Hidden America: From Coal Miners to Cowboys, an Extraordinary Exploration of the Unseen People Who Make This Country Work

With beauty, and grace, wit, curiosity, she finds the hidden soul of America. Hidden America is essential reading. Rebecca skloot, author of the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks  Used book in Good Condition. Take the men of Hopedale Mining company in Cadiz, Ohio. Laskas spent several weeks with them, both below and above ground, you will know not only about their work, Smitty and the mail-order bride who stood him up at the airport, and by the end, but about Pap and his dying mom, and Scotty and his thwarted dreams of becoming a boxing champion.

She doesn’t just interview the people who dig our coal and extract our oil, she goes deep into the mines and tundra with them. That is only one hidden world. An Oprah. Com “must-read book”award-winning journalist jeanne Marie Laskas reveals “enlightening, entertaining, and often poignant”* profiles of America's working class—the forgotten men and women who make our country run.

Others that she explores: an alaskan oil rig, a gun shop in arizona, a migrant labor camp in Maine, a beef ranch in Texas, and the Cincinnati Ben-Gals cheerleaders, the air traffic control center at LaGuardia Airport in New York, a landfill in California, a long-haul trucker in Iowa, mere footnotes in the moneymaking spectacle that is professional football.

Jeanne marie Laskas is a reporting and writing powerhouse.

The Book of Unknown Americans

Once they arrive, it’s not long before maribel attracts the attention of Mayor Toro, the son of one of their new neighbors, who sees a kindred spirit in this beautiful, damaged outsider. The book of unknown americans is a stunning novel of hopes and dreams, guilt and love—a book that offers a resonant new definition of what it means to be American.

Their love story sets in motion events that will have profound repercussions for everyone involved. Vintage. Named a new york times and washington post notable book, and a Mother Jones, The Daily Beast's Novel of the Year, an NPR Great Read,  Oprah. Com,  and bookpage best book of the yearwhen fifteen-year-old maribel Rivera sustains a terrible injury, School Library Journal, the Riveras leave behind a comfortable life in Mexico and risk everything to come to the United States so that Maribel can have the care she needs.

Here henríquez seamlessly interweaves the story of these star-crossed lovers, and of the Rivera and Toro families, with the testimonials of men and women who have come to the United States from all over Latin America.

Steel Barrio: The Great Mexican Migration to South Chicago, 1915-1940 Culture, Labor, History

Since the early twentieth century, thousands of Mexican Americans have lived, worked, and formed communities in Chicago’s steel mill neighborhoods. Steel barrio reconstructs the everyday strategies the working-class Mexican American community adopted to survive in areas from labor to sports to activism.

South chicago mexicans lived in a neighborhood whose literal and figurative boundaries were defined by steel mills, which dominated economic life for Mexican immigrants. Drawing on individual stories and oral histories, Michael Innis-Jiménez tells the story of a vibrant, active community that continues to play a central role in American politics and society.

Used book in Good Condition. Vintage. This book investigates the years between the World Wars, the period that witnessed the first, massive influx of Mexicans into Chicago. Steel barrio argues that the mexican immigrant and mexican American men and women who came to South Chicago created physical and imagined community not only to defend against the ever-present social, and economic harassment and discrimination, but to grow in a foreign, political, polluted environment.

Yet while the mills provided jobs for Mexican men, they were neither the center of community life nor the source of collective identity. Examining how the fortunes of mexicans in South Chicago were linked to the environment they helped to build, Steel Barrio offers new insights into how and why Mexican Americans created community.

This book links a particular community in South Chicago to broader issues in twentieth-century U. S.

Tower Dog: Life Inside the Deadliest Job in America

Used book in Good Condition. Department of labor unequivocally recognizes as the most dangerous job in America belongs to the tower dog, the men and women who work on cell towers across the country, building the networks that keep us all connected. In tower dog: life inside the deadliest job in america, draws readers into this dark and high-stakes world that most don't even know exists, a tower dog for more than fifteen years, Douglas Scott Delaney, yet rely on every minute of every day.

What is the price of staying connected, of that phone in your hand or that watch on your wrist? Recent TV shows would have you believe that the most dangerous job in America is a crab fisherman, or maybe even an ice road trucker. This risk-laden profession has been recently covered by nbc dateline, frontline, and The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, but none of these reports have provided an insider's look at the rough and tumble workers throughout America who are risking their lives―and losing them at an alarmingly high rate.

But what U. S. Soft skull. Delaney is a brash and illuminating guide, and Tower Dog gives us the real experience of what it's like for the workers balanced precariously above the clouds. Vintage. These men and women have always been living on the edge of society; a fascinating mix of construction crews and thrill-seekers.


Colonel Sanders and the American Dream Discovering America

This book tells his story—the story of a dirt-poor striver with unlimited ambition who personified the American Dream. Acclaimed cultural historian Josh Ozersky defines the American Dream as being able to transcend your roots and create yourself as you see fit. Soft skull. But to get there, he had to give up control of his company and even his own image, becoming a mere symbol to people today who don’t know that Colonel Sanders was a very real human being.

Ozersky traces the rise of kentucky fried chicken from this unlikely beginning, telling the dramatic story of Sanders’ self-transformation into “The Colonel, ” his truculent relationship with KFC management as their often-disregarded goodwill ambassador, and his equally turbulent afterlife as the world’s most recognizable commercial icon.

From aunt jemima and uncle ben to the Jolly Green Giant and Ronald McDonald, corporate icons sell billions of dollars’ worth of products. Packing his car with a pressure cooker and his secret blend of eleven herbs and spices, he began peddling the recipe for “Colonel Sanders’ Kentucky Fried Chicken” to small-town diners in exchange for a nickel for each chicken they sold.

Used book in Good Condition. Vintage. But only one of them was ever a real person—Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken/KFC. From a 1930s roadside café in corbin, harland sanders launched a fried chicken business that now circles the globe, Kentucky, serving “finger lickin’ good” chicken to more than twelve million people every day.


Stripped, 2nd Edition: Inside the Lives of Exotic Dancers

Soft skull. Barton explores why women begin stripping, the difficulties in staying in the business over time, drugs and prostitution—and, inevitably, the initial excitement and financial rewards of the work, especially for their relationships, the dangers of the life—namely, sexuality and self-esteem.

Vintage. Incorporating new scholarship, new observations, and increased awareness of emerging media technology, Barton brings a fresh and important perspective on the challenges that women face working in the still-thriving world of exotic dancing. Used book in Good Condition. Whatkind of woman dances naked for money? bernadette Barton takes us insidecountless strip bars and clubs, and peep shows, table dancing, from upscale to back road as well as those thatspecialize in lap dancing, topless only, toreveal the startling lives of exotic dancers.

In this completely revised and updated edition, Barton returns to the strip clubs she originally studied to observe the major changes in the industry that have occurred over the last decade. She examines how “raunch culture” affects exotic dancers’ treatment by their clientele, who are now accustomed to seeing nudity and sexualized performance in accessible, R and X -rated media from a variety of outlets, particularly the Internet.

Originally published in 2006, the product of years of first-hand research in strip clubs around the country, Stripped is a classic portrait of what it’s like for those who choose to strip as a profession. Barton explores how new media has transformed exotic dancing, allowing dancers to build an online brand, but also introducing possibilities for customers to take unauthorized nude photos and videos of the entertainers.


The Glass Castle: A Memoir

When sober, jeannette’s brilliant and charismatic father captured his children’s imagination, teaching them physics, geology, and how to embrace life fearlessly. Isbn13:. They fed, and protected one another, clothed, and eventually found their way to New York. Notes: buy with confidence, over one million books sold! 98% Positive feedback.

Vintage. 100% satisfaction Guaranteed. The walls children learned to take care of themselves. Soft skull. Used book in Good Condition. Her mother was a free spirit who abhorred the idea of domesticity and didn’t want the responsibility of raising a family. Their parents followed them, choosing to be homeless even as their children prospered.

But when he drank, he was dishonest and destructive. The glass castle is truly astonishing—a memoir permeated by the intense love of a peculiar but loyal family. Compare our books, prices and service to the competition. Condition: usED - Very Good. Now a major motion picture from Lionsgate starring Brie Larson, Woody Harrelson, and Naomi Watts.

More than seven years on the new york times bestseller list the perennially bestselling, extraordinary, one-of-a-kind, “nothing short of spectacular” Entertainment Weekly memoir from one of the world’s most gifted storytellers.

Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us

Salt sugar fat how the Food Giants Hooked Us. Burrowing deep inside the big food manufacturers, he discovered how junk food is formulated to make us eat more of it and, he argues persuasively, actually to addict us. Michael pollan   “if you had any doubt as to the food industry’s complicity in our obesity epidemic, it will evaporate when you read this book.

The washington post   “Vital reading for the discerning food consumer. The wall street journal  “The chilling story of how the food giants have seduced everyone in this country. He takes us into labs where scientists calculate the “bliss point” of sugary beverages, unearths marketing techniques taken straight from tobacco company playbooks, and talks to concerned insiders who make startling confessions.

Used book in Good Condition. Praise for salt sugar fat  “Michael Moss has written a Fast Food Nation for the processed food industry. Featuring examples from kraft, oreos, coca-cola, lunchables, Nestlé, Moss’s explosive, empowering narrative is grounded in meticulous, Capri Sun, and many more, Frito-Lay, eye-opening research.

In salt sugar fat, pulitzer Prize–winning investigative reporter Michael Moss shows how we ended up here. Every day, 500 milligrams of salt, double the recommended amount, we ingest 8, almost none of which comes from the shakers on our table.100% satisfaction Guaranteed.


Soft skull. Anchor Books. Isbn13:. Why heisenberg went to copenhagen and what he wanted to say to Bohr are questions that have vexed historians ever since. Used book in Good Condition. But now the world had changed and the two men were on opposite sides in a world war. Salt sugar fat how the Food Giants Hooked Us.

100% satisfaction Guaranteed. Notes: buy with confidence, over one million books sold! 98% Positive feedback. Condition: usED - Very Good. Compare our books, prices and service to the competition. The tony award—winning play that soars at the intersection of science and art, Copenhagen is an explosive re-imagining of the mysterious wartime meeting between two Nobel laureates to discuss the atomic bomb.

In 1941 the german physicist werner Heisenberg made a clandestine trip to Copenhagen to see his Danish counterpart and friend Niels Bohr. In michael frayn’s ambitious, fiercely intelligent, and daring new play Heisenberg and Bohr meet once again to discuss the intricacies of physics and to ponder the metaphysical—the very essence of human motivation.

Vintage. Their work together on quantum mechanics and the uncertainty principle had revolutionized atomic physics.

Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing: A Brief Guide to Argument

100% satisfaction Guaranteed. Salt sugar fat how the Food Giants Hooked Us. A complete, compact guide to critical thinking and argumentation, Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing teaches you the appropriate skills to craft persuasive arguments. Condition: usED - Very Good. Vintage. Notes: buy with confidence, over one million books sold! 98% Positive feedback.

Anchor Books. Used book in Good Condition. Soft skull. Isbn13:. Compare our books, prices and service to the competition.

Abel Sanchez and Other Stories

Condition: usED - Very Good. Notes: buy with confidence, over one million books sold! 98% Positive feedback. Used book in Good Condition. 100% satisfaction Guaranteed. Used book in Good Condition. Compare our books, prices and service to the competition. Valdes Vintage. Soft skull. Salt sugar fat how the Food Giants Hooked Us.

. Delve into three of Spanish philosopher Miguel de Unamuno's most haunting parables. Anchor Books. Also included are two remarkable short stories, featuring quixotic, The Madness of Doctor Montarco and San Manuel Bueno, Martyr, philosophically existential characters confronted by the dull ache of modernity.

Translated by anthony Kerrigan and with an insightful introduction by Mario J. Isbn13:. This essential unamuno reader begins with the full-length novel Abel Sanchez, a modern retelling of the story of Cain and Abel.