Second Sight: An Away From Keyboard Romantic Suspense Standalone

He's everything she shouldn’t want, shouldn’t need, shouldn’t trust. His captors took more than his sight. But she’s drawn to him. When they uncover a shocking secret, Dax must make a choice. Until one moment changes everything. Her life in chaos, she turns to Dax for protection. Stay broken? or risk his heart—and his life—for the woman who chases all his dark shadows away?Second Sight is a slow burn military romantic thriller.

They took his humanity. Six years later, he’s carved out an existence back in Boston. The most elite investigative firm in the country—built from the rubble of his former life—gives him purpose in a world he can no longer see. Evianna archer’s life makes sense. Special forces sergeant Dax Holloway crawled out of the Taliban's clutches barely alive.

Day after day. A brilliant coder, she’s poised to be the next darling of the tech world—heading up a project that will redefine home security. All books in the away from keyboard Series are standalone romances featuring a different couple, but past couples and characters play active roles in future books.

One dependent on routines. Through darkness and pain.

By Lethal Force: An Away From Keyboard Romantic Suspense Standalone

While there is no graphic description of sexual violence, sensitive readers should be aware of these themes before purchasing. He thought he was happy. Until one phone call turns his world upside down. On a humanitarian aid mission with Doctors Without Borders, Joey's taken, stolen away and forced to witness a world where women are property.

Her unique skills keep her worst nightmares from coming true, but with no possibility of escape and no one to look for her, she fears she'll soon disappear forever. Can ford find her before she loses all hope? Or will this be his final mission?By Lethal Force is the fifth book in the Away From Keyboard series.

. One mistake, and Ford lost the only woman he ever loved. Twenty years ago, Joey walked out of his life and into a nightmare. One that shattered her soul along with all hope of a normal life—the one she was supposed to have with Ford. After throwing himself into his career as a marine,  started Second Sight, Ford moved to Boston and, along with a blind, former Special Forces soldier, one of the most elite investigative and security companies in the world.

Each book can be read as a complete standalone, but characters from previous books do show up in future installments. Warning: this book contains dark themes, including references to human trafficking and sexual assault.

In Her Sights: An Away From Keyboard Romantic Suspense Standalone

A crazed stalker could end Inara's career. And her life. Elite sharpshooter Inara Ruzgani keeps her emotions locked away. Alone. Royce and inara aren't looking for love, but when their friends play matchmaker, a spark quickly ignites into an inferno. Two lost souls come together. The stakes couldn't be higher when inara's past catches up with her, and if she can't trust Royce with her heart, she'll lose everything in one pulse-pounding moment.

In her sights is the second book in the Away From Keyboard series of military romantic thrillers. Each book in the series can be read independently, as they each feature a different couple. Until her last mission when everything went wrong and her partner, West, almost died. The dead will haunt you…if you let them.

A stroke on the operating table leaves Royce Nadiri fighting to reclaim his life—or what's left of it. But he's making the best of a bad situation. However, past couples and characters play active roles in future books.

On His Six: An Away From Keyboard Romantic Suspense Standalone

He's beyond redemption. The years have taken their toll. Can ryker put his world back together?In the Special Forces, weakness isn't an option, but everyone has a breaking point. After eighteen months of torture in an Afghan prison, Ryker escaped Hell. Six years later, he can't find his way back, alone and lost, and people are counting on him.

Tough guys can't ask for help. And the nightmares are tearing him apart. Wren kane is a world-class hacker focused on one thing—fulfilling her brother's dying wish. She's alone, determined, and stubborn, despite the demons she battles every single day. A chance meeting brings wren and Ryker together, and she sees through his tough exterior to the pain he carries deep inside.

Will ryker let her in?you'll love this slow burn, dark military romance because there's something about a broken man that's unforgettable. Start reading now!warning: Contains mentions of illegal drug use and brief threats of sexual violence. Each book in this high-action and emotional romantic suspense series can be read as a standalone.


Call Sign: Redemption: An Away From Keyboard Romantic Suspense Standalone

Re demp tion: the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evilTrevor Moana can't escape his past as a CIA assassin. The kills haunt his dreams. But during the day, he can sometimes forget. His work at second Sight is a way to atone for his sins. To help those who can't help themselves. But when zara dahan contacts him out of the blue, Trevor can't keep his past where it belongs.

Trevor's darkness runs deep, and if he can't control it, Zara will pay the price.

Breaking His Code: An Away From Keyboard Romantic Suspense Standalone

Meet these former military heroes who'll show you just how steamy and heart-wrenching love can be. The fallen haunt his dreams. Camilla Delgado lives her nightmare. Or dating. And a navy seAL could steal her heart. And broken is beautiful. Breaking his code is a standalone military romantic suspense featuring the men and women of Hidden Agenda.

If he survives his next mission. A former navy seal, west Sampson can't escape the ghosts from his last mission. A hacker threatens her career. She doesn't do charming. Or anything but work. A seal never gives up, and West convinces Cam to give him one more shot. Caught between looming threats and the first stirrings of love, Cam and West have to face their fears, their pain, and their growing desire for one another or risk losing everything.

Sometimes, bravery is admitting you're broken. Wounded in the line of duty, she's trapped by her cane—and her scars. Cam and west forge a friendship through online gaming, but when West tries to take their relationship to the real world, Cam bolts.

Fighting For Valor: An Away From Keyboard Romantic Suspense Standalone

Who he was meant to be. Until the days his captor imprisoned Joey Taylor. Helping joey and her marine escape reminded Jackson of the man he used to be. For himself. As a member of the united states Special Forces, he fought alongside the bravest and most capable men he’d ever known. Then one mistake landed them all in Hell.

For six months, he fought. Shaped into a weapon for the wrong side, he’d forgotten who he once was. For the friends he thought he lost in Hell. Maybe then, he can take back his true name. Ripper. Warning: this book contains scenes of torture and implied sexual violence that may be disturbing to sensitive readers.

And for Cara. And now, he’ll fight. But one terrible day, his captors learned the full extent of his skills, and that sealed his fate. Tortured and broken in conditions that made Hell look like a five-star resort, Jackson Richards died, and Isaad was born. The woman with a secret he can’t ignore. If he’s strong enough, he’ll leave Isaad behind.

Under Pressure The IAD Agency Series Book 1

Closed off from his emotions, Jason's control is legendary. Tall, and deadly, dark, he is a man who lives by simple rules--kill the bad guys and protect the world. It's my go-to reread. Alexa riley, new york times, usa today, and #1 Amazon bestselling authorJason MacBain is the perfect agent. Amazon top 16 bestseller***"laurie roma is hands-down one of my favorite authors! I've read Under Pressure over a dozen times.

He has never believed in love and won't let anything get in the way of completing a mission. But all of that changes the night he meets Bella. Isabella moretti is a famous chef struggling to reclaim her life after barely surviving a vicious attack. As the pressure builds, bella is forced to trust him with her safety, but does she dare trust him with her heart?NOTE: This book was previously published but has been revised and extended.

When she meets jason, she's frightened by the passion he ignites within her. Yet nothing makes her feel safer than being in his arms. When her life is threatened, Jason will do whatever it takes to keep her safe and end the threat to her for good.

Beneath the Surface A Gray Ghost Novel Book 3

When the private plane carrying a secret weapon she and her boss are on is hijacked—her wait to be activated is finally over. Jack davis, ex-boyfriend and former Navy SEAL, is sent in. Russian sleeper agent, Hannah Miller has spent nine long years installed within America’s intelligence agencies. Aiding her could risk his career, but betraying her risks his heart.

When hannah is framed for murder, jack convinces her to work with him in a scheme that will reveal the true culprit, unmasking a corruption that has reached some of the highest levels of US government. When mounting evidence points to Hannah as a traitor, Jack must decide where to place his trust. His primary mission is to recover the secret weapon, but he refuses to leave Hannah behind—not when he still has feelings for her.


HOT SEAL Rescue HOT SEAL Team - Book 3

Abducted at gunpoint by a gorgeous woman… navy seal cody “cowboy” McCormick is in Las Vegas for a little R & R before his friend’s wedding when a beautiful blonde jams a gun in his side and abducts him from a casino in broad daylight. He could stop her, but he plays along because he’s intrigued—plus he’s convinced she’s in danger.

Cia agent miranda lockwood’s life is on the line when an undercover operation goes wrong. Miranda will have to fight harder than she’s ever fought for anything if she wants his forgiveness—but Cody’s not in a forgiving mood in spite of the sparks that still fly when he’s forced to team up with her again.

Little does she know when she sashays up to the biggest, baddest looking dude in the casino lobby that she’s kidnapping a Navy SEAL—or that she’ll be unable to resist his charm when he turns up the heat. When disaster strikes and they’re caught in the line of fire, Cody will do everything in his power to keep them both alive.

When the cia labels her a rogue agent, Miranda’s faith in everything she believes in is shaken to the core. But even though she’s forced to betray him, she can’t get over the SEAL who made her feel safe in his arms. Because if he doesn’t, he’ll never get to hold Miranda close again…. Cody’s the only one she can trust to help her find the traitor in the agency.


Hunt for Evil: An International Clandestine Enterprise Novel ICE Book 1

Meeting her will change his life…And she has no idea how much she needs the SEAL to change hers. When navy seal commander logan rodgers winds up on a botched mission in the Gulf of Oman, Olivia Hamilton, his quick action in saving MI6 asset, brings him to the attention of the international espionage arena.

Recruited by the mysterious and elite International Clandestine Enterprise ICE, Logan faces Olivia again, but this time they’re on the same team. Sparks fly as the two compete in a clash between skill and keen intellect, until a French girl is kidnapped by a suspected terrorist. Posing a married couple, steam erupts between the pair while Logan and Olivia dive deeper into an ISIS kidnapping ring.

If he fails, the woman he loves will be lost to him forever. And as logan races against time to save her, one thing ravages his soul. But when olivia becomes the kidnapper’s next victim, she enters a madman’s hell.