An Amish Healing Amish Romance

Living alone, she keeps to herself until one day a baby is left on her step, and she is forced back into the community to find help and answers. Uncertain, she reluctantly seeks help from her new neighbor just down the road on her once-private country lane. Seth stolzfus has just moved to Coach from his old community, both to start a new life and also to escape deep wounds of his own.

Amanda beiler’s pain runs deeper than the visible and lasting scars on her hands. Feelings begin to develop between amanda and Seth, and Jacob—the name Amanda’s decided to give the boy—is a large part of the reason why. But each of them fear revealing painful truths about themselves for fear of rejection and what the other will think.

Yet jacob proves to be more than just an enigma, he becomes the focus of a new love, shared between the three of them. And with god’s help, some truths might just be revealed that lead to a solution that will heal them all. Read this sweet, clean and wholesome Amish romance by Emma Maas today. Setting up shop as a furniture maker, he helps Amanda temporarily with a cradle, and an offer to help her watch the baby boy until everything is figured out with aid from the bishop.

But just when a plan is in place to find a new home for the boy, an unwelcome surprise from her past proves to her that maybe God doesn’t want the boy in anyone else’s hands but her own.

The Stepmother Rebecca's Story Book 1

Rebecca is not only tongue-tied around him, but she hopes fervently that he isn’t already courting someone. Rebecca continues to work out a tenuous relationship with her new stepmother, upon seeing Liam, when suddenly, Amelia goes berserk. She’s hardly older than Rebecca. Everyone rushes to her, wanting to help, but she shoves them away.

Rebecca remembers him as an older, but he’s now a handsome, lanky boy from school, charming man. But seeing the newfound happiness on her father’s face convinces Rebecca to do all she can to welcome this woman and her three sons into the household. What is going on? what secret does amelia carry? and what does it have to do with Liam Eash?“In the tradition of the works of Beverly Lewis, Cindy Woodsmall, Brenda Maxfield continues to bring you gripping Amish tales of love, hope, and Wanda Brunstetter, and God’s miracles.

Enjoy this inspirational Christian romance today! Things look up when rebecca’s former friend Eve Eash moves back to Hollybrook with her family—which includes Liam Eash, one of Eve’s brothers. Download free on kindle Unlimited!Rebecca Riehl stares at Amelia, her new stepmother. Rebecca’s position in the farmhouse is immediately lost, and she struggles to adjust.


The Hidden Amish Girl

Aaron had married Emma and lost her to death. Time is a great clarifier, and Hannah and Aaron start to realize their true feelings when they are thrown together by circumstance and Gott's will. But can love overcome everything in their path? Thirteen years had drifted by since Aaron saved Hannah from the burning building.

Hannah had stayed hidden, shielding her scars from the unkindness of others. Hannah now has wanderlust, and had set plans in motion to work on a farm far away from home, when she eventually embarks on her Rumspringa. Aaron has met someone and is looking forward to her arrival in his hometown so that they can become better acquainted.

What he does not need is any more heartbreak. Fleeing her maem's incessant talk of marrying, Hannah finds herself sheltering from a snowstorm in an unknown haus, having once again been rescued from certain death by her savior.

The Firstborn Amish Daughter

It seemed that they would never be able to mesh their two worlds. What was Gott's plan? Sarah was raised in the amish community, along with her younger twin sisters, but her parents had the family adopt the Englisch lifestyle when she was 12. They fell in love and their future together was very uncertain. Noah yoder loved everything about his Amish life, and he enjoyed working in his familye's woodwork business.

Sarah went on to study business on a scholarship, to become a highly successful and sought after member of the Englisch business world. On the day that she was celebrating graduating high school, she met an Amish boy in town on his Rumspringa. Would letter writing and thoughts of one another spanning a great distance be able to stand the test of time, temptation, faith and life?It would take the universe to conspire for Sarah and Noah to share a life as husband and wife.


An Amish Dream Come True Amish Romance

But she's not the only one, and now there is competition, but of the worst sort possible, but Sarah doesn't know it yet. Isabella is an incredibly attractive and flirtatious young English girl who has set her eyes on David. He struggles to keep things professional, but battles feelings he's not used to while also trying to be appropriate and maintain a proper distance.

But it's an inner struggle and he tries to rely on his faith to ignore her advances despite his inner conflict. What started off as a dream, soon becomes a nightmare when something happens and Sarah is hurt and loses her faith and trust. He's oblivious of his popularity because he's so heavily involved with his work, while also being a truly humble man, and Sarah Yoder likes that.

She's eyed him for some time and finally gets his attention. But not all is at it seems, and sometimes being human means making mistakes, but there may be mistakes all around. Read this new book by sweet Amish romance author Emma Maas today. Download for free with kindle UnlimitedHandsome David King is sought after by every young Amish woman of age to court.

The Search Rebecca's Story Book 2

Just what does rebecca’s brother plan to do? Is he going to show up? And how can Rebecca tell Eve that her brother has written, when Eve’s has not. In the meantime, Rebecca’s new stepmother hides huge secrets of her own. Download free on kindle unlimited!rebecca travels to Linnow Creek with her best friend, Eve, only to discover that the purpose of the trip is a complete lie.

Join rebecca, and liam as they all struggle to make sense of the past—and as they all search for a true love that will last, Eve, Amelia, despite their mistakes and faults. In the tradition of the works of beverly lewis, Brenda Maxfield continues to bring you gripping Amish tales of love, Cindy Woodsmall, hope, and Wanda Brunstetter, and God’s miracles.

Enjoy this inspirational Christian romance today! Eve deceived everyone, wanting to search for her missing brother despite her family’s resistance. It’s up to him now. When they return, rebecca’s new beau gets the completely wrong idea, blaming the entire fiasco on her. Like eve, and when he unexpectedly writes, Rebecca has her own missing brother, it throws her family into a tailspin.

She’s risked everything, and only time will tell if she has destroyed her new marriage before it barely began. Finally, she confesses everything to her husband.

Ruby's Regret

Three friends. When jacob and ruby’s betrothal is announced, they couldn’t be happier. One agreed marriage. Jacob is furious, ruby is heartbroken but neither realize that they have been fooled by Mary. She begins baking for a bakery in town and even though she doesn’t want to fall in love again, she can’t deny her attraction to the bakery owner.

Will ruby and jacob ever learn of mary’s deceit? can Ruby find love again or will her whole world fall apart when the truth is revealed? This is a sweet Amish romance tainted with deceit, jealousy and the power of forgiving. But ruby soon learns that there is more to life than just love. What could possibly go wrong?Jacob, Mary and Ruby had been friends forever.

When ruby’s parents decide it’s best to send her away to recover from the heartache, Mary grabs the chance to finally have Jacob to herself. At first ruby struggles to find her feet in the new town. Enjoy the story as ruby tries to rebuild her life in the hopes of one day finding true love. They begin planning a future together, falling in love a little more with every passing season, neither of the two realizing Mary’s unhappiness.

Mary plots a deceitful plan to break up the young sweethearts… and succeeds. Two sisters.

The Mystery of the Abandoned Amish Christmas Baby

When a baby is placed on a doorstep in the middle of a bitter December night, his identity remains a mystery until one woman decides to seek the truth. When rachel’s father passed a few months ago she was certain her heart couldn’t ache more than it already did, until a tragedy took her mother, leaving Rachel with unplanned responsibility.

Aaron watches as his mother seeks to find the baby’s mother while he does some investigation his own. He has always liked rachel but the more he thinks about it the more it becomes clear that the baby that had been placed on their doorstep belongs to Rachel. Can rachel stand by as the beiler’s seek the truth about the baby’s mother? Will Aaron be able to confront Rachel without losing her affection? In this charming tale of heartache, grief and the love you can only feel for a baby, a Christmas miracle could happen in Lancaster County on Christmas day.

. Overcome with grief, inexperienced at taking care of a newborn baby, Rachel soon realizes she cannot cope and must make one of the most important decisions of her young life. The beilers take in the newborn babe, knowing the mother must be someone in their community.

The Amish Fairy Tale

An accident took john’s life, leaving Katie widowed and pregnant at the age of eighteen. Struggling to deal with her grief, Katie moved back in with her parents and left her job as a teacher. Her life had been a fairy tale. As for the rest of the world, Katie shut them out. Her parents and the bishop couldn’t help but feel concerned about her when it became clear that Katie had no intention of moving on.

But when noah yoder delivers vegetables to Katie’s farm and meets the adorable little Rebecca, things began to change. Even better than the fairy tales she read in the schoolhouse when she was a little girl After marrying the love of her life, Katie couldn’t wait to tell John he was going to be a father.

Elated, young and in love, they prepared for the arrival of their firstborn, but tragedy struck before the baby was born. Slowly the barriers around katie’s heart begin to crumble, but is she ready to let another man in?Enjoy this sweet Amish romance that reminds you that every day is a gift and to grasp joy with both hands.

The only joy in her life was her daughter Rebecca. Noah needs someone to teach him how to read and write and Katie misses teaching. An unlikely friendship begins as Katie takes on the role of Noah’s teacher.

The Love of an Amish Father

But abel schwartz had disappeared, leaving Noah and his grandfather to answer the questions about the loss of the entire community’s investments. While the search for Abel continues, Mary and Noah fall in love. Can noah find happiness after his father deceives his community?Mary Jotter had never liked numbers, but she was always good with them.

When abel schwartz, noah’s father, visited her parents to discuss their investment, Mary sensed something was amiss. Will mary and noah ever be able to put abel’s betrayal behind them? Can Abel face up to the consequences of his actions? Enjoy this intriguing sweet Amish romance as Noah struggles to keep his head high after his father’s betrayal.

She is certain that they can put Abel’s betrayal behind them when Noah proposes. When abel returns to holmes county on their wedding day, Mary is devastated that Abel had to ruin her wedding as well as steal her parents’ money. Perhaps love could come from the misery, after all. She decides to investigate a little and what she finds is more frightening than she ever imagined.

When noah hears of the Jotter’s trouble with their investment, he tries to contact his father. Even as the community turns to Noah for answers, Mary finds herself offering him a shoulder to lean on.

The Heart of an Amish Woodworker Amish Romance

Daniel’s best friend zeke, who happens to be Rachel’s brother, knows he needs help and suggests giving his sister a job. He grudgingly does so on a test basis, but quickly becomes unhappy with what he sees as an intrusion into his space and way of doing things, causing a troubled relationship right from the beginning.

Fresh off her rumspringa, she quickly grows bored with the lack of challenge at the farm stand with her father and seeks somewhere else to apply her talents and energy. Quiet, but hardworking Daniel Esh makes furniture, and he’s very good at what he does. But he may be running out of time…. It takes time, but things finally start to pick up, and they come to a semblance of an understanding.

Rachel Yoder has grand ideas. What he’s not so good at is keeping his business afloat, mostly from lack of organization and a distaste for proper accounting. For he must admit what he’s feeling to himself before he can admit those feelings to her. But that changes one day when an old boyfriend from her Rumspringa days returns with lofty hopes to rekindle a romance.

Now daniel has a tough choice. And that takes courage, along with a hope she feels the same way.