Designing Knitwear

Used book in Good Condition. If you dream of creating your own knitwear designs, master designer Deborah Newton shares the secrets she's learned over the years. Newton offers in-depth information on shaping and fitting, color and graphics, finding design inspiration, dressmaker details, creating textured fabrics, and more.

In addition, designing knitwear includes patterns for 16 garments and dozens of partial schematics for you to develop into your own original designs.

Good Measure: Knit a Perfect Fit Every Time

No matter how well you knit, if the sizing is wrong, nothing works. This indispensible reference covers every aspect of fit, including how to properly analyze a pattern for customization, determine proper ease in every area of a garment, make alterations in a project as needed, choose which fibers work best with a particular design, and so much more.

. In good measure, knitting expert, and author of the books Finishing School and Designing Knitwear, designer, Deborah Newton, teaches how to personalize any knitted garment pattern to achieve a perfect, flattering fit for every shape and size. Sixth Spring Books. Including 24 beautiful patterns sized xs to 2XL, all shown on a full range of different body types, Good Measure is the invaluable resource every knitter needs to ensure a perfect fit every time.


Finishing School: A Master Class for Knitters

Notable knitter and designer Deborah Newton shares her expertise and love of finishing techniques in an on-the-page master class. As a bonus, many with variations, and scarves, jackets, 15 patterns for sweaters, illustrate the newly learned techniques to further cement essential skills. Finishing school is THE most trusted resource on finishing techniques for knitting.

Compiling her sage wisdom from more than 25 years of experience, Deborah Newton offers a welcoming and straightforward approach that empowers knitters to create professional-looking garments and accessories. She patiently takes her student-readers through every essential finishing technique—blocking, seaming, pockets, in-depth examples, tips, buttonholes and bands, and helpful sidebars, zippers, and other embellishments—and carefully demystifies it with detailed photography, edgings, and tutorials.

Sixth Spring Books.

Knitting Pattern Essentials: Adapting and Drafting Knitting Patterns for Great Knitwear

Potter Craft. Bring your vision to life with pattern-drafting essentialswhat’s the number one mistake that knitters make? They follow a pattern exactly! In this comprehensive guide to sweater construction, acclaimed knitting instructor Sally Melville reveals the secrets to creating or modifying a pattern so the finished project looks and fits exactly how you want it to.

. Sixth Spring Books. Pattern drafting has never been easier to understand as sally breaks down each skill, shoulders, sides, sleeves, and stitch patterns• create a pattern for an existing garment that you love• shape a variety of necklines, and hemlines• combine garment elements for an endless array of design possibilities• rescue a project when it doesn’t turn out as expected• finish your projects with a professional look• knit 10 original projects that showcase the elements covered in the book With Sally’s knitting expertise at your fingertips, including how to • calculate your personal measurements, ease, you have all the tools you need to adjust patterns to fit you better than ever and create patterns that finally make your dream designs a reality.


The Beginner's Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns: Learn to Write Patterns Others Can Knit

Potter Craft. Sixth Spring Books. You'll also find details on:   • pattern structure and elements   • formatting and layout   • How to go from test knitting to a final publication   • Online platforms, processes, and good business practices   • An introduction to important copyright lawsA basic pattern template and resources are also provided.

Interweave Press Inc. Create custom knitting patterns to share and sell!writing clear, easy-to-follow knitting patterns is easier than you think! In The Beginner's Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns, knitting expert Kate Atherley provides everything you need to know to share your projects with fellow knitters.

. Whether you're looking to share a project with a close friend or your growing online customer base, The Beginner's Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns is the comprehensive guide that can help you translate your project into a set of instructions that any knitter can follow. This one-stop guide includes concrete guidelines with lots of examples on everything from pattern writing basics, to handling multiple sizes, establishing a personal style sheet, to schematics and charts, and more.

The book addresses the details of how to create complete, clear and easy-to-use knitting patterns, for any type of design, and for any level of knitter.

Knitwear Design Workshop: A Comprehensive Guide to Handknits

Potter Craft. With open arms and creative minds, welcome back--again--this gorgeous paperback edition of Knitwear Design Workshop. Knitters at all levels who want to go beyond blindly following commercial pattern instructions will fall in love all over again with Knitwear Design Workshop, write commercial patterns, experiment with garment shaping, stunning works of wearable art, which pays special attention to knitters who would want to design their own traditional garments, or simply want to understand how to make minor modifications to commercial patterns.

Now in paperback, shirley Paden's bestselling book Knitwear Design Workshop is the perfect knitting resource. This book explores the various techniques involved in designing handknitted garments with a perfect individual fit. Conveniently, there are no prerequisites for using this book; instead, beginning with the first chapter, readers are guided through the different phases of the design process starting with the initial inspiration followed by a summary of the key design elements.

Every step of the design process is detailed and illustrated for clarity and readers will enjoy instructions for four garments, used to illustrate the steps for designing and knitting garments that fit. Interweave Press. Interweave Press Inc. Sixth Spring Books.

Vogue® Knitting The Ultimate Knitting Book: Completely Revised & Updated

Comprehensive chapters cover lace and cabling, and provide even more Information than before on knitters' tools, finishing, correcting errors, embellishing, and garment care to give you a masterly understanding of every stage of knitting. Potter Craft. Sixth Spring Books. The second edition, released in 2002, further cemented its place as the most trusted knitting resource.

Interweave Press. With updated, and fresh material throughout, 65 additional pages, revised, and more than 1, 600 photos and hand-drawn step-by-step illustrations, Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Knitting Book is surprisingly easy to navigate with thorough indexing and footnote cross-referencing. Lots of great projects packed into one little book.

The past 15 years have seen many exciting advances in knitting, and this update encompasses them all. From beginners needing to learn the very basics to seasoned knitters wanting a refresher on a complex technique, every knitter will cherish this guide for years to come. Interweave Press Inc. An essential addition to the knitter's bookshelf.

Library journal starred reviewthe ultimate knitting reference, from the world’s most recognized knitting magazine, gets a thorough update—including 1, 600 color images and brand-new sections with techniques and designs!    First published in 1989, Vogue Knitting The Ultimate Knitting Book instantly became a beloved resource for knitters.

It features an expanded library of cast-ons, mittens, and mosaic knitting; and design and construction chapters that go beyond just sweaters to encompass dozens of options for hats, gloves, double knitting, entrelac, increases, decreases, socks, and bind-offs; in-depth sections on newly favorite techniques such as brioche, and more than 25 shawl shapes.

Knitwear Design Workshop: A Comprehensive Guide to Handknits

The four exceptional projects demonstrate the level of uniqueness and beauty that can be achieved with these expert techniques and how to achieve the elusive "perfect fit" that defines a successful end product. From the initial spark of inspiration to the sewing of the last seam, this advanced manual to knitwear design provides knitters with the foundation to take their projects to the next level.

Lots of great projects packed into one little book. Interweave Press. Sixth Spring Books. Used book in Good Condition. Interweave Press Inc. Potter Craft. Knitters will gain a clearer understanding of commercial pattern instructions, improve their attention to detail with a meaningful test swatch, and acquire a stronger knowledge of proper body and garment measurements.


Finishing School: A Master Class for Knitters

In addition to deborah's expert instructions, the book includes patterns for 12 sweaters, and scarves, jackets, many with variations. Used book in Good Condition. Potter Craft. Some even abandon projects rather than complete the necessary steps to achieve beautiful, wearable garments. Now, notable knitter and designer Deborah Newton shares her expertise and love of finishing techniques in an on-the-page master class.

Sixth Spring Books. Sixth Spring Books. Lots of great projects packed into one little book. Deborah patiently takes her student-readers step by step through the ins and outs of blocking, seaming, and embellishments, edging, giving them the confidence and skills to create professional-looking knitwear. Interweave Press.

The word “finishing” fills many knitters with dread. Interweave Press Inc.

Amy Herzog's Ultimate Sweater Book: The Essential Guide for Adventurous Knitters

Amy's clear instruction and expert tips expand the many knitting possibilities, creating the essential knitting resource for knitters everywhere"-- Sixth Spring Books. Potter Craft. Yarn and fiber enthusiasts everywhere will celebrate the latest addition to Amy Herzog's beloved knitting series which includes You Can Knit That, Knit to Flatter, and Knit Wear Love.

Sixth Spring Books. This essential guide details every aspect of sweater knitting, drop shoulder, raglan, starting with instructions for four basic sweater types: yoke, and set-in sleeve. Interweave Press. Patterns are offered in multiple sizes and yarn gauges for broad appeal. Following the basics for each of the four sweater types are a diverse range of customizing options, cowl neck, including how to add a hood, turtleneck, pockets, and zip or cardigan front, just to name a few.

Lots of great projects packed into one little book. Used book in Good Condition. Interweave Press Inc.

Knitter's Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters: Basic Designs in Multiple Sizes and Gauges

Interweave Press Inc. Used book in Good Condition. A key reference for knitters of all skill levels, this is the new essential knitting resource on your bookshelf. Interweave Press. Sixth Spring Books. Sixth Spring Books. Answering to a growing interest in knitting sweaters from the top down and knitting seamless sweaters that require little finishing, set-in sleeve, this handy book offers instructions for knitting five basic sweater types: circular yoke, modified-drop shoulder, raglan, and saddle shoulder.

. Potter Craft. Lots of great projects packed into one little book. Patterns are offered in multiple sizes and yarn gauges and for a broad age group. Following the basics for each of the five sweater types are three diverse patterns from top designers that illustrate some of the many ways that instructions can be used as springboards for creative expression, including color, texture, and shaping variations.

Also included for intermediate to advanced knitters are personal design touches, detailed charts, clear instruction, and quick tips to expand knitting possibilities and maintain creative originality. Fiber and yarn enthusiasts nationwide will celebrate Ann Budd's latest addition to The Knitter's Handy Book series.

Used book in Good Condition.