Now one of their own exposes the private entries. I am leaking these because I'm tired and I know you are too. The things we believe in aren't real. We are pretenders. Instagrams are filtered, facebook profiles are embellished, photos are shopped, reality TV is scripted, body parts get upgraded like software, and even professional athletes are cheating.

The success bar is too high and pretending has become the only way to reach it. Three girls, two guys, five secret journals. The five most popular students at Noble High have secrets to hide; secrets they wrote down in their journals.

Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

Seniors take your lunch money. Girls you’ve known forever are suddenly beautiful and unattainable. The guys you grew up with are drifting away. And you can never get enough sleep. Starting high school is never easy. Scott’s chronicle of his first year of bullies, romance, honors classes, and brotherhood is both laugh-out-loud funny and touchingly wise.

. Could there be a worse time for scott’s mother to announce she’s pregnant? Scott decides high school would be a lot less overwhelming if it came with a survival manual, so he begins to write down tips for his new sibling.

License to Spill Pretenders Book 2

Three girls, two guys, five secret journals. The five most popular students at Noble High have secrets to hide; secrets they wrote down in their journals. What kind of future do we have if we can't escape our embarrassing pasts? I must come off as quite the hypocrite; complaining about our overexposed lives in a book of secret journals I have leaked.

There is no delete button on the Internet. So until the heat's turned down, keep reading. Now one of their own exposes the private entries. When our parents were growing up they were encouraged to make mistakes. But us? Our mistakes go viral. But these pages hold proof of how this pressure affects the "best" of us.

. That's how they learned.

The Maze Runner The Maze Runner, Book 1

And the message she delivers is terrifying. Remember. Also look for james dashner’s edge-of-your-seat mortality doctrine series! praise for the maze runner series:a #1 new york times bestselling series a usa today Bestseller A Kirkus Reviews Best Teen Book of the Year An ALA-YASLA Best Fiction for Young Adults Book An ALA-YALSA Quick Pick   "A mysterious survival saga that passionate fans describe as a fusion of Lord of the Flies, The Hunger Games, and Lost.

Ew. Com   “wonderful action writing—fast-paced…but smart and well observed. Newsday   “A nail-biting must-read. Seventeen. Com   “breathless, cinematic action. Publishers weekly   “Heart pounding to the very last moment. Kirkus reviews   “Exclamation-worthy. Romantic times   “james dashner’s illuminating prequel The Kill Order will thrill fans of this Maze Runner series and prove just as exciting for readers new to the series.

Shelf awareness, starred "Take a deep breath before you start any James Dashner book. Deseret News. Run. The maze runner and maze runner: the scorch trials are now major motion pictures featuring the star of MTV's Teen Wolf, Dylan O’Brien; Kaya Scodelario; Aml Ameen; Will Poulter; and Thomas Brodie-Sangster.

The Pearl Penguin Great Books of the 20th Century

There it lay, the great pearl, perfect as the moon. Like his father and grandfather before him, gathering pearls from the gulf beds that once brought great wealth to the Kings of Spain and now provide Kino, Juana, Kino is a poor diver, and their infant son with meager subsistence. A story of classic simplicity, the pearl explores the secrets of man's nature, based on a Mexican folk tale, the darkest depths of evil, and the luminous possibilities of love.

Then, on a day like any other, kino emerges from the sea with a pearl as large as a sea gull's egg, as "perfect as the moon. With the pearl comes hope, the promise of comfort and of security.

5 Steps to a 5: 500 AP Human Geography Questions to Know by Test Day, Second Edition

Either way, 5 steps to a 5: 500 human Geography Questions will get you closer to achieving the score you want on test day. 500 ways to achieve your highest score from key geography concepts to population, culture, cities and urban land use -- there is a lot of subject matter to know if you want to succeed on your AP Human Geography exam.

The targeted questions will prepare you for what you’ll see on test day, help you study more effectively, and use your review time wisely to achieve your best score. That’s why we’ve selected these 500 AP-style questions and answers that cover all topics found on this exam. You can use these questions to supplement your overall AP Human Geography preparation or run them shortly before the test.

Each question includes a concise, easy-to-follow explanation in the answer key.

A Sudden Silence

His guilt is compounded when he finds he is attracted to Bry’s crush, Chloe. Fast paced, suspenseful, grief, and meaningful, A Sudden Silence speaks about guilt, magnetic, and survival. School library journal   “bunting conveys a strong anti-alcoholism message through an intriguing detective story; Jesse’s search to understand what has occurred is realistically portrayed, and the novel ends with signs that he is beginning to accept his loss.

Publishers weekly   “the novel’s anti-alcohol message is unmistakable, but it doesn’t overwhelm the plot, which will capture teens with its brisk pacing and crisply sketched characters. Jesse harmon is tortured by guilt because he survived the hit-and-run accident that killed his deaf brother, Bry.

Together jesse and chloe try to track down the drunk driver who killed Bry—but discovering the driver’s identity leads to disturbing truths that could change their lives forever. A particularly good choice for reluctant readers. Booklist. The caldecott medal–winning author portrays a teenage boy’s battle with grief—and a devastating mystery—after his brother is killed by a drunk driver.


The Witch of Blackbird Pond

But kit’s friendship with hannah tupper, believed by the colonists to be a witch, proves more taboo than she could have imagined and ultimately forces Kit to choose between her heart and her duty. Torn between her quest for belonging and her desire to be true to herself, Kit struggles to survive in a hostile place.

Elizabeth george speare won the 1959 newbery Medal for this portrayal of a heroine whom readers will admire for her unwavering sense of truth as well as her infinite capacity to love. Alone and desperate, she has been forced to leave her beloved home on the island of Barbados and join a family she has never met.

Sixteen-year-old kit tyler is marked by suspicion and disapproval from the moment she arrives on the unfamiliar shores of colonial Connecticut in 1687. Just when it seems she must give up, she finds a kindred spirit.

Darius the Great Is Not Okay

Then darius meets Sohrab, the boy next door, and everything changes. Adib khorram’s brilliant debut is for anyone who’s ever felt not good enough—then met a friend who makes them feel so much better than okay. Sohrab calls him darioush—the original Persian version of his name—and Darius has never felt more like himself than he does now that he’s Darioush to Sohrab.

Morris debut award“Heartfelt, tender, and so utterly real. His clinical depression doesn’t exactly help matters, and trying to explain his medication to his grandparents only makes things harder. The homo sapiens agendadarius kellner speaks better Klingon than Farsi, and he knows more about Hobbit social cues than Persian ones.

Darius doesn't think he'll ever be enough, in America or in Iran. Soon, eating faludeh, they’re spending their days together, playing soccer, and talking for hours on a secret rooftop overlooking the city’s skyline. Hilarious and heartbreaking, this unforgettable debut introduces a brilliant new voice in contemporary YA.

Winner of the William C. I’d live in this book forever if I could. Becky albertalli, award-winning author of Simon vs. He’s a fractional persian—half, his mom’s side—and his first-ever trip to Iran is about to change his life.

The List

With the list, siobhan vivian deftly takes you into the lives of eight very different girls struggling with issues of identity, self-esteem, and the judgments of their peers. The girls who aren't picked are quickly forgotten. The remarkable new york times bestseller! It happens every year before homecoming -- the list is posted all over school.

Prettiest or ugliest, once you're on the list, you'll never be the same. The girls who are become the center of attention, and each reacts differently to the experience. Two girls are picked from each grade. One is named the prettiest, one the ugliest.

Reality Boy

Twelve years later, he's still haunted by his rage-filled youth--which the entire world got to watch from every imaginable angle--and his anger issues have resulted in violent outbursts, zero friends, and clueless adults dumping him in the special education room at school. In this fearless portrayal of a boy on the edge, highly acclaimed Printz Honor author A.

S. No one cares that gerald has tried to learn to control himself; they're all just waiting for him to snap. King explores the desperate reality of a former child "star" struggling to break free of his anger. Gerald faust started feeling angry even before his mother invited a reality TV crew into his five-year-old life.

And he's starting to feel dangerously close to doing just that. Until he chooses to create possibilities for himself that he never knew he deserved.