EY Tax Guide 2016 Ernst & Young Tax Guide

While tax code is admittedly complex, this trusted guide offers specific solutions for tax payers, self-employed entrepreneurs, business executives, and senior citizens, including homeowners, to help you zero in on the best tax strategy for your financial situation. If you find tax preparation an intimidating process you are not alone; however, you can simplify your taxes by turning to a trusted guide for support.

Additionally, this authoritative text provides at-a-glance reference sheets for key subject areas, including changes in tax law, tax breaks and deductions, common errors to avoid, and more. With this text, you can understand the deductions you are entitled to and maximize your return. The ey tax guide is an approachable yet authoritative resource that has acted as the go-to reference for individual taxpayers for years.

Maximize your 2016 tax return EY Tax Guide 2016 turns filing your taxes into a simple process. Green tips offer updated insight into environmental credits for green initiatives that can maximize your return. Explore the top tax preparation errors, tailoring your preparation approach to your needs leverage money-saving tips and other useful information, such as insight regarding tax law changes and tax breaks Streamline the filing process with the tax organizer, increasing your return and protecting your wealth Consider tax strategies that are specific to your particular financial situation, and plot your preparation on the tax calendar to meet key deadlines EY Tax Guide 2016 is an integral resource that guides you in maximizing your tax return through trusted tax filing techniques.


Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2017

This year's guide also includes additional insight on simplified procedures for tangible property regulations and how they affect both individuals and businesses. At-a-glance features provide quick guidance on tax breaks and overlooked deductions, new tax laws, and how to avoid common errors so you can dip in as needed and find the answers you need quickly.

. Their in-depth knowledge and years of experience work together to help you file your taxes correctly and on time, without leaving your hard-earned money on the table. This invaluable resource will help you: maximize your return with tax breaks and deductions See how the law has changed since last year's filing Avoid 25 common, costly preparation errors Identify 50 most overlooked deductions Get focused guidance on your specific tax situation No need to wade through volumes of IRS rulings or indecipherable accounting jargon; top-level tax advice in accessible language is an EY specialty.

Situational solutions offer specific advice tailored to homeowners, self-employed entrepreneurs, and senior citizens, business executive, helping you take advantage of every savings opportunity the government offers. This book brings clarity and ease to an otherwise complex process, helping you see past impenetrable regulations to maximize your return.

Authoritative, user-friendly tax help from a global leader in tax services The EY Tax Guide 2017 is the American taxpayer's essential companion, providing the answers you need alongside trusted advice from EY professionals and turning filing your taxes into a simple process. The ey tax professionals keep track of tax law so you don't have to.

Covering issues that the normal taxpayer encounters year-in and year-out, this world-class guidebook has been updated to align with the most recent tax law changes that are often misunderstood and typically overlooked in other guides, including a new chapter with insights on the 3.

Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2018

This book cuts to the chase and tells you what's new, what it means for you, and what you can do to keep more of your money. Fully updated to reflect the latest changes to the law, this new 2018 edition cuts through impenetrable tax codes and IRS rulings to give you the answers you need quickly and easily.

Minimize your tax and maximize your 2017 return The EY Tax Guide 2018 offers professional guidance for DIY tax prep. Whether you're a homeowner, or senior citizen, self-employed entrepreneur, business executive, you'll discover the best tax strategy for your particular situation. No two tax years are alike.

At-a-glance reference sheets give you quick answers to common questions regarding new laws, breaks and deductions, and how to avoid common errors. Wiley. As one of the nation's most trusted resources for tax advice, correctly, this book can help you keep more of your money while filing completely, and on time.

The laws change constantly, and even small changes can affect your return. Get up to date on changes to tax law, and how they affect you identify breaks and deductions that can reduce your tax burden Zero in on the best tax strategy for your particular situation Find answers at a glance from globally-respected tax advisors Avoid the headaches that come with parsing IRS worksheets and documentation—EY has already done it for you! The EY Tax Guide 2018 gives you the answers you need and clarity you crave, backed by globally-trusted expertise.


EY Tax Guide 2015 Ernst & Young Tax Guide

Distilling complex tax information into straightforward language, this resource is essential reading for anyone preparing to file a federal income tax return. As global leader in tax and advisory services, it's no surprise that this EY formerly Ernst & Young guide has been rated the #1 choice in tax prep by USA Today.

This guide contains the insight of EY professionals, plus the tools and references that can help ease the process. You'll find hundreds of examples illustrating how tax laws work, plus sample forms and schedules that help you fill out your return step by step. Reference tables allow for quick look-up of useful information, common errors, including changes to tax law, while the Special Content index points you toward answers for homeowners, entrepreneurs, investors, senior citizens, and tax breaks, military personnel, and more.

Fully updated for 2015, this guide even provides up-to-date tips on environmental credits for green initiatives. Wiley. We can help you save time and money as you: discover the 50 most commonly overlooked deductions Find specific solutions to your particular circumstances Streamline the filing process with the tax organizer and tax calendar Follow a checklist of key tax breaks you may be eligible to use Preparing your own taxes doesn't have to mean wading through tax code or missing deductions.

The ey tax guide 2015 provides the information you need to file your taxes yourself, with confidence. File taxes with confidence and maximize deductions with this industry-leading guide EY Tax Guide 2015 is your solution for a streamlined filing process. Authoritative and easy to follow, this trusted guide is designed to be accessible for individuals who need help navigating these turbulent financial times, providing information that can maximize deductions and avoid mistakes.

Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2014

Includes 50 of the most commonly overlooked deductions to take into account when preparing your return provides specific solutions in its special contents index for taxpayers in particular circumstances, including families, investors, 2014 tax calendar, and military personnel Contains an individual tax organizer, homeowners, and a summary of expiring provisions Provides checklists of key 2013 tax breaks and deductions you may be eligible to use Comprehensive yet direct, senior citizens, entrepreneurs, the Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2014 has everything you'll need to personally prepare your 2013 federal tax return.

File your taxes with the help of an authoritative leader in the field If you wish to personally prepare your 2013 federal tax return, but seek the guidance of a trusted name in this field, look no further than the Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2014. Designed in a straightforward and accessible style, the Ernst & Young Tax Guide 2014 contains essential information that will help you save time and money as you prepare your 2013 federal tax return.

Drawing from the tax experience and knowledge base of Ernst & Young professionals, this reliable resource not only covers how to file your federal income tax return but also provides valuable insights on how to avoid common errors and maximize your federal tax deductions. Wiley. Throughout the book, you'll find hundreds of examples illustrating how tax laws work, as well as sample tax forms and schedules to show you how to fill out your return line by line.


J.K. Lasser's Your Income Tax 2017: For Preparing Your 2016 Tax Return

America's number-one all-time best-selling tax guide, with 2, 500 money-saving tips J. K. Using a cpa or tax software to file? This guide shows you what you can do to leverage the utmost money-saving capabilities these services have to offer. Do you routinely stay up to date on IRS rulings and new tax legislation? J.

K. Maximize your tax savings with over 2, and always changing, and claim them correctly get the answers you need quickly, confusing, from a trusted source Taxes are complex, and it's tempting to just settle for what you're given—but why leave money on the table? You've worked hard for it, 500 tax-saving tips Learn how recent tax law changes affect your 2016 filing Identify your deductions, and you're entitled to it.

Wiley. Wiley. Lasser's your income tax 2017 puts America's most trusted tax advice to work to help you with your 2016 tax return. Filing yourself? this book gives you guidance and expertise from America's most trusted tax resource for over 75 years. Tax laws are continually evolving, and even if your family situation and finances haven't changed in the last year, your tax-saving opportunities or liabilities may have changed because of new rules.

Lasser's your Income Tax 2017. Cut through the complexity and file correctly, on time, for a maximized return with the trusted authoritative help of J. K.

J.K. Lasser's 1001 Deductions and Tax Breaks 2017: Your Complete Guide to Everything Deductible

Wiley. This book helps you put a stop to overpayment so you can keep more of your hard-earned money. Fully updated to reflect the latest rulings and laws—including an e-supplement with the latest tax developments from the IRS and Congress—this book answers all of your "Can I claim…" questions with guidance from the nation's most trusted tax advisors.

Many taxpayers are so afraid of an audit that they fail to take advantage of perfectly legal write-offs. Wiley. This book is your ticket to a streamlined filing and potentially substantial savings. Millions of americans overpay their taxes by billions of dollars every year, because constantly evolving laws and regulations make keeping track of deductions and breaks next to impossible for the everyday taxpayer.

The opportunities to save are all laid out in black and white, and J. K. J. K. Tax breaks and deductions are written into tax law to help everyday Americans like yourself keep more of what you've earned. Identify all deductions that apply to your situation find the most up-to-date requirements for your 2016 filing Mine your expenses, and job for deduction opportunities Learn how to claim deductions and breaks correctly Forget complex tax strategies, business, and don't bother trying to game the system.

. J.