Magnetic Marketing: How To Attract A Flood Of New Customers That Pay, Stay, and Refer

No academic theories, no vague “ideas”, no fads. No bs! themakings of a system for your business’s sustainability and growth youcan rely on. It is soundly basedon well-proven strategies dating from the turn of the century to thepresent. Magnetic marketing® is a radical, clients, patients or prospects are attracted and in the wayproducts, services, dramatically different sea-change in the way new customers, businesses and practices are advertised.

It is a “change movement” that has established itself in over 136different niches, industries and professions, business categories, but is still also a “best kept secret”―its practitioners are in a “secretsociety. It―and only it―offers real protection from commoditization, Amazon-ization, price and profit destruction.

It is introduced to you in this important and timely book. You have made a wise decision obtaining it. Bolt the door, put awaythe device and dig in!magneticmarketing. Com.

The Ultimate Sales Letter: Attract New Customers. Boost Your Sales.

Write well to sell big! in the age of e-mail and instant communication, great sales copy is indispensable to closing a deal. Adams Business. But too many sales letters end up in the junk file or the wastebasket. In this book, he shares his step-by-step formula so everyone can write letters that will nail the sale.

In this new edition of his top-selling book, author Dan Kennedy explains why some sales letters work and most don't. And he shows how to write copy that any business can use. Among other things, he provides:completely updated text and examplesGreat headline formulasNew exercises to spark creativityThe best way to use graphics Kennedy is the most successful, highly paid direct-response copywriter in the country.


No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Guide to Producing Measurable, Monetizable Results with Social Media Marketing

To avoid grabbing every business owner he meets by the shoulders and shaking them, millionaire maker Dan S. Kennedy has joined with marketing strategist Kim Walsh-Phillips to help business owners, private practice professionals, and professional marketers start making dollars and cents of their social media marketing.

Daring readers to stop accepting non-monetizable “likes” and “shares” for their investment of time, money, and energy, Kennedy and Walsh-Phillips urge readers to see their social platforms for what they are — another channel to reach customers and gain leads and sales for their efforts. Guide delivers practical strategies for applying the same direct-response marketing rules Kennedy has himself found effective in all other mediums.

This book covers how to stop being a wimp and make the switch from a passive content presence into an active conversion tool; how to become a lead magnet by setting up social media profiles that focus on the needs of ideal prospects not the product or service; creating raving fans that create introductions to their networks; how to move cold social media traffic into customers; the role of paid media and how to leverage social media advertising to drive sales.

Illustrated by case studies and examples, this No B. S. Adams Business.

No B.S. Marketing to the Affluent: No Holds Barred, Take No Prisoners, Guide to Getting Really Rich

Learn how to sell to those who will always be spending as Kennedy shines the spotlight on the practical strategies used by The Ritz-Carlton, Harrah’s Entertainment, Disney, AARP, Dove, Dr. Marketing to the Affluent, millionaire maker Dan S. A step-by-step blueprint comparable to those developed for six-figure clients, ready for do-it-yourself use Apply the magic language of “membership” to any business for the affluent.

. Customers are buying less and in fewer categories. Kennedy shows you how to re-position your business, practice, or sales career to attract customers or clients for whom price is NOT a determining factor. In this new edition of No B. S. The silver lining: it takes no more work to attract customers from the explosively growing Mass-Affluent, service, Affluent, and Ultra-Affluent populations eager to pay premium prices in return for exceptional expertise, and experiences.

You'll also discover how to: use 10 surprising emotional buy triggers the affluent find irresistible Stop selling products and services and learn how selling aspirations and emotional fulfillment is more profitable Use Kennedy's Million-Dollar Marketing System. Oz, debeers, starbucks, williams-Sonoma, the health and wellness industry and many other fascinating and diverse true-life examples.

From pizza shops and medical practices to retail stores and pet hotels Adams Business.

No B.S. Direct Marketing: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Kick Butt Take No Prisoners Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses

Adams Business. Dan S. Updated to address the newest media and marketing methods, little-known, this marketing masterplan delivers a short list of radically different, profit-proven direct mail strategies for ANY business. Strategies are illustrated by case history examples from an elite team of consultants―all phenomenally successful at borrowing direct marketing strategies from the world of online sales, infomercials, etc.

Restaurants, to use in ’ordinary’ businesses including retail stores, and sales. Kennedy dares marketers to dramatically simplify their marketing, refocusing on what works.

Speak To Sell: Persuade, Influence, And Establish Authority & Promote Your Products, Services, Practice, Business, or Cause

No matter the audience, Dan shows precisely how to do just that. This book will transform your approach to speaking, and mostimportantly, profits, and by utilizing thevaluable techniques presented within, your authority, celebrity, will skyrocket. Inside, you’ll discover how to:• sell one-to-many and multiply your earnings• boost your authority and celebrity• craft memorable and persuasive speeches that get results• control the speaking environment to ensure success• master the “Top Four Success Factors” of prosperous speakers• make big money by speaking-to-sellLearn from serial entrepreneur Dan Kennedy, and turn ordinary speakingengagements into moneymaking machines! Adams Business.

. When you step on the stage, youmust intend to turn each and every audience member into a customer. They shouldn’t even have a choice in the matter, and failure is not anoption. And, to bookappointments for a professional practice, whether you are speaking to promote any local business, marketing wizard Dan Kennedy shares his secrets, you can also inspire an audience―to open their walletsand give you money!In Speak to Sell, like a motivationalspeaker, so, or sell info-resources or otherproducts at the back of the room.

. To an audience of 10 or 10, 000 .

No B.S. Guide to Maximum Referrals and Customer Retention: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Plan to Securing New Customers and Maximum Profits

Entrepreneur Pr. Yet most business owners will invest more money to find new customers than getting referrals from current, happy customers. Millionaire maker Dan S. Adams Business. Fact: nothing is costlier or more difficult than getting a new custoMER. Business owners agree. The referred customer is far superior to the one brought in by ‘cold’ advertising.

Advantage Media Group. Kennedy and customer retention expert Shaun Buck dare youto stop chasing new customers and keep an iron cage around the ones you already have. Kennedy and buck present a systematic approach to help you keep, andmultiply customers so that your entire business grows more valuable and sustainable, cultivate, and you replace income uncertainty with reliable income through retention and referrals.

Learn how to:• apply the #1 best retention strategy hint: it’s exclusive• catch customers before they leave you• Grow each customer’s value and have more power in the marketplace• Implement the three-step customer retention formula• Use other people’s events to get more referrals• Create your own Customer Multiplier System• Calculate the math and cost behind customer retentionDiscover the referral-getting, sales-increasing, battle-tested tactics designed to help youbuild a thriving business for the long-term.


The Ultimate Marketing Plan: Target Your Audience! Get Out Your Message! Build Your Brand!

Let's face it - the business world today is nothing like it was ten years ago. Advantage Media Group. Adams Business. Used book in Good Condition. Entrepreneur Pr. Marketing budgets are tighter, consumers are more skeptical, and social media has changed forever the way we talk to our customers. In this new edition of his bestselling The Ultimate Marketing Plan, industry expert Dan S.

. Kennedy integrates such tools as social media marketing, networking, and strategic memberships into a complete plan that will strengthen your customer base without breaking your budget. Packed with updated examples, and contributions from experts, marketing techniques, Kennedy shows you how to catapult your company to the cutting edge.


No B.S. Ruthless Management of People and Profits: No Holds Barred, Kick Butt, Take-No-Prisoners Guide to Really Getting Rich

Advantage Media Group. Kennedy delivers the answer. Style, kennedy kicks traditional leadership and management ideas squarely in the teeth with a realistic, straightforward assessment of the real relationship between business owners and their employees. Topics include learning how to hire profitable employees, managing the powerful force of word of mouth, taking home as much money as possible, compressing the time between idea and action for maximum profits, making every employee’s job a profit center, and posing questions to individuals that force them to think and improve productivity.

. Entrepreneur Pr. Uncompromising strategies help managers gain iron-fisted control and get the results they demand. What does it really take to get productivity from people and, Walt Disney, by doing so, Steve Jobs, maximum profits for your business?With a nod to Jeff Bezos, and other ruthless yet highly successful managers, Dan S.

And it leads to a cooperative, high-performance team when traditional textbook methods fail. In this new edition, kennedy expands on his proven if radical strategies to get accountability, profitability, and productivity from employees. In his traditional No B. S. Adams Business. This take-no-prisoners advice liberates entrepreneurs to act in their best interests and insist on implementation of their objectives.

No B.S. Wealth Attraction In The New Economy

However, one instrumental reality is unchanged: No matter the economic conditions—booms or recessions, when it comes to wealth, including the fast-emerging New Economy—there is wealth. That’s hazardous to your wealth • how to stop playing blind archery • 12 ways to Increase Your ‘Personal Value’ • Why you must STOP thinking about Income! • The 90 Day Experiment that may change your life forever Adams Business.

Kennedy? kennedy covers: • how to experience the phenomenon - attract more wealth in the next 12 months than in the previous 12 years! • wealth inhibition—do you suffer from it? • Why Positive Thinking alone is worthless • Your #1 Entrepreneurial Responsibility • Is there a ‘dirty little secret’ behind many wealthy entrepreneurs? • The worst of all wealth-defeating habits • Are you an ‘opportunity thinker’ - or are you guilty of ‘outcome thinking’? • “ Do what you love and the money will follow” B.

S. Advantage Media Group. And who better to show you how to lure, attract, bait, and become a magnet for it than “Millionaire Maker” Dan S. Entrepreneur Pr. It’s never coming back as it was, and in its place a generally tougher, more demanding marketplace is emerging. The old economy is shattered, and GONE FOREVER.

Used book in Good Condition.

No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Kick Butt Take No Prisoners Guide to Time Productivity and Sanity

Time truths never to violate despite the conspiracy against thembecome successful beyond your wildest dreams―APPLY THE #1 MOST POWERFUL PERSONAL DISCIPLINETHE 10 TIME MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES worth using. Used book in Good Condition. Entrepreneur Pr. Turn time into wealthwarning: This book is not for the fain of heart, fawningly polite, or desperate to be liked.

Make more money from less time, and have MORE freedom to do BIG things! Adams Business. Only 10!fire yourself! Replace yourself. Meeting, and all the other bloodsuckersstop 'productivus interruptus'―master the 5 time-defense tacticsACHIEVE MAXIMUM PRODUCTIVITY with Psycho-CyberneticsTHE 8 NO B. S. This book is expressively for entrepreneurs and business owners who wear many hats―those who can't resist piling more responsibility onto his own shoulders, who has more great ideas that time and resources to take advantage of them, who runs not walks through each day.

Your time is incredibly valuable to you, and you are constantly "running out of it. Serial entrepreneur Dan S. Kennedy delivers a fresh take on the mantra "time is money" as he shows you how to drastically re-engineer your entire relationship with time and, if applied faithfully, achieve peak personal productivity and make lots and lots of money.

Learn how to: accurately calculate the value of your time―and put a meter on those consuming itSLAY TIME VAMPIRES―like Mr. Have-you-got-A-Minute, Mr.