Butter Pecan Killer Cupcakes in Paradise Book 10

Sink your teeth into the sweet taste of cupcakes and murder!Who would've thought that something as sweet and innocent as picking out baby furniture could lead to nearly witnessing a murder? Missy and Echo stumble upon a crime scene that leads to a tangled web of suspects for Chas to unravel. Spencer and janssen are back on the case, until tragedy strikes, changing one of their lives forever.

Things are heating up between mild-mannered Mortician, Timothy Eckels and his spunky assistant Fiona. Will she be able to break down the walls that he's hidden behind since he found out that his ex-wife was a serial killer?Bookworm Joyce wonders if she'll be single for her entire life, and feisty Aunt Beulah vows to get her hitched, come heck or high water.

Don't miss out on this exciting new installment in the Cupcakes in Paradise series, by award-winning author, Summer Prescott! .

Sweet Strawberry Killer Cupcakes in Paradise Book 14

Love lost, love found, and one huge event for Missy and Chas will have you on the edge of your seat. Murder is in the air, and a favorite character may be the next target. Beginnings and endings. This latest installment of the Cupcakes in Paradise series will make you laugh and make you cry. Ever think you might just snap one day?Sometimes the most innocent-seeming souls among us can be the most deadly.


German Chocolate Killer Cupcakes in Paradise Book 11

What starts out as an innocent political rally soon turns to chaos when a lovely young woman is found murdered. A delicious mystery for your reading pleasure!Cupcake baker, Melissa Beckett always seems to find herself wrapped up in sticky situations. Everyone is a suspect, but the lack of evidence has Chas, Spencer and the gang stumped, until an unexpected sleuth rises to the occasion and finds a clue that will rock Calgon to its foundations.

Will they collar the killer in time? or will the senseless murder be the first of many? Find out in this delightfully suspenseful mystery by Bestselling Author Summer Prescott! .

Tropical Punch Killer Cupcakes in Paradise Book 12

Get ready for a sweet taste of mystery!cupcakes in Paradise owner, fully realizing that her own life might be in danger, Detective Chas Beckett, worries about her husband, Melissa Beckett, because of his latest case. A dangerous killer, who committed an unspeakable crime, is on the loose and Missy may be the next target.

Mild-mannered coroner, fiona, timothy Eckels faces challenges that have him considering leaving Calgon forever, and his loyal assistant, is fighting tooth and nail to keep him there. Will she be successful?this latest installment of the Cupcakes in Paradise series by USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Summer Prescott, will leave you breathless with anticipation!


Cookie Dough Killer Cupcakes in Paradise Book 9

Tim and fiona follow a twisted trail of evidence to help put together a crime that has stunned the entire town. Filled with both heart-stopping and heart-warming moments, as well as a few breathtaking surprises, this latest installment of the Cupcakes in Paradise series will have you losing sleep so that you don't miss one single page-turning minute!

The death of a key person on the committee has everyone up in arms, and the possible list of suspects is perhaps the largest that Chas has ever encountered. Spencer calls in reinforcements to help him with the Private Investigation Agency while Chas is busy as interim Homicide Detective, and romance may finally be in the air for Joyce.

Usa today and wall street journal best selling author summer prescott has done it again!! Book 9 in the Cupcakes in Paradise series may just be her best yet, and will certainly keep you guessing!Missy and Echo have to deal with more than they imagined when they're drafted to work on various committees for a local charity gala.


Chocolate Cherry Killer Cupcakes in Paradise Book 13

Rumors abound and theories are whispered among the country club set, as they ponder whether or not the killer might be one of their very own, or if a desperate mother with a sick child is the culprit. Spencer has issues of his own, and feels as though his best friend may be making moves toward stealing any chance he may have had at finally finding someone special.

The intrigue is strong, in both love and mystery, in this latest, gripping installment of the Cupcakes in Paradise series. Ready for a decadent taste of murder?A killer is loose in Calgon, and has chosen a very high-profile victim.

FROSTYCAKE MURDER Cupcakes in Paradise Book 8

It is well written and a skillfully worded tale that Summer Prescott is known for. I absolutely cannot wait for the next book in this series!!absolutely beautiful and i'm not giving away anything just have your Kleenex I'm in love with the series but I'm also in love with her other series I don't know that summer can write anything that is bad keep it upThis series is one that will keep you guessing, crying, laughing and definitely wanting more, more and more! A true must read!Hands down the greatest book in the series so far.

I love Missy and Chas. Don't forget the tissues when giving this as a gift or reading it, they are definitely going to be needed. I absolutely love this series. In the midst of all of the personal turmoil, a gruesome murder is discovered, and Chas once again has to take charge and hope that he finds the ruthless killer, before tragedy strikes a bit closer to home.

Usa today and wall street journal best selling author Summer Prescott takes her readers to an entirely new level with her well-crafted, skillfully woven, and poignant tales…I'm not saying a lot. Her characters are like family to the reader and are full of life. Merry christmas from missy and chas!!!life is full of surprises in the sleepy beachside town of Calgon, Florida, and the holiday season proves to be no exception.

Echo faces a new reality that could change her life forever, Missy and Chas wrestle with the pain of facing their own limitations and uncertainties, while Spencer finds himself in a sticky situation relationally. Read it from the beginning it is absolutely worth it!!!!!!This emotional story is perfect for the season.

Cupcakes and Murder Frosted Love Cozy Mysteries Book 5

Will chas come to her rescue and find the killer, or will her trip to paradise lead to prison? The overworked businesswoman insists upon booking in her own room, of course, but is terrified when murder strikes at the resort. Knowing that his favorite gal, now that both of her cupcake shops are up and running quite successfully, Missy is in dire need of a vacation, he convinces her to travel with him.

Relaxation goes out the window when Missy comes under suspicion, yet again, this time in a country where the customs are different and she doesn’t speak the language. Take a bite of delicious mystery!!Detective Chas Beckett is setting his sights on the Caribbean, attending a forensics conference in sunny Cozumel.


A Mouthful of Murder Frosted Love Cozy Mysteries Book 4

Are you ready for an exciting taste of murder?Melissa Gladstone is up and running again - her new store in Dellville is successful and her old shop in LaChance is being rebuilt. After a few odd slips of the tongue, missy begins to suspect that her new friend may be hiding something, coupled with the odd hours that the newcomer keeps, and that the consequences might be deadly.

Not everything is as it seems in small-town Louisiana, but Missy is determined to crack the case, even if it means losing a friend. Delighted at the thought of making a new friend, Missy is over the moon with excitement when a woman from California buys the ice cream shop across the street.

Coconut Cream & Murder: An Oceanside Cozy Mystery Book 44

Does it have something to do with her will and who will inherit her business? Who would have thought to use the cake as a murder weapon? Armed with some Coconut Cream Donuts, Heather is determined to solve the case. Could a wedding cake actually be used for murder?"i love this mystery series!" ★★★★★Heather is happy to be a bridesmaid and help out with her friend’s wedding planning.

When a cake maker winds up poisoned, Heather must discover who would want to kill the baker. However, she didn’t expect these bridal duties to include a murder investigation. Join heather as she works through the “layers” of this cake business murder!Praise for Susan Gillard:"This is a wonderful story featuring a murder with a dog as an eyewitness.

Pam r"love this series. Love this author. Always anxiously awaiting the next one from her. Vicki o"another fun, mystery in this cozy series.

Orange Marmalade Murder Frosted Love Cozy Mysteries Book 6

Her new friend, echo, finds herself in hot water when a local murder looks like it might just be connected to her shop, and life goes from bad to worse when her spoiled little sister arrives for a visit. Missy’s temper gets the best of her when it comes to Echo’s unruly sister, and even causes issues in her relationship with Detective Chas Beckett.

Will their budding romance suddenly wilt under the stress of murder and mayhem? You'll love this mouthwatering mystery!originally named black bottom murder, along with a personal journal entry from author Summer Prescott!Missy is back from the Caribbean and eager to get back into the swing of things, this 6th book in the series has been newly revised and includes a recipe, now that both of her small-town Louisiana cupcake shops are thriving.