Flower Design in Cross Stitch A Reinhold craft paperback

Landscapes, flowers, and plants are some of the design themes that may be reproduced.

Danish Floral Charted Designs Dover Embroidery, Needlepoint

And danish flower thread embroidery floss, and because the chart makes it easy to vary the size of the design they can be used to decorate anything from small pillows to bedspreads. The patterns lend themselves to use not only in cross-stitch, crochet, rug-hooking, but also needlepoint, and other forms of counted thread embroidery.

Embroiderers will welcome this delightful collection of charted designs by Gerda Bengtsson, considered one of the greatest living designers of counted cross-stitch designs. Here are more than 40 exquisite florals, including such favorites as buttercups, Wild Fruit, Anemone, Iceland Poppy, Lady's Mantle, Lapland Rhododendron, Pansies, Sweet Violet, Crowberry, Stone Bramble, Spring Flowers, and Hare's-Foot Clover.

All of the designs are color keyed to both D. M. C.

Cross-Stitch Patterns in Color English and Danish Edition

Landscapes, flowers, and plants are some of the design themes that may be reproduced.

Book of Danish Stitchery: Danish Handcraft Guild

Needlework from Denmark.

Dye Plants and Fruits in Cross-Stitch: From the Danish Handcraft Guild


U. S. State Flowers in Counted Cross Stitch

Full-color examples of the worked designs and suggestions for finished projects accompany complete directions for creating state blossoms in counted cross-stitch embroidery.

Roses and Flowering Branches in Counted Cross Stitch English and Danish Edition

Presents twenty-seven patterns for wreaths, and branches, flowers, and demonstrates basic stitches.

The Secret Garden in Cross Stitch

Used book in Good Condition. Thea gouverneur invites stitchers to share her passion for capturing the natural beauty of flowers through the art of the needle. Her fresh style is characteristic of the best European designs and her mastery of sophisticated color blending rivals the most popular American designers.

Here is a sumptuous collection of the most stylish cross-stitch designs to be published in book form.

The Cross-Stitch Garden: Over 70 cross-stitch motifs with 20 stunning projects

Instructions are presented in counted cross-stitch charts, plus step-by-step diagrams for constructing projects. Designs are included for all your floral favourites, pansies, such as viola, poppies and roses. Used book in Good Condition. Inspired by her love of wildflowers, Kazuko Aoki has created a collection of more than 20 projects and over 70 individual cross-stitch motifs.

Search PressUK. These motifs are used to create traditional samplers, pincushions, pillows, as well as bags, coasters, aprons and tea towels.

Herbs and medicinal plants in cross-stitch from the Danish Handcraft Guild

Used book in Good Condition. Search PressUK.

Charted Peasant Designs from Saxon Transylvania Dover Embroidery, Needlepoint

Used book in Good Condition. The cross-stitch designs of the Transylvanian Saxon peasants are among the most fascinating embroideries in existence. Other craftspeople can transfer the patterns onto wood, canvas, metal, or mosaic to achieve stimulating and unusual effects. Portions of these designs are also a source of many repeat and border patterns and spot decorations.

The designs are printed on a chart so that they can easily be used for needlepoint, rug-hooking, Fair Isle knitting, or any other form of counted-thread embroidery. Search PressUK. This collection of 195 charted designs, originally collected prior to World War I by Emil Sigerus, is an invaluable source of unusual and interesting ideas of modern cross-stitchers and other craftspeople.

These ornate, gryphons to the strikingly modern abstract designs, highly stylized designs cover a vast array of moods and historical epochs, dragons, winged horses, unusual geometric forms, from the medieval mounted knights, falconers, florals and range in complexity from simple patterns composed of a few lines to very intricate symmetrical designs.

. And because the chart makes it easy to vary the size of each design, you can use the patterns to decorate anything from small pillows to bedspreads or wallhangings.