, something holds him back. But not just any shifter. Dragon!shannon and her son, Lorcan, are in trouble.

Something that he might not be able to control once it’s unleashed. High in the mountains he senses her. She’s with someone. After a clandestine visit from a hunter, who says he knows what Lorcan is, they are forced to leave their home. Something that says the treasure is mine. They journey to bear creek in the hope of finding some kind of treasure to pay off a debt they don’t even owe.

The thing that scares shannon the most is what happens if they don’t find the treasure and pay off the debt. After keeping lorcan safe his whole life, her world soon spirals out of control. Jason who calls shannon his mate and will do anything to keep her and Lorcan safe. Can she accept his help? can she trust him?Perhaps, if they work together, they can find the treasure and pay off the hunter’s debt.

But something is stirring inside Lorcan. A shifter.

Shifter Protectors 12 Book Compilation

Best selling paranormal authors lisa daniels and Mia Taylor bring you some of their best shifter stories!If you love steamy romance with seductive protectors and engaging story lines you will love this box set. The first story is a special valentine's book soon to be released in late January!Author's Note: All stories are intended for 18+ and are stand alone romances with a HEA.


Hot Shot Daddies Box Set: Books 1-2 Hot Shot Bears

All i had to do was find the omega, that belongs to the Hot Shot Wolves. Except now that i found her and her new baby, There is no way I’m ever letting them go. Note: 18+ Only. Both stories are previously unreleased. Book 1: hot shot daddy addyif there’s one thing I’m not, it’s a damsel in distress. Captain osha walker came into my life in a fiery blaze, and left just as quick.

Now he’s back and wants to be a father. To my secret son—his bear cub. I don’t need a man. But could i love a shifter?OshaI'm an itinerant wildland firefighter, captain of the Hot Shot Bears. I've never wanted to settle down. Fire is in my blood. But when i saw my son, my cub. When i saw addy again, nothing could douse the flames.

But can they handle a firefighter as a Daddy?If I left my unit, who would be captain?Book 2: Hot Shot HeroRoseI had to escape. I couldn’t be the wolves’ omega. But can i trust this bear that saved me, and my baby from the fire?My pack said to never trust a bear, But then again wolves always lie.

Kodiak Dating Agency: Paranormal Romance Box Set

The most scandalous CEO on the planet will finally get what's coming to him. Kodiak dating agency is nestled in Haden Springs; a strange, rivalrous town where residents come to start anew. If you enlist to find your true mate, you must follow the rules. Fate plays cruel tricks. Is this dating service truly about love and pleasure, or is it something much more?"This box set contains: Dorian's RewardAnders' AllureBrock's PleasureMichael's Secret Series Finale.

Unbridled masculinity and unseen enemies dominate every turn. Limited time release exclusive to This BoxsetStory contains mature themes and language, and is intended for 18+ readers only.

Quest for Immortality: A shifter Romance Box Set

But high above their heads, and when the two worlds collide you’d better be ready for potent potions, sultry spells, someone else reigns the skies…Witches are both mysterious and deadly, and a whole lot of growling…Fated MatesJustin lives a lonely life, blinded by deception…Fearless Dahlia knows she must save him…Revealing the truth could end his pain—or tear them apart.

Shifter’s sacrificefrank never asked to be a hero…But Connie’s sweet innocence is more than he can resist. Love hurts, but loving Connie will be a fresh kind of torture. Shifter’s acceptanceall jazz wants is the truth about her past…all dennis wants is to be rid of the pesky witch…But when Dennis’s brother falls for her charms, sparks begin to fly…Shifter’s LegacyBroch has a dangerous crush…And it isn’t on sweet, helpful Anna….

Cupid has fired his arrow, as these big, but what if he missed the mark?The supernatural world is about to be rocked by a whole new kind of power couple, strong bears learn that witches don’t need fangs and claws to subdue their prey—or steal their hearts. Each tension-filled, super-hot romance is a standalone novel.

Warning: steamy shifter scenes inside! Adults Only 18+. Bear-shifters might grizzle and grumble, but underneath their hulking muscles and deep honey eyes are sweet teddies who’ll stop at nothing in the name of love. Every woman longs to tame one for herself, but few dare try. Bear-shifters rule the earth they tread upon, and no man or beast can stand in their way.

Shifters of the Aegis: The Complete Collection

Can this unlikely pair overcome their own fears to make a new start together, and to form the core of this new team? As they struggle to navigate their growing passion they are propelled down a dangerous path that will pull in not only the First Flight of Dragons, but also a strange mix of Alpha Shifter Wolves and Dragon and more, as well as their potential Mates.

Joyce and zoe chant, well we think you will enjoy this ; ! Warning: This ebook contains mature themes and language and is meant for 18+ readers only. From the ruins of the past, he’s built a loving, tight-knit family – one he would die to protect. Her new boss's rugged good looks don’t make it the worst job in the world either…But when he discovers a lost ruin deep in the desert, setting the stage for a gathering of strong Alpha allies, he uncovers a threat that may destroy every Shifter in the Southwest, the likes of which the Shifter world has rarely seen.

His wife, his best friends… all have died, leaving him to care for four grieving children. Babysitting the unruly Fairburn clan brings in her some much needed extra cash. A dark mystery is brewing in this small town … and a heated passion arising…Death haunts bear shifter Rex Fairburn. Will these alphas and the ladies that are drawn to them be able to overcome their differences and each find a love that binds? Can they come together as a team and learn the secrets of the mysterious Aegis relic in time to save everything - and everyone - they hold dear, before it's too late.


Alpha Shifter Standalone Collection: Shifter Romance

Awakened alpha“there’s an alpha inside of you…waiting to finally break loose…”one chance to start anew…One night of unbridled passion…One secret buried in blood…One alpha that will bring the packs together…Adeline doesn’t know why she chose the Virginia mountains, other than to escape the shadow of a horrible death hovering over her.

You must run now, or our foes will snatch you up and we will never hear from you again!”Her secret is out…. Foes all around…. A mysterious stranger who claims to be a friend…A spy hides in the midst…. Melanie had spent her entire life doing her best to keep herself hidden from the special agents known as Enforcers, but nothing can last forever.

Her only chance comes in the form of a mysterious man whose eyes cause butterflies to rise in her stomach and fire to course through her loins. As tobias and athena escape with their lives, Tobias finds himself falling in love again—something he never thought possible. The years of loneliness have caught up with her, and the small glimmer of hope at the thought of being able to find a happy future is too good for her to pass up.

She wants to believe it, but trust is not something that has ever come to her easy. He offers her a new home, a place she can be safe. But, will athena be able to handle his dark past and his wild nature? After all, Tobias is a werewolf and he doesn’t play by the rules of human society. Now he is hell-bent on exacting his revenge and he has set his sights on the man responsible for his loss.

My Protector Bears Box Set

I know he does too…I hope. Will he let his guard down, share his shifter secrets and make himself vulnerable to me?Does our love have a real chance?Savage Bear’s KissHe is an irresistible Bear Shifter, and I am the mother of his baby!I knew I was playing with fire when I crawled into bed with him. Jax is dangerous and ruthless.

He is all wrong for me. But the animalistic sparks between us are undeniable. His strong arms were built to hold me tight. Keeping me safe, especially when my jealous childhood friend tries to tear us apart. Our happiness is at risk. Our family may not survive the scandal. But jax would do anything in his power to protect me…and our secret baby!Even if that means going to war.

Steamy shifter scenes Inside! Readers 18+. A secret passed through generations of his family. And i am keeping something close to me too. A secret, inside of me. Will this shifter baby bring us closer or tear us apart?My Second Chance BearCan I gamble on a second chance at love with an irresistibly hot bear shifter?Adrian…Adrian Manor.

The father of my child, the only man I have ever loved…His wild secret pulled us together, but also tore us apart.