Healing the Soul: Finding Peace and Consolation When Life Hurts

And that love makes all things fresh and new. Even us. Richard G. When we enter this kind of deep prayer, Deacon Eddie says, We are grasped by God s affirmation. We experience his love at the very heart of things, a love that cannot and will not let us go. What you learn in this book will bless, and encourage you--it will deepen your faith, most importantly, understanding and, comfort, your relationship with your Creator.

. Arno, Ph. D. National christian counselors Association In thirty years of ministry, Founder, Deacon Eddie Ensley has seen pain. The prayer experiences he shares here can feed our deeper selves with affirmations of God s love so we can heal and be made whole again. These simple but startlingly powerful prayer methods can bring hope to spouses, anxiety, the lonely, teens, the unemployed, professionals, and anyone who suffers from physical pain, grief, depression, family hurts, parents, and even violence.


Finding Inner Peace: Easing Stress and Anxiety through Prayer

Ultimately, love, we move from being peace seekers to peacemakers as we share Christ s mercy, and compassion with all. In this calming book, Deacon Eddie Ensley shows how to tap into what St. Through guided meditations based on scripture, and beautifully told personal experiences that recount his own path to peace following a tumultuous youth, Deacon Eddie invites us to discover how Christ truly anchors us in his peace.

Paul describes as the peace that passes all understanding. With compassion and understanding, he shows us how prayer can help us make peace with fear, suffering, anxiety, anger, and even death.

Letters from Jesus: Experiencing the Depth of His Love

In this case, in the very reading! When jesus is allowed to speak for himself, people are always healed in the very hearing. Father richard rohr says, this is indeed the way Jesus would talk to us! How much we need such confidence and such encouragement in our world today. Deacon eddie ensley and father arrando speak here through intimate letters from Jesus, to help readers hear God speaking deep within them and thus to experience God, Jesus, poetic imagery, in vivid, and life itself as never before.

Through these intimate letters from jesus, Deacon Ensley and Father Arrando help readers attend to God speaking deep within them and thus experience God, Jesus, and life itself as never before.

Everyday Mysticism: Meeting God Face to Face

This is a book that will change lives and open hearts to God because it holds out a simple and profound treasure, one that leads to everyday mysticism, to seeing God face to face. It s for each of us, every day of our lives, every time we open our hearts to God. Mining the rich heritage of great Christian mystics of the past, Ensley uncovers wisdom that is surprisingly timeless and practical for today s believers.

He also offers transformative stories of modern day mystics ordinary people who have encountered God s life-changing presence. Center for action and contemplation In his newest and most powerful book, Deacon Eddie Ensley shows that mysticism isn t just for monastics and contemplatives. Why have we made elitist that which was meant to be common? The outpouring at Pentecost was for all, living experience, and here we have a book of spiritual gems, and traditional wisdom that again offers God's great outpouring.

Richard Rohr, O. F. M. In addition, he offers profound insights for and about individual meditation, group prayer, and journaling, and how these can gently guide believers into the light of God s shimmering love.