Bridgette Montana Brides of Solomon’s Valley Book 4

Bridgette fancies herself Queen of Montana but is waiting for her king to arrive. Perhaps the duke's nephew is another. Sterling merritt cares little for his uncle or his title. But loves the land of Montana. She's smart and has plans to be involved in the business and government of Montana. And then he meets Bridgette.

With nothing to his name, he fears losing Bridgette. How is another problem. He wants to be a gentleman rancher but may have to go against his uncle which will cost him everything. An outlaw, bounty, and the judge's offer to lend her law books opens a door for her.

Sunriver Dreams Christian Romance Boxed Set: Plus One Romantic Mystery

He’d come to town for a fresh start with his nephew—one without the issues big cities deal with. Cozy up with this beloved series where things aren’t always as they seem and romantic relationships are tested. A love to treasureschool teacher Nicole Davis is on summer break, but this vacation is unlike any other.

Can spencer preston discover the true criminal before he loses her? Sierra Robbins, single mother and interior design assistant, wants to provide a stable home for her teenage son and become a successful interior designer. She’s well on her way when she agrees to house sit a home in Sunriver, Oregon. Mark is hoping for a quiet summer in Sunriver as he contemplates his future in law enforcement, but a string of burglaries draws him from his self-imposed break.

Sheriff deputy carter malone expects Tipton, Oregon to be a sleepy small-town, but he miscalculated. When the minor case they are working morphs into something more, things quickly go from harmless to scary. Can they solve the mystery before it’s too late, and more importantly, what will they do about their growing attraction?

Her beloved grandmother’s final wish has landed Nicole smack in the middle of her favorite destination—Sunriver, Oregon, following Grams’s clues on a mysterious scavenger hunt. Suddenly he finds himself torn between the upholding the law and protecting the woman he believes is innocent. The sleuth’s miscalculationTwo strong-willed sleuths team up to solve a mystery.

The Ironwood Plantation Family Saga: The Complete Series

Mcgeethe liberator seriesleveraging lincolnlosing lincolnLabeling LincolnStand Alone TitlesIn His EyesEternity Between UsTime TravelHer Place in TimeNovellasThe Heart of HomeThe Hope of Christmas Past. Includes all three books. Book one: the whistle WalkEnslaved by culture, liberated by courage. Civil war pits countrymen against one another and tears a nation asunder.

The treatment of slaves, the economic conditions of the South, the concerns of the soldiers on both sides were brought to life in this breathtaking novel. The christian manifesto"Heir of Hope provides a poignant look into one's faith and the power of family. And a hope for a new future. Emily burns grew up an orphan, so she never expected to inherit a southern plantation.

With a full cast of endearing characters and a twisting tale of redemption, it provides a contented respite from the "same line, different verse. Ind'tale magazine "the layered plot keeps you firmly engaged from beginning to end, and the multi-dimensional characters capture your heart. Thought-provoking and entertaining,  missing Mercy is a must-read!" Reading is my SuperpowerDon't miss these other titles from Bestselling Christian Historical author Stephenia H.

Life and death are held in the balance where everyone is a slave to something. In a time when war brings the south to its knees, two women will forge a friendship in the fires of redemption and thrust Ironwood into a new future – where the battle for freedom has merely begun. Book two: heir of HopeA hidden diary.

Honeysuckle Cove: The Collection: Books 1-6

But will the terms of her homecoming leave any room for forgiveness. Or for him? sweet tea and summer dreams ~ with the recent adoption of his niece Lanie, everyone in Honeysuckle Cove seems to have forgotten Colton James’s rowdy past—everyone except Vanessa Pearce. But when their paths unexpectedly cross once again, it’s Colton’s opportunity to prove to her that one shattered wish can lead to a beautiful dream come true.

Beyond the storm ~ nick jones is skilled at extinguishing fires, so he doesn’t count on kindling the flames with lifelong friend Ava Kennedy. Enjoy the first six books in the Honeysuckle Cove series, all in one collection. Now is the perfect time to take a mini-vacation to the cozy town of honeysuckle cove, where romance two-steps with a hint of mystery… Sunrise at Honeysuckle Cove ~ Dylan O’ Connor’s handyman skills will be put to the test when it comes to rebuilding the bridge between Maggie’s heart and his, and designing a future…together.

. Showered by love ~ rogan brooks insists he’s not daddy material…until he sees the glow of pregnancy and the promise of a future in Jessica Marlin’s eyes. Honeysuckle cove secrets ~ when the paths of childhood friends Luke and Peyton cross, he must make a choice—bare his heart and face the consequences of a past mistake, or allow the only woman he’s ever loved to slip away.

Can rogan assure jessica that his heart is true and he’s committed to being a daddy—complete with a happily ever after—for keeps? Moonlight Kisses ~ Holt McCaffrey has finally gotten his wish from a long-ago moonlit night when he shared a sweet kiss with Jaylie Caldwell—she has returned home.

Diamond Knot Dreams: The Collection: Books 1-4

She’s planning to stay only a few weeks, but nature photographer Jason Ingram captures her attention. But the last thing morgan wants is to trust his heart again to a family—or a woman as intriguing as Lila Brooks. Clover cove’s residents have whispered the house is filled with spirits, but superstitions have no place in Lila's life.

Morgan holt spent the better part of his youth transplanted from one foster home to another. Right. He’s determined to share nature's bounty through his photography studio while raising his precocious niece, Kenzie. Will her wily antics help to draw claire and ryan closer together, or bring the blossoming romance to a grinding halt?Crystal Wishes ~ Will events from the past rise up to destroy Skylar and Adam’s future?As a clothing-buyer-turned-seamstress, Skylar Lannigan’s hands whisper tender ballads over fabric.

For help at diamond knot Dreams, graphic designer Avery Lakin heads to Clover Cove. Now. He's soon reunited with beautiful and lively Skylar Lannigan. Romance soon rekindles between Adam and Skylar, but will events from their past rise up to destroy any hope for a future? When he rents office space on the second floor of Diamond Knot Dreams, he soon succumbs to talented Claire McLaughlin’s sweet confections—as well as the blue-eyed beauty herself.

As their romance blooms, so do the shenanigans of Diamond Knot Dreams' meddling spirit, Ellie.

Sarah Montana Brides of Solomon's Valley Book 5

Oh, yeah. Her husband, sterling, doesn’t know about her scheme, but he does wonder why she picked property that backs into the badlands. The judge and rachel are settling in to married life, but those kids are keeping them busy. And there is Cassidy and Ronan. Sarah ~ the next book in the Montana Brides of Solomon’s Valley Series.

Sarah has put away her doubts and knows Matt is the one for her. She’s also received her letter regarding her intent to teach schools in Shirleyville. They are up to something, but no one knows quite what. Come on back to solomon’s Valley and see what everyone is doing. A sweet historical romance with a few twists and turns, fun and faith, and a good time had by all.

She’s planning on a wedding but is matt?Bridgette continues her genius idea to help outlaws by splitting their rewards with them and then offering to represent them as their lawyer to get them short sentences.

The Sheriff's Bride Montana Brides of Solomon's Valley Book 3

Somewhere along the way, he noticed Eve, and she took his attention not to mention his heart. Eve longed to be loved. Walters might be the answer. He came to town to settle a score but was too late. He's older but rich. Then circumstances force him to reveal the reason he'd come to town and risk upsetting the feuding families all over again.

Either way, he offers a way out. Add to the mix rachel and the judge's children and their shenanigans, the feuding families, and a killing in the town and Levi is busy. Although the sheriff's bride is a stand alone book, you might also want to read The Judge's Bride and Zebulon's Bride. She was desperate to be loved at any cost.

Welcome back to solomon's valley in Montana for a story about fathers and sons and mothers and daughters against the backdrop of 1883 Montana. Sheriff levi smith came to Shirleyville but was too late to settle with the past. Eve cares for levi, but so does Bridgette Howard and that woman is too beautiful for her own good.

Oh, she had a mother all right, but Mabel had given her strict orders to never mention to anyone that she was Eve's mother.

The Hope We Share Potter's House Books Two Book 1

Andersonalways you by jennifer rodewaldHer Cowboy Forever by Dora HiersChanged Somehow by Chloe FlanaganSweet Scent of Forgiveness by Delia Lethamand more. Fraserhonor’s reward by Mary MannersHands of Grace by Brenda S. Stories of ‘hope, redemption and second chances. Read today and be blessed. Coming soon from the potter’s House Books Series Two authors:Beyond the Deep by Kristen M.

Arriving in the sleepy coastal town of Coral Bay, she hopes she can build a new life. Having lost his pregnant wife to a drunk driver, Andrew Daley has travelled a similar road. Can the master potter work in rachel and andrew’s hearts and give them a second chance at love?Rachel Jennings’ unwillingness to forgive God for her twin sister’s death when they were twelve has made her bitter and rebellious.

Arriving at coral bay three years earlier, he’s since found peace and purpose amongst the caring group of Christians he believes God led him to and is now trusting God with his future. When rachel secures a job as a waitress at the café Andrew manages, a friendship is born and Rachel is challenged to reassess her relationship with God.

Just as their friendship is developing into something more, she receives bad news from home. Can her fledgling faith survive when once again the threat of death rears its ugly head, or will she once again blame God? Can she open her heart fully and allow Him to give her a hope and a future? And can hers and Andrew’s relationship last the distance when they’re miles apart?The Hope We Share, a contemporary Christian Romance, is Book 1 in The Potter’s House Books Series Two.

Now, rachel flees an unhealthy relationship and heads north with her son, approaching thirty, Joshua.

Hidden Beauty Series 1-3 Hidden Beauty Collection Book 1

Kiera ashley was nothing like he expected, yet she was everything he needed. When they fell in love, jeff and kiera Whitaker never dreamed their love story would start a legacy that would ripple through the lives of so many of their friends and family. Usually, no one notices the dedicated social worker.

Either way, she can't stop thinking about him. But, do they have to be so cute, huge and in your space all the time? Heather LaBianca can't figure out whether Jeff's friend Tyler Colton likes her or wishes she'd disappear off the face of the earth. Yet, when a tragedy strikes, Tyler protects Heather in a way no one ever has before.

But, she's shocked when the handsome law student decides to stick around when her life becomes incredibly complicated. So much has changed since then — she doesn't even feel like the same person. When meningitis changed his life forever, Aidan O'Brien lost track of his best friend, Tara. He never imagined he would find her while playing the piano at a remote beach house.

They remind her a time long ago, before her dad died, when her life was still perfect. So the heart can dance a hidden beauty Novel #2Tara Isamu is happy for her best friend Kiera, but weddings are hard. Kiera is used to fading into the background. Could it be a case of opposites attract?

Cassidy Montana Brides of Solomon's Valley Book 6

Sarah and Philip continue their courtship with Mr. He’s mostly over Sarah, but the nights are getting lonely in his cabin. While she is still up to her shenanigans and part of Bridgette’s Bounty brigade, there just might be a change coming. Beasley tagging along. The town of shirleyville has a few storms shaking up the peace.

Ronan murphy wants to keep his untamed ways, but at the same time, he likes Cassidy with him when they ride for Bridgette. Matt stearns has the start of his ranch. There just might be a surprise bride for one of the young men. Another sweet and clean Historical Western Romance with some fun, faith, and always a Happily-ever-after.

Cassidy, the wildest of the Howards, may have met her match. Everything is looking up. Adler and his syndicate are making trouble for the town. Come on back and see what is happening in Solomon’s Valley.

Zebulon's Bride: Montana Brides of Solomon's Valley Book 2 Grandma's Wedding Quilts 7

Unknown to zeb, his mother sends off for a mail order bride. If only. Zebulon benton dreams of going to Montana, but he’s the only son. After all, if zeb marries and settles down, he won’t want to leave his home in Denver. Enter amy Gordon from New York. His mother doesn’t want him to g, and his father needs help with the family store.

Then he meets Amy, and she has other ideas. She appears to be the perfect bride for Zeb. He’s vowed not to marry until he has established his ranch in Montana.