Skyhorse - She is tracked down by Jack Raines, a mysterious author with shadowy connections to those who share her ability. 1 new york times bestselling author Terry Goodkind reinvents the thriller with a provocative, page-turning walk among evil. Kate bishop thought she was an ordinary woman living and working in Chicago.

But when she unexpectedly finds herself in the middle of a police investigation into a brutal murder, Kate makes a shocking discovery: she has the ability to identify killers just by looking into their eyes. Trying to grasp the implications of this revelation, Kate is drawn deep into a world of terror. Travel with goodkind on a dangerous journey to the back alleys of the darknet, to the darkest corners of our minds, and to the very origins of what it is to be human.

Nest - But even as she fights for her life, Kate still isn’t sure if Jack is really her salvation, or another killer coming to slaughter her. An explosive mix of action and suspense, Nest is a landmark new novel from worldwide bestselling author Terry Goodkind, and a complete reinvention of the contemporary thriller.

He tells kate that her unique vision also makes her a target, and only he can help her. Now, hot on jack and kate’s heels are a force of super-predators, vicious and bloodthirsty killers who will stop at nothing until Kate is dead.

The Girl in the Moon

Skyhorse - Because her family’s bloodline carries the ability to recognize killers, she adopts a solitary, violent existence in service of her own, personal mission in life. The girl in the Moon. She might look like an unlikely hero. In his newest heart-pounding suspense novel, #1 New York Times bestselling author Terry Goodkind introduces the world to his most unforgettable and deadly character yet.

Angela constantine is a girl born broken. When angela was young, before she came to realize she had a rare ability, she was a rather ordinary girl. She might also be our only hope. Angela Constantine is. Haunted by an abusive childhood, she was forced to become a woman far too soon. The daughter of a meth addict, she is convinced she was born a freak.

The Girl in the Moon - . But she also lives a secret life, right under everyone’s noses. And in the process, she became more. Angela Constantine has a secret life. Angela juggles multiple jobs to live a secluded life in a cabin in the mountains. When angela unexpectedly finds herself the prey of a group of international terrorists, she is the only one who knows the truth of what they are about to do.

Trouble's Child Angela Constantine

Skyhorse - Releasing as a short-lengthed teaser to the forthcoming novel The Girl in the Moon, a new novella from #1 New York Times bestselling author Terry Goodkind. Wandering through the snowy woods in the mountains near her home, Angela Constantine stumbles upon a wolf feeding on the body of a murdered young woman.

That discovery is only the start of her problems. Trouble’s child, is the perfect introduction to angela Constantine, a brand new novella set in the world of the highly-anticipated upcoming novel The Girl in the Moon, Goodkind’s most memorable creation yet: beautiful, mysterious, and deadly. Throw a blind evangelist and his mute sister into the mix, and #1 New York Times bestselling author Terry Goodkind has concocted another irresistible cocktail of suspense, a tale where the difference between life and death dances on the edge of a razor-sharp blade.

Crazy Wanda: An Angela Constantine Novella

Swallow's End Publishing - Follow angela constantine in this thrilling novella of revenge and justice, as she goes down the rabbit hole after a serial killer in the making. And angela knows that sooner or later, one way or another, everyone pays for their sins. Trouble always finds Angela Constantine. And angela's impulsive, hot-tempered colleague Wanda is about to cause more trouble than anyone could know.

Except Angela. She's not like the rest of us. She sees things we don't-she can recognize a killer just by looking in their eyes. She'll make certain of it.

The Sky People

Swallow's End Publishing - Worse, she has killed the son of their chief. Now, with the wolf people vowing revenge and her people facing annihilation, River must do the impossible. She must find the mythical Sky People. She must prove herself as priestess. To other tribes, who have no such law, the Sun People are easy prey who will not defend themselves.

Their game is poached, their stores are raided, their women abducted, their men killed for sport. But when raging river and her sister are attacked by a Wolf People raiding party, River fights back and kills one of the warriors. The sky people is a fast-paced novella of revenge and redemption that explores new territory for #1 international bestseller Terry Goodkind.

The Sky People - Raging river, priestess of the Sun People, has just done the unthinkable. The sun people are bound by an ancient law, left by the long-vanished Sky People: they must never kill.

The Scribbly Man The Children of D'Hara

Swallow's End Publishing - Never long enough to see them as I saw them, but it was them. From the internationally bestselling author of the Sword of Truth series comes a new Richard and Kahlan novella. I think that the star shift has brought us closer to their realm so that they now have the power to step into our world and hurt us.

Kahlan Amnell. They stop you dead with a knot of unexpected terror in the pit of your stomach. We've all seen flashes of them, the dark shadow just out of sight. If you were afraid enough. They could briefly terrify us before but never hurt us because they came from so far distant. They are the monsters under the bed when you are little, the shape just caught out of the corner of your eye when you thought you were alone, the shadow of something in a dark corner that surprises you and then isn't there.

The Scribbly Man The Children of D'Hara - They were never able to fully materialize in our world so we saw only transient glimpses of them, the shape of them if the light was just right, if the shadows were deep enough. I recognized it the instant I saw it. We have all seen fleeting glimpses of them.

The Law of Nines

Berkley - Something about this birthday, his name, and the beautiful woman whose life he has just saved has suddenly made him-and everyone he loves-a target. Turning twenty-seven may be terrifying for some, a struggling artist living in the Midwest, but for Alex, it is cataclysmic. A target for extreme and uncompromising violence.

Siege of Stone: Sister of Darkness: The Nicci Chronicles, Volume III

Tor Books - Now, hundreds of thousands of half-stone soldiers from the ancient past have awakened, led by one of the greatest enemy commanders in history. Nicci, nathan, and bannon have to help Ildakar survive this unbreakable siege, using all the magical defenses of the legendary city. Shroud of Eternity3. But as he fled the city, capricious Wizard Commander Maxim dissolved the petrification spell that had turned to stone the invading army of General Utros fifteen centuries earlier.

Io9's new sci-fi and fantasy books you need to put on your radar set in the world of the sword of truth saga, the wizard nathan rahl, and creatures created by twisted sorcery all work at cross purposes to either save or destroy Ildakar in Siege of StoneThe Sorceress Nicci, dangerous magic, the ramifications of New York Times bestseller Terry Goodkind's Shroud of Eternity extend throughout all of the Old World as familiar allies, and the young swordsman Bannon remain in the legendary city of Ildakar after a great internal revolt has freed the slaves and brought down the powerful wizards council.

Siege of Stone: Sister of Darkness: The Nicci Chronicles, Volume III - Even as general utros holds ildakar hostage and also unleashes his incredible army on the unsuspecting Old World, an equally powerful threat arises out in the sea. Siege of stoneat the publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM applied. Death's Mistress2. Nicci knows the battle won’t remain in the city; if she can’t stop this threat, two invincible armies can sweep across the Old World and destroy D’Hara itself.

The nicci Chronicles1.

Shroud of Eternity: Sister of Darkness: The Nicci Chronicles, Volume II

Tor Books - But the grotesque omens on their path to nathan's salvation—severed Norukai heads on pikes, a genetically modified monster, and a petrified army of half a million—are just a taste of the unimaginable horrors that await within the Shroud of Eternity. The nicci Chronicles1. Death's Mistress2. Their mission: restore Nathan’s magic and, for Nicci, save the world.

Guided by the witch-woman red's mysterious prophecy, the trio makes their way south of Kol Adair towards a wondrous city shrouded behind time, Ildakar. Shroud of eternity picks up where terry goodkind’s New York Times bestseller Death’s Mistress left off, sex, deception, promising a thrilling brew of bloodshed, and sorcery.

Shroud of Eternity: Sister of Darkness: The Nicci Chronicles, Volume II - The formidable sorceress nicci and her companions—the newly powerless Nathan and the youthful Bannon—set out on another quest after driving ruthless Norukai slavers out of Renda Bay. Shroud of Eternity3. Siege of stoneat the publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM applied.

Breaking Wild

Berkley - When one woman goes missing in the Colorado wilderness, another becomes bent on discovering her whereabouts in this unforgettably moving, bestselling literary debut. When amy raye doesn’t return to camp, ranger Pru Hathaway and her dog respond to the missing person call. But this time, her venture into a remote area leaves her on the verge of the precarious edge that she’s flirted with her entire life.

. After an unexpected snowfall and few leads, the operation turns into a search and recovery. Driven to spend days alone in the wilderness, Amy Raye Latour, mother of two, is compelled by the quiet and the rush of nature. As the novel follows amy raye and pru in alternating threads, breaking Wild assumes the white-knuckled pace of a thriller, laying bare Amy Raye’s ultimate reckoning with the secrets of her life and Pru’s dogged pursuit of the woman who, against all odds, she believes she can find.

Death's Mistress: Sister of Darkness: The Nicci Chronicles, Volume I

Tor Books - Shroud of Eternity3. But her real task will be to scout the far reaches of Richard Rahl’s realm. But it was richard who converted nicci instead, and for years thereafter she served Richard and Kahlan as one of their closest friends—and one of their most lethal defenders. Now, with the reign of richard and Kahlan finally stabilized, Nicci has set out on her own for new adventures.

. A new york times bestseller, death's mistress: sister of Darkness begins The Nicci Chronicles, Terry Goodkind's series with a cast of characters centered on one of his best-loved characters in the now-concluded Sword of Truth. One-time lieutenant of the evil emperor jagang, known as “death’s Mistress” and the “Slave Queen”, the deadly Nicci captured Richard Rahl in order to convince him that the Imperial Order stood for the greater good.

Death's Mistress: Sister of Darkness: The Nicci Chronicles, Volume I - Death's Mistress2. This will take her and nathan to visit the mysterious witch-woman red, and ultimately to a vast magical confrontation far from home…with the future of life itself, to fight lethal battles on the high seas, in the Old World and the New, to tangle with the street life of the port city of Tanimura, at stake.

Full of life and story, this is a sweeping, engaging tale in the grand Goodkind manner. The nicci Chronicles1. Siege of stoneat the publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM applied. One of her jobs will be to keep her travelling companion, the unworldly prophet Nathan, out of trouble.