Infected: Die Like Supernovas The Outlaw Book 2

. An epic, masterly expansion of the Outlaw's world. Kirkus review     high school junior Chase Jackson is the infamous Outlaw, a national mystery. Rumors surface of a growing evil within Los Angeles, and powerful strangers are searching for the reclusive vigilante, whispering truths about his illness. Despite his desperate attempts for peace, the Outlaw is being drawn into war with the dangerous Infected.

Book two of seven of the coming-of-age, super hero ish, can't put down, mysterious, young adult, must-read, romantic adventure series! . The explosive second book in the best-selling outlaw series"janney ratchets up every component that made the first novel in this series so compelling.

Sanctuary: Among Monsters The Outlaw Book 3

The explosive third book in the best-selling outlaw series  los angeles smolders within the clutches of The Chemist, a madman determined to harness and control the ancient Infected. Around his besieged sanctuary, powerful allies and enemies gather and clash and rage, and the mighty American military can only lick its wounds.

Against the maelstrom stands the Outlaw, fuming and waiting for the right moment to counter-strike. The country holds its breath and hopes in the mysterious vigilante, a boy who would sacrifice it all for the love of the girl down the street. Book three of the science fiction ish, urban fantasy eh, loss of innocence kinda, paranormal meh, super hero sort of, romantic yes, not really, must-read definitely young adult adventurous Outlaw series!.


The Outlaw: Origins

The explosive first book in the best-selling outlaw serieswinner of 2016 nie award in science fiction    a masked vigilante stalks the streets of Los Angeles, disrupting crime and causing havoc. He haunts the dark night, obeying inner super human urges. Little does the world know the Outlaw is high school junior Chase Jackson wearing a mask, hoping the beautiful brunette down the street notices.

Little does the Outlaw know, an unseen world watches and waits for him. Begin the seven-book saga today!    "His body is both his salvation and destruction. Kirkus reviews"janney's pacing is excellent, young adult, paranormal ish, as are the action sequences" - Kirkus Reviews"The Outlaw shines" - San Fransisco Book Review    Book One of the must-read, super charged, adventure Outlaw Series.


Outcasts: All good things... The Outlaw Book 4

Forced from their families by discovery and betrayal, Chase and Katie are cast into danger while the Infected take sides and rip at the fabric of order and chaos. America groans under the weight of a madman, and teeters on the precipice of war. To win, the outlaw must decide how much he's willing to risk.

And who he's willing to risk. Because some battles can't be won by strength alone. And some battles can't be won at all. This is not the endBut it is the end of the beginning. Old enemies and new gather for the reckoning, a battle which sprawls across Los Angeles. All good Things. Must come to an end. A showdown looms between monsters.

Villain versus vigilante. Chemist versus Outlaw. Time grows short.

Carmine: Rise of the Warrior Queen

Where is her family?  where is her boyfriend?  She has a faint recollection of him, a ghost of a memory. The world, is staggering from the weight of rampaging mutants, she discovers, victims of a bizarre surgery gone wrong. The gripping first book in the best-selling carmine series  the girl once known as katie lopez wakes up in an abandoned Wal-Mart with no memory, possessing only the vague sense that something has happened.

Once intended to bring about a utopia, now the victims threaten societal meltdown. Much to her surprise, the girl with no memory discovers she is their queen. And the outlaw, a fabled warrior, will soon be at her gate. Book one of the dystopian urban fantasy series. Book five of Seven in the Outlaw/Katie saga.


The City of Broken Angels: Queen Versus the Machine Carmine Book 2

Book two of the best-selling carmine series     the girl once known as katie lopez has transformed into Carmine, a strong and benevolent Queen who's forged New Los Angeles into a safe haven on the West Coast. Not while the power-hungry Infected hate without reason. With help from a mythical warrior known as the Outlaw, Carmine and her staggering city must find the strength to endure the brutal battles storming the horizon.

Dangerous enemies are already within her walls, however, striking at those she loves. Only within her borders are the mutated Variants secure and sane. The quiet cannot last, however. They know that if she Queen falls, so does all hope for a peaceful future. The sixth book in the seven-book Outlaw/Katie saga.


ULTRA The Last Hero Book 1

His life is at a standstill, and it doesn't look like changing any time soon. But when kyle is caught up in a terrifying hostage situation at a soccer stadium, he discovers he is capable of amazing things: he has the abilities of an ULTRA. Now, and the government keen to wipe all ultras from existence once more, with a rival ULTRA devastating the planet, Kyle must battle his own fears and master his powers if he is to become what the world needs more than anything: a true Hero.

But kyle fast learns that becoming a Hero is way more difficult than it seems in the stories. Ultra: the last hero is a gripping, fast-paced superhero/urban fantasy story, and the first in a series. Geek. Heroes. But too many of those creations went rogue. With loveable characters, nail-biting action and adventure, and thrilling twists and turns, ULTRA is sure to delight all fans of the genre.

In the end, the ultras were wiped from existence, consigned to the history books. Until now.

Puck: An Infected Short Story

Wiz kid is a magician with computers. He can do absolutely anything with a keyboard. Except navigate high school and solve the riddle of a stalker threatening to cut off his legs. Witness the origins of puckDaddy, the world's foremost computer hacker, in this dark short story set in the Outlaw universe.

Brace For the Wolves Challenger's Call Book 2

Kill the traitor-prince. The cry for his death has followed Wes Malcolm from Earth all the way to Avalon, and an entire new breed of Hordebeast has taken up the call. Howling wolf-men now hunt him as an escaped convict, a false teacher, and a traitor to a legacy he has rejected. Worse yet, he must fight not only for his own freedom, but for the prisoners he has rescued from the dungeon on this ruined world.

Now all he needs to do is evade the monsters long enough to get the former hostages to safety, before taking on and defeating the hunters. Too many worlds have put their hope in him. To do so, he’s going to have to delve into ghosts and secrets from another age, including some explosive secrets of his own heritage.

He cannot fall here.

The Dark Souls The Viral Superhero Series Book 1

Until he can sort out friend from foe, ted may be the only person who can keep the world safe from total annihilation…The Dark Souls is the first novel in the action-packed Viral Superhero Series. But ted’s biggest challenge lies ahead, because he’s not the only one with incredible abilities. After he’s gifted with superhuman abilities during a seemingly random brunch, Ted quickly transforms from a nobody into a viral video sensation…Forced to navigate school and life with his newfound powers and fame proves to be difficult.

Buy the dark souls today to watch an ordinary teen become a superhero! The world’s first superhero sensation may not live long enough to become a celebrity…Ted Finley is your average suburban nerd, but when a group of thugs threaten to kill innocent people, something incredible happens. If you like fast-paced thrillers, and evil villains, witty heroes, then you’ll love this high-octane series from USA Today bestselling authors Bryan Cohen & Casey Lane! * This book is an edited and revamped new edition of a novel that was previously published as Ted Saves the World.


The Second Super The First Superhero Book 1

Time is running out though, and Richter will do whatever it takes to make sure he's Earth's only superhuman. Book two, is out now!a #1 superhero and kindle top 250 bestseller, The Siege of the Supers, with tens of thousands of copies sold!Editor's note: A new version has been uploaded addressing various typos.

The second superhuman is born. With no idea of the extent or magnitude of his powers, Kane has a long way to go before becoming the first superhero. All the worlds military cannot stop him, no matter what they throw his way. Until, with the whole world watching, Kane surprises himself by flying up to catch someone the supervillain has thrown off a building.

. He must stay one step ahead of both Richter and the rest of the world while he figures out how to take down his nemesis. The adventure begins in book 1 of this #1 Bestselling series that has sold over 40, 000 copies. When the first superhuman is a villain, it's up to the second to become a hero. Seventeen year old kane andrews is just another one of the billions of people on Earth who watch as Richter, the world's first superhuman, goes on a rampage.