Country Wisdom & Know-How

Reminiscent of the classic whole earth catalog, Country Wisdom & Know-How is the most complete volume on every aspect of country and self-sustained living-from home and garden to barn and beyond. Compiled from the information in storey publishing's landmark series of "Country Wisdom Bulletins, " this comprehensive collection offers step-by-step instructions on nearly 200 individual topics, providing everything you need to know about sustainability, homesteading, self-sufficiency, and DIY living.

Topics include: animals: attracting backyard birds; building bathouses and birdfeeders; training and caring for cats and dogs; raising rabbits, berries, quilting, root cellars, 000 black-and-white illustrations, fruits, and basket-weaving; making wreaths, and photographs complement these fascinating projects, and yogurt; cooking game; preserving and pickling; homebrew equipment and making homemade wine Crafts: stenciling, butter, diagrams, potpourri, and smokehouses And much more!Nearly 2, ducks, and more Health and Wellbeing: natural home remedies; herbs for lifelong health; essential oils and aromatherapy; teas and recipes for a healthy diet Home: simple home repairs; building furniture; restoring hardwood floors; making curtains; building fences, and game birds; buying and selling horses; building chicken coops; beginning beekeeping; butchering livestock Cooking: recipes for all seasons; the basics of bread baking; making cheese, and natural soaps; homemade gifts and decorations Gardening: starting your garden; caring for flowers and shrubs; controlling weeds; landscaping; growing vegetables, kitchen herbs, root crops, and trusted advice on every page makes this the most thorough and reliable volume of its kind.


Garden Wisdom and Know-How: Everything You Need to Know to Plant, Grow, and Harvest Wisdom & Know-How

Readers will discover tips and techniques for maintaining a garden year-round; harvesting herbs; designing by bloom season; turning garden refuse into garden rewards; building teepees, trellises, and other plant supports; and much more. The chapters are organized by topic-garden techniques and tricks, container gardening, attracting wildlife, the flower garden, garden design and landscaping, the edible garden, and so on-and packed with information.

Used book in Good Condition. This complete home reference for everything you need to know about gardening--from soil and fertilizers to planting and landscaping--is now available in a convenient, compact size. Garden wisdom & know-how is a large-scale practical guide to planting and maintaining a garden, indoors or out.


Survival Wisdom & Know How: Everything You Need to Know to Subsist in the Wilderness

Used book in Good Condition. Black dog Leventhal Publishers. A complete, all-in-one survival guide, jam-packed with information on every aspect of outdoor life and adventure, from orienteering to campfire cooking to ice climbing and beyond. Culled from dozens of respected books from stackpole, this massive collection of wilderness know-how leaves absolutely nothing to chance when it comes to surviving and thriving in the wilderness, the industry's leader in outdoor adventure, and appreciating every minute of it.

With contributions by the experts at the national Outdoor Leadership School NOLS as well as the editors of Stackpole's Discover Nature series, this book is the definitive, must-have reference for the great outdoors. Topics include: building an outdoor shelter tracking animals winter camping tying knots Orienteering Reading the Weather Identifying Edible Plants and Berries Surviving in the Desert Bird Watching Fishing and Ice Fishing Hunting and Trapping Canoeing, Kayaking, and White Water Rafting First Aid Wild Animals Cookery And much more.

Useful illustrations and photos throughout make it easy to browse and use.

The Encyclopedia of Country Living, 40th Anniversary Edition: The Original Manual for Living off the Land & Doing It Yourself

Black dog Leventhal Publishers. With its origins in the back-to-the-land effort of the late 1960s, Carla Emery’s landmark book has grown into a comprehensive guide to building your sustainable country escape haven, while lowering your carbon footprint in the process. The 40th anniversary edition offers up-to-date and detailed information on the fundamentals of topics like homegrown food; raising chickens, and pigs; beekeeping; food preservation; mail-order supply sourcing; foraging; and much, goats, much more even how to deliver a baby—everything you need to lead a self-sufficient lifestyle in the 21st century.

Basic, thorough, and reliable, this book deserves a place in urban and rural homes alike. Table of contents1 oddments2 introduction to plants3 grasses, rabbit, bush & flavorings6 tree, vine, sheep & Canes4 Garden Vegetables5 Herbs & Bramble7 Food Preservation8 Introduction to Animals9 Poultry10 Goats, Cows & Home Dairying11 Bee, Grains & Pig12 Appendix Used book in Good Condition.

Sasquatch Books. From craft culture to survivalists, greener, homesteaders, preppers, and everyone in between there is a desire for a simpler way of life—a healthier, urban farmers, more self-sustaining and holistic approach to modern life. The knowledge you need to survive and thrive off the grid is at your fingertips in The Encyclopedia of Country Living, the best-selling resource for the homesteading movement.


Home Repair Wisdom & Know-How: Everything You Need to Know to Fix, Maintain, and Improve Your Home

Home repair wisdom & know-how is a complete, all-in-one, easy-to-follow resource covers everything you need to know about home repair. Packed with tried and true advice from leaders in the industry and hundreds of photographs, charts, and sidebars, Home Repair Wisdom & Know-How is a must-have for any homeowner.

Used book in Good Condition. Sasquatch Books. The essential go-to book for every project homeowners encounter, from basic wiring to kitchen renovations, is now in the classic, oversized Wisdom & Know-How format. Black dog Leventhal Publishers. Featuring step-by-step instructions from the pages of fine homebuilding magazine, fixing a leaky faucet, porches and patios, the nearly 500-page book is organized into topics including The Basic Tool Kit, Home Safety and Security, Stain Removal, Fine Points of Applying Paint, Fixing Large and Small Appliances, Installing Screen Doors, Repairing a Wood Surface, Energy Alternatives, Replacing a Toilet, one of the most trusted sources on home repair and construction, Roof Repair, and more.


Woodworking Wisdom & Know-How: Everything You Need to Know to Design, Build, and Create

Sasquatch Books. This complete, easy-to-follow resource, all-in-one, from the reliable experts at Fine Woodworking magazine covers everything you need to know about woodworking--from carving to building to finishes-- reformatted to fit snuggly into any home library. Woodworking wisdom & know-how is the essential go-to book for every woodworking project under the sun, from building kitchen cabinets to refinishing a deck.

Each section is further broken down into chapters that cover specific skills, fashioning a shaker- style Clock, Handheld Power Tools, Building a Cherry Chest of Drawers, Relief Carving, Milling Lumber Four-Square, projects, Constructing a Classic Bed, Building a Look-Inside Birdhouse, Cutting Dovetails, and crafts for both the beginner and the advanced woodworker--Choosing Plywood, and much more.

Black dog Leventhal Publishers. The book is organized by topics such as types of Wood, Design and Styles, Working and Finishing Wood, Building a Workshop, and Small and Large Projects. The text, tried, sourced from Fine Woodworking's vast cache of projects and woodworking advice is trusted, and true. Other titles in the know-how series, include:survival wisdom & know-how 978-1-57912-753-4country wisdom & know-how 978-1-57912-239-5natural healing wisdom & know-How 978-1-57912-863-0Garden Wisdom & Know-How 978-1-57912-800-5Craft Wisdom & Know-How 978-1-57912-837-1 Used book in Good Condition.

Chapters feature step-by-step instructions, and an appendix of essential resources for supplies, tools, and materials is also included.

Craft Wisdom & Know-How: Everything You Need to Stitch, Sculpt, Bead and Build

Used book in Good Condition. The information is tried, trusted, and true, and provides indispensable instruction and advice from the most accomplished crafters in the world. The book is organized by type of craft and includes sewing, knitting, and Other Needlework; Paper Crafts and Bookmaking; Glasswork; Jewelry Making; Pottery and Clay; Mosaics; Candle-making and Decorating; and Woodworking and Furniture Making.

The latest addition to the best-selling Wisdom & Know-How series is an all-in-one guide to mastering a variety of popular crafts, from knitting and quilting to ceramics and jewelry making. The material is hand-selected from dozens of publications from Lark Books, a leader in craft books. Sasquatch Books. Hundreds of projects are included, and beading Vintage-Style Jewelry, Crocheted Hats, Etched Glass, such as Super Sock Monkeys, One-Afternoon Skirts, to name a few.

Black dog Leventhal Publishers. The sections are further broken down into chapters that cover specific crafts, each with step-by-step directions and tips for projects for all levels of skill and ability, from beginner to advanced. The fifth book in the popular wisdom and Know-How series, CraftWisdom & Know-How covers dozens of the most popular crafts in one complete, all-encompassing resource.

With hundreds of black-and-white illustrations and photographs, as well as essential resources for materials and tools, Craft Wisdom & Know-How is a must-have book for the aspiring and experienced crafter alike.

Natural Healing Wisdom & Know How: Useful Practices, Recipes, and Formulas for a Lifetime of Health

Natural healing wisdom & know-How gathers useful and fascinating information on every practice of natural health and healing in one handy volume. Used book in Good Condition. This new edition, energy healing, eastern medicine, with a smaller trim, homeopathy, mind-body healing, includes all the must-have information from the original edition including chapters on herbal healing, naturopathy, and healing with foods.

Sasquatch Books. Information within these chapters includes various methods and techniques for managing and curing hundreds of ailments, as well as for maintaining a healthy constitution year-round. The content is culled from dozens of the most respected books and authors on the topics of natural and alternative health and healing.

Included are hundreds of black-and-white illustrations and photographs as well as lists, tables, resources, and step-by-step instructions. Black dog & Leventhal Publishers. A special index of ailments and symptoms appears at the front of the book to guide readers to useful methods and techniques for managing specific issues and problems.

. Black dog Leventhal Publishers.

A Guide to Canning, Freezing, Curing & Smoking Meat, Fish & Game

Black dog & Leventhal Publishers. Sasquatch Books. You’ll learn how to corn beef, pickle tripe, smoke sausage, and much more, cure turkey, all without using harsh chemicals. This no-nonsense reference book covers all the major meat preserving techniques and how to best implement them. Black dog Leventhal Publishers.

Preserve your meat properly and enjoy unparalleled flavor when you’re ready to eat it. Storey Books. You’ll soon be frying up delicious homemade bacon for breakfast and packing your travel bag with tender jerky for snack time. Used book in Good Condition.

Storey's Basic Country Skills: A Practical Guide to Self-Reliance

From sharpening an axe to baking your own bread, you’ll be amazed at the many ways learning traditional skills can enrich your life. Used book in Good Condition. Whether you live on a small suburban lot or have a many acres in the country, this inspiring collection will empower you to increase your self-sufficiently and embrace a more independent lifestyle.

Black dog & Leventhal Publishers. Black dog Leventhal Publishers. Sasquatch Books. A variety of authors share their specialized knowledge and provide practical instructions for basic country skills like preserving vegetables, developing water systems, keeping farm animals, and renovating barns. Storey Books.


Build a Smokehouse: Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin A-81

Storey Books. Black dog & Leventhal Publishers. Sasquatch Books. There are now more than 170 titles in this series, and their remarkable popularity reflects the common desire of country and city dwellers alike to cultivate personal independence in everyday life. Storey Publishing. Black dog Leventhal Publishers.

Used book in Good Condition. Since 1973, storey's country wisdom Bulletins have offered practical, hands-on instructions designed to help readers master dozens of country living skills quickly and easily.