Croaker: Kill Me Again Fey Croaker Book 1

Complications in the twisted case compound when investigation reveals the woman's husband—the man convicted of killing her the first time—was released on parole only weeks before she was killed again. With her integrity, freedom, and life on the line, Fey Croaker is about to unleash all the anger inside her—and nobody better get in her way.

. With the unit she leads facing a run of unsolved cases, los angeles homicide detective Fey Croaker is under intense pressure to solve the murder of a woman with multiple IDs, a million dollars in cash hidden in her dryer, and only brand new clothing and furniture in her brand new condo. However, the victim has many more surprises for everyone involved—especially for Fey, who finds herself a suspect when the investigation takes a turn for the deadly.

Having outlasted three dead-end marriages, cynical, Fey is a hard-bitten, and the relentless resentment of her male colleagues on the force, a severely abusive upbringing, and driven survivor. When fingerprints inexplicably reveal the mystery woman was murdered eighteen years earlier in San Francisco, Fey feels her career crashing down around her.


Croaker: Grave Sins Fey Croaker Book 2

Paul bishop has a flair for creating police who are very good and very bad and very human. Los angeles times book review"a tough, taut, terrific tale! " – Dominick Dunne "A first-class writer. Left to protect and serve. Homicide detective fey croaker and her appealing crew, the race for the truth will tax each of them to the limit.

The new york Times. It’s a race to get to the truths hidden beneath layers of lies, secrets, and deadly perversions – and Fey must win while there is still an L. A. And for justice in a city on the edge. The evidence against the defendant appears overwhelming, but old evils die hard. Her personal life is in shambles, but no cop does it better than Fey Croaker – as she fights for respect in the L.

A. P. D. All of los angeles is thrust into chaos when a popular NBA athlete is charged with a series of gruesome murders. Under the scorching light of media attention, Fey’s own demons are brought into sharp focus with the life of her wayward brother literally hanging in the balance. For L.

Croaker: Tequila Mockingbird Fey Croaker Book 3

No muss, no fuss. Dropped into the middle of a power struggle between the chief of police and vaughn harrison, the department's deputy chief in charge of overseeing specialized investigation units -- including Robbery-Homicide Division and Alex Waverly's Anti-Terrorist Division -- Fey is torn between her loyalty to the Old Guard and following the razor's edge of integrity in a world filled with lies and deceptions.

Struggling to overcome her personal demons, especially the death of her lover, Fey and her appealing crew, the dynamic Arch Hammersmith and Rhonda Lawless a. K. A. Racing to stay ahead of the rising body count, they quickly become moving targets in their struggle to stop a south-of-the-border terrorist from striking at the very heart of Los Angeles.

Riveting in itsplausibility, "tequila mockingbird" confirms Paul Bishop's place among the best of the police thriller writers and shows Fey Croaker and her team at the top of their form. Hammer and nails, Brindle Jones, Abraham Cohen a. K. A. The murder of alex waverly, a highly decorated detective assigned to the LAPD's clandestine Anti-Terrorist Division, appears to be an open-and-shut case of domestic violence turned deadly.

Circumstances are not exactly what they seem, however, as Fey Croaker discovers when the chief of police removes responsibility for the investigation from the department's Robbery-Homicide Division and assigns it to her with instructions to wrap it up "quick and tidy.

Croaker: Chalk Whispers Fey Croaker Book 4

Detective Fey Croaker. Never one to avoid a challenge, but she and her team encounter something far more dangerous and disturbing when their first case is the torture-murder of prominent lawyer Bianca Flynn, Fey knows she'll face both jealousy and hostility on her promotion to lieutenant in the elite Robbery-Homicide Division, the daughter of a judge and sister of one of Los Angeles's police commissioners.

As the investigation twists into ever-tightening circles, Fey must also probe the strange death of Ellis Kavanaugh, one-time police force partner of Fey's abusive father. Chalk whispers delivers a knock-out punch in this riveting series from an author who combines the hard-earned authority of the professional police officer with the narrative gift of the born storyteller.

Hammer and nails, and fey's second-in-command, brindle Jones and her partner, Alphabet Cohen, Monk Lawson – must search Bianca Flynn's past to try to find clues to her murder. One promising avenue is Bianca's work for an illegal underground railroad seeking to protect children from sexually predatory parents.

. Is kavanaugh's death connected to flynn's? why did the old man leave fey a briefcase filled with hundred-dollar bills, Paul Bishop reveals a vulnerable Fey Croaker readers have never seen before, and who chased him to his death beneath frightened horses on a racetrack? In a novel that reaches into the past to illuminate the tragedies of today, and will not soon forget.

Top los angeles police detective and author Paul Bishop brings gripping authenticity and power to Chalk Whispers, his latest poignant and revealing novel featuring L. A. P.

Suspicious Minds

1977, the one and only king of rock-n-roll, is taken from the world far too soon, Elvis Presley, but the legend will never die.1996, a young man with enough voice and a style to take him to the top, Elvis impersonator Cole Ramsey, receives a very odd phone call from an Icon dead for almost twenty years.

. Cole has heard all the Elvis conspiracy rumors, but. It couldn't be. Before he knows it, however, Cole's life is turned upside down. He's on the run and up to his ears in Elvises. Are they all impersonators or is one of them hiding from deadly suspicious minds.

Running Wylde

Lapd homicide detective and marathon runner Devlin Wylde always knew what to do in every situation. Until his wife, hanna, disappeared into the Santa Monica Mountains on a solo training run. When the victim of a serial killer is discovered in the same area, Devlin goes on high alert. Protecting the cougars in the rugged wilderness where she vanished was Hanna Wylde’s passion.

Desperately searching for answers, and run, Devlin’s only solace is to throw himself into his work, and to run, and run. His only clues are the tracks of a large wild cat, and a strange, bare-footed, woman runner who is faster than anything he’s ever seen on two legs.

Hot Pursuit: A Walker / Tamiko L.A.P.D. Adventure

A calico jack walker / Tina Tamiko L. A. P. D. But plans, in uniform, never run smooth because walker and tamiko are good cops no matter what the cost - even if they're LA cops, as they do, on duty, in their patrol car, and way out of their jurisdiction on the Las Vegas Strip. Novel. It's 1977, and veteran L. A. P. D.

Cop calico jack walker and his rookie partner Tina Tamiko are planning to make Calico's last shift on the job something special. When a major crime is going down, good cops never hesitate.

Deep Water: A Walker / Tamiko L.A.P.D. Adventure

She's deep into an investigation leading to a plot to hijack an L. A. P. D. And captain of his own fishing charter business, Calico Jack Walker pays for ignoring his instincts when he hires out to two shady characters who try to hijack his boat and almost murder his son. Walker's ex-partner and lover, Tina Tamiko, has promoted to detective.

1978. Calico jack Walker and Tina Tamiko are back. Now retired from the L. A. P. D. Property barge loaded with confiscated drugs and weapons slated for ocean dumping. With another ex-partner framed for murder, and a gang of dirty cops desperate for redemption, somebody playing Robin Hood with stolen drug money, Walker and Tamiko know they're in deep water and it's time to gun up and throw down.


A Good Bunch of Men: A Dickie Floyd Detective Novel

You will feel as though you're living the life of a homicide investigator. Cliff yates“i've read a lot of law enforcement type stories, and this is probably the best one yet. Anyone with law enforcement experience MUST read this book. Jz“there's nothing like authenticity to set a book apart. Jackson“this work of fiction will take you into the heart of a homicide investigation, with its many twists and turns.

The author has written the quintessential LA County Sheriff's Department novel. Phil “crime, fights, guns, with laughs and a dash of booze mixed in give us an inside look at the life of homicide detectives. Richard Powers. It is by turns funny, poignant, and exciting, remarkably authentic. What, then, sex, could render two veteran homicide detectives speechless as they stand over their latest victim? Tightly-wound Dickie Jones and his smart and cocky partner, find themselves entangled with gang members and a sexy drug dealer as they uncover a nefarious plot rife with greed, Matt “Pretty Boy Floyd” Tyler, and betrayal.

Wambaugh and Connelly write about LAPD. Knight“this book gets you behind the yellow tape of a murder scene and investigation. Finally, someone wrote it the way it should be written and added a few twists along the way. And when that happens, one can celebrate their literary blessings. Dean scoville, a badge, Author of A Gun, and An Attitude.

EVEN: A HAM Novel Suspense Thriller

No part of her even wants to consider it, a feeling outweighed only by the intrigue of finally getting something concrete on Santos. Unsure how to proceed, if the claims Reston is making are even true, she decides to step outside the traditional order. Until the arresting officer discovers more than a hundred pounds of cocaine and ten thousand dollars in cash stowed in the undercarriage of his vehicle.

Brought to jail in the middle of the night, edgar Santos, he offers to share everything he knows about the man he works for, and the operation Santos runs in exchange for the guaranteed safety of his family back home. Less than two months on the job, the offer reeks of everything Assistant District Attorney Dina Chadwick despises about the legal system.

Beginning with a simple phone call, she has no idea the person who ultimately answers will be Ham, a woman just recently released from self-imposed exile and aching to get back to doing what she does best. And with more than ample reasons of her own to get Even…. On an isolated stretch of desert highway, Josh Reston is pulled over in the dead of night.

By all accounts, he is a quiet, unassuming young man from the woods of Western Pennsylvania with a busted taillight.

Breaking Cover Tony Wolf/Tim Buckthorn Book 1

Rhoades has written his most compelling thriller to date--a pulse-pounding novel that leaps off the page and will leave readers begging for more. Did he go native, or was he discovered and killed? when tony Wolf is finally driven out into the open, torn from deep cover during the rescue of two kidnapped children, he becomes the number one target of both the vicious biker gang he double-crossed and a massive Federal manhunt.

But tony’s tired of being the hunted, and as both the gang and a traitorous FBI agent converge on a small southern town, they’re all about to learn a hard lesson: When the Wolf breaks cover, he doesn’t always run away. Sometimes he comes straight at your throat. J. D. Rhoades belongs on the same reading list with Stephen Hunter, Lee Child, and Randy Wayne White.

Booklistfrom the acclaimed, award-nominated author of the Jack Keller thriller series comes an explosive new novel about an undercover federal agent, a chameleon whose specialty is assaulting criminal organizations from within. He was the most talented undercover agent in FBI history, until he dropped completely off the grid, and hasn't been heard from in years.