Baby Mama’s Drama: Once A Dog, Always A Dog

Their first date turns into what she assumed would be a full-blown relationship. Dominic, on the other hand, isn’t interested in any kind of relationship. In his eyes, he’s in the prime of his life. When tisha’s mom drops a bomb on dominic, how will he handle the news? will he put on his grown man pants and do the right thing, or will he continue to do him, without worrying about the consequences of his actions? What will it take for him to grow up? Find out if a dog can change in this dramatic series… .

What happens when the man you fell in love with turns out to be the wrong man? What kind of relationship can a young girl have with a man that has taken her innocence and shattered her soul? Tisha is an impressionable young high school girl that meets the man of her dreams, or so she thinks.

Baby Mama's Drama 2: Once a Dog, Always a Dog

Will he be able to mend his relationship with Ashley and fix his friendship with Dom? Or is it too late?Trey and Peaches are living the happiest life. Dominic is still up to his old ways, certain dirty laundry gets aired and things come to a head between him, but what happens when a life or death situation lands him in the hospital? After an unexpected tragedy happens, Rasheeda and Tisha.

Will they continue to live the life they feel they were destined to live? Or will a face from the past cause them to rethink their situation? Find out what happens with the crew in the second installment of Baby Mama’s Drama…. Will dom learn his lesson when he gets a brush with death?The DNA tests are in and Tory has some decisions to make concerning his relationship with Ashley.

They have their new baby and they are happier than they’ve ever been.

Baby Mama's Drama 3: Once a Dog, Always a Dog

April has no time for Dom and his “games”. But what happens when a night of passion has her questioning whether she’s good enough for a man to love? Will she be able to let go of her past and allow a good man to love her and take care of her kids?Dominic finally meets his match in the feisty April.

She doesn’t trust men and she doesn’t want one in her life. Will his relationship with ashley survive her betrayal with his best friend? Will he and Dom be able to salvage their friendship after Dom broke the bro code?Follow these three friends back to New Orleans one final time and find out if Dominic finally gets his act together….

Tisha finally had enough of Dom’s sexy swagga. Will dom be able to win her over or will her rejection cause him to continue being the deadbeat daddy maker of NOLA?Peaches and Slim have the most amazing life. He never had to chase a woman the way he had to pursue her and that is what keeps him coming back.

She moved on and found someone else, someone who really cares about her. Will their relationship survive the third person’s interference, or will they lose their happily ever after?Finding out the twins have different fathers devastated Tory and shattered his trust in Ashley. A beautiful baby and newly engaged, the couple plan to wed soon, but someone from their past will come back to haunt them.


Bitter Best Friend

Will kai make it out alive or will she have to slay the beast she once called a best friend? Come on this messy, thrill ride and find out what happens when you let a bitter best friend in. All of these philosophies are true and need to be applied daily in this era of instant friends, sisters, besties, and boos.

You know, that chick who relies on her friends more than the man she lays with each night. Meet kaia moore, a beautiful, young teen mom who heard those daily doses of wisdom from her mother and tried her best to apply them to her life. Soon mo can't hide the jealousy within her and her dirty deeds start to bring out the beast in Kai.

Everyone isn't loyal, that's a fact, and everyone who comes into your life doesn't necessarily have a valid reason because some people are just around for a season. She's that bitter chick who just won't let her be great. Over the years she shows more and more of her bitter side as Kaia aka Kai advances in life while Mo finds herself trapped in the gutter, behind.

However, like most young girls her need to have someone close and on her level, led her right into the trap of the worst kind of chick you can know. A bitter best friend. Sometimes it teaches you a valuable lesson.

Mad Woman: Love Drove Her Crazy

Have you ever loved someone so much you were willing to do anything to keep him? Well, that is the dilemma that Maddie found herself in when her boyfriend Lincoln told her that he was going back to his wife. After finding out that his wife is pregnant, his bond with her strengthens, while leaving Maddie alone again.

But, maddie refuses to just give up without a fight. How far is maddie willing to go to sustain her relationship with Lincoln? Would she really stoop so low as to do the unthinkable? Find out just how crazy love can make you in the first episode of Mad Woman: Love Drove Her Crazy.

Please Save Me Before It's Too Late

Will their love be enough to get them through the troubled times? Will Demarcus finally learn to control his anger? Or will the abuse prove to be too much for Solange?If you are in an abusive situation, get help. After saving her from a torrential rain storm one day, she was forever grateful to him. The domestic violence Hotline is available 24/7 to offer support and alternatives.

Let them save you before it’s too late…. He knew that he had to have the beautiful woman. The two begin spending time together and she fell deeply in love with him. When demarcus gets drafted to his favorite NFL team, the two quickly tie the knot, thinking they had everything they could ever want. However, solange didn’t share those feelings.

When demarcus landry, one of the universities star football players, met Solange Westbrook it was love at first sight for him. You don’t have to live this way because love shouldn’t hurt. However, the stress of being a star player begins to take a toll on Demarcus and he soon finds himself lashing out at Solange in the worse way.


Married to the Community D

A turn of events on a day that was supposed to be used for her to relax her mind and free herself of all negative thoughts about her relationship, caused Patience to leave behind the weak version of herself that believed everything her husband said to her and fight back. Being faithful was the furthest thing from his mind when he found it so easy for him to cheat.

Will patience be able to finally walk away or will she remain married to the man she now viewed as being the Community D?!?! Find out in this first installment of… Married to The Community D. Nova loved patience, but not as much as he loved women and sex. Axelle wants to move forward with his life with a future that involves Patience.

. Besides, a little payback never hurt anybody, right?Nova wanted to have his cake and eat it too. Can you remain in a marriage knowing that practically every woman around you has tasted that one part of your husband’s body that’s supposed to belong to you…and only you?!?Patience once loved everything about her husband, down to his dirty drawers.

In the back of her mind, she always felt that he was seeing other women behind her back, but that was something she could never prove. But, what happens when he’s no longer able to hide his secrets?Through online chat, Axelle was able to connect with Patience. Patience was everything that he ever wanted in a woman and so much more, but he knew there was no way Patience would accept him if she knew his real background.

Will he be able to continue hiding his past from Patience?As three worlds collide, the secrets of the dark start to come to the light.

Thot Next Door

Her mom goes to prison away for this horrendous act, leaving Soleil to be raised by her aunt. Life became hard for the young beauty but eventually she prevailed and became one of the country’s best tattoo artist! She eventually meets the man of her dreams, Saint Knowles. Lyrica calculates on how to get Saint to herself but Soleil isn’t going down without a fight.

. That is until Lyrica moves next door to them. The stakes are high and everyone is holding a dark secret. But what if she moves in next door to you? what if she tries to take your man from you? What if you two share a dangerous secret that no one else knows…

Meet Lyrica the finesser and bartender from Richmond VA, working her way up and down the East Coast looking for a come up.

She moves next door to a couple but she decides that she no longer wants them to be together. Can soleil and saint’s relationship survive the crazy nasty thot next door?Find out in this insane drama. Her mother accused Soleil of sleeping with her husband which Soleil denied. Every town has a neighborhood thot.

Then one night soleil’s mother decides to kill both Soleil and the husband. She ran away from her parents at the tender age of 16 never to look back. You are not ready for the crazy twists and turns this story takes.

Pregnant by the Same Baby Daddy

Dayja falls hard for the charmer and before she knows it, she’s deeply in love with him. He’s handsome, charming, intelligent and rich and he wants Dayja to be his wife. Layna doesn’t care one bit about having this baby for any other reason but to secure her financially. But what happens when terrance refuses to accept responsibility for her kid?Will Terrance come out on top and get his happily ever after with Dayja or will his triflin’ baby mamas ruin everything? Find out who gets the man in the first installment of Pregnant by the Same Baby Daddy….

Things seem to be working in her favor when Terrance offers her ten grands to get rid of the baby, which she uses to move out of the ghetto and into a plush new luxury condo. What’s a girl to do when the man she falls in love with comes with a lot of baggage including a whole bunch of baby mamas’ drama? Does she continue to fight for their relationship or end it? That’s the exact situation Dayja faces when she meets Terrance Williams.

That proves to be harder than she thought because everything she dishes at him he dishes out right back and harsher. Then there’s layna… the project chick from the hood who claims to be carrying Terrance’s baby too. Having tangled with two of her man’s baby mamas and a potential baby mama, Dayja finds herself carrying his child also.

Terrance finally convinces the woman he loves to move in with him and that’s when the drama really starts. But will her feelings for terrance allow her to turn a blind eye to everything going on around her? She soon finds out that loving Terrance requires her to have a lot of patience and the skill to fight.

After finding out that terrance has asked Dayja to marry him and moved her into his place, she sets out to destroy their relationship so she could have her baby daddy to herself.

Obsessed with my Wife's Best Friend

Tierra thought she had found the perfect man in her husband Dallas. This nail biting and mind- blowing novel will leave you wanting more. Peace is something she’s always loved but hasn’t had a bit of it since she started running around behind her best friend’s back. Dallas wants nothing more than to have a child to carry on his name, but with his wife unable to conceive, he seeks comfort in the arms of the one closest to her, her best friend Tangi.

Who will win dallas’ heart and will their friendship survive the betrayal? Their marriage seemed to be one out of the fairy tales for the first few years, until Tierra has trouble conceiving. When tierra starts to suspect something isn’t right in her marriage, who does she turn to? None other than Tangi.

Tangi is stuck between a rock and a hard place. She has made the mistake of falling in love with dallas, but what happens when he finally makes the decision to leave his wife for her best friend?Will the two of them get their happily ever after? Or will the monkey wrench Tierra throws in the mix be enough to save her marriage? Follow this duo of friends as they struggle to find their happiness with the same man.

Obsessed with my wife’s best friend is a series, but this first installment will have you sitting at the edge of your seat with jaw dropping action on every page. Having to play loyal friend to Tierra while sleeping with her husband is starting to weigh heavy on her mind.

Hooked: Addicted to A Supreme Love

Having casual sex doesn’t seem like a good thing anymore when things get rough, simply because in the end, the only one by her side is the man she shut out from her love. Growing up with two girl cousins whom he cherished taught him how to be a gentle giant. They want happiness, and fighting for it may seem like a daring task.

In this story, you’ll meet four people who go through every emotion there is. Love has never been her forte, but she can’t help that she loves Black. Black is at his breaking point until he meets another woman who steals his heart. When things at his trap go wrong, and he’s left with the responsibility of getting someone help before time runs out, he takes a chance; a chance encounter he doesn’t regret.

These four people have many issues in their lives. After denim’s 16th birthday, her life would never be the same. Fast forward to the age of 24. Denim is at the lowest point she has ever been in her life; she’s ridiculed, and even beaten, talked about, but she’s strong. One day, all of that changed. Unique is a shoot first ask questions later type of chick.

An unfortunate turn of events lands her in the hospital, and a stranger, someone she never even met takes a chance on her that she’ll never forget.