Shakespeare’s Spy Shakespeare Stealer, Book 3

In order to prove his innocence and clear his name, Widge must learn a new role: spy. But can he dig through the suspects and skulduggery and catch the true culprit? Things are disappearing mysteriously from Will Shakespeare's acting company, and it looks like an inside job. Widge knows better than anyone that Shakespeare's plays must be protected at all costs.

Everyone's eyes are on Widge, the orphan boy turned actor, and former thief.

Shakespeare's Scribe Shakespeare Stealer

Not only does he love the stage, but his knack for a unique shorthand has proven him one of the most valuable apprentices in the troupe. Widge, the orphan-turned-actor, knows that he'll be useful on the trip. When an outbreak of the deadly black Plague closes the Globe Theatre, William Shakespeare's acting troupe sets off on a tour of England.

But then a mysterious man appears, claiming to know a secret from Widge's past-a secret that may forever force him from the theatre he loves. An exciting, well-written tale that is sure to leave readers clamoring for more. School library Journal, starred review.

The Shakespeare Stealer

His fearsome master has just one demand: steal Shakespeare's play "Hamlet"--or else. Widge has no choice but to follow orders, so he works his way into the heart of the Globe Theatre, where Shakespeare's players perform. A delightful adveture full of humor and heart set in Elizabethan England!Widge is an orphan with a rare talent for shorthand.

As full of twists and turns as a London alleyway, colorful characters, villainy, this entertaining novel is rich in period details, and drama. A fast-moving historical novel that introduces an important era with casual familiarity. School library journal, starred review"readers will find much to like in Widge, and plenty to enjoy in this gleeful romp through olde England" --Kirkus Reviews "Excels in the lively depictions of Elizabethan stagecraft and street life.

Publishers weeklyAn ALA Notable Book Puffin.

The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Riddle of Ages The Mysterious Benedict Society 4

Puffin. In its triumphant return, the society encounters all new challenges, sweet camaraderie, hairsbreadth escapes, but the series' trademark sly humor, and mind-bending puzzles are all as engaging as ever. But with the arrival of a new society member -- and a new threat -- they must reunite to face dilemmas more dangerous than ever before, including the villainous Mr.

Curtain and a telepathic enemy tracking their every move, not to mention a dramatically preteen Constance. The brilliant and beloved gang from the New York Times bestselling series is back! The Mysterious Benedict Society is a modern classic, drawing comparisons to J. K. Some time has passed since the inimitable quartet of Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance have had a mission together.

Fans of the series will be thrilled to see the Society has grown up a little with them, while a new generation of readers will fall in love with these irresistible adventures. Rowling and roald dahl, named a time magazine "Best Young Adult Book of All Time, " and selling over three million copies.

Who Was William Shakespeare?

Young will left the town of stratford to pursue theater in London, where his work eventually thrived and made him a famous and wealthy man. With black-and-white illustrations that include a diagram of the famous Globe theater, Celeste Davidson Mannis puts together the pieces of Shakespeare's life and work for young readers.

Puffin. Grosset Dunlap. The beloved plays of shakespeare are still produced everywhere, yet the life of the world's most famous playwright remains largely a mystery.

Across Five Aprils

His brother, and his cousin, Eb, Tom, are both of fighting age. As jethro's family is pulled into the conflict between the North and the South, and their bonds are put to the test in this heart-wrenching, dreams are threatened, loyalties are divided, coming of age story. Drawing from family records and from stories told by her grandfather, in an uncommonly fine narrative, the author has, created living characters and vividly reconstructed a crucial period of history.

Booklist Puffin. Grosset Dunlap. The newbery award-winning author of up a road Slowly presents the unforgettable story of Jethro Creighton—a brave boy who comes of age during the turbulent years of the Civil War. In 1861, america is on the cusp of war, and young Jethro Creighton is just nine-years-old.

Ember Rising The Green Ember Series: Book 3

Puffin. A harrowing adventure inside enemy territory. Grosset Dunlap. Heather and picket are plunged into the darkness of Morbin's shadow, fighting to bear the flame of the cause and light the way for rabbitkind's upright insurrection.


T. Rufus, a twelve-year-old chess prodigy, is recruited by a shady showman named Maelzel to secretly operate a mechanical chess player called the Turk. And what has happened to the previous operators of the Turk, who seem to disappear as soon as Maelzel no longer needs them? Creeping suspense, plenty of mystery, and cameos from Edgar Allan Poe and P.

. Intrigue, danger, pa, chess, and a real-life hoax combine in this historical novel from the author of The Shakespeare StealerPhiladelphia, 1835. The turk wows ticket-paying audience members and players, who do not realize that Rufus, the true chess master, is hidden inside the contraption. Grosset Dunlap.

Puffin. But rufus’s job working the automaton must be kept secret, and he fears he may never be able to escape his unscrupulous master. Barnum mark gary Blackwood’s triumphant return to middle grade fiction.

The Green Ember The Green Ember Series: Book 1

Tyrants ascend and terrors threaten. Heather and picket are extraordinary rabbits with ordinary lives until calamitous events overtake them, spilling them into a cauldron of misadventures. Kings fall and kingdoms totter. Where will heather and Picket land? How will they make their stand? Puffin. Betrayal beckons, and loyalty is a broken road with peril around every bend.

Grosset Dunlap. They discover that their own story is bound up in the tumult threatening to overwhelm the wider world.

The Endless Steppe: Growing Up in Siberia

Note:now with new cover Puffin. Grosset Dunlap. In june 1941, the rudomin family is arrested by the Russians. But in the middle of hardship and oppression, the strength of their small family sustains them and gives them hope for the future. The first winner of the sydney taylor awards was Esther Hautzig's The Endless Steppe: Growing Up in Siberia, and 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of this powerful classic.

Their destination: the endless steppe of Siberia. For five years, working in the mines, weeding potato fields, Esther and her family live in exile, and struggling to stay alive. This is the remarkable true story of a family during one of the bleakest periods in history, a story that "radiates optimism and the resilience of the human spirit" Washington Post.

They are accused of being capitalists, “enemies of the people. Forced from their home and friends in Vilna, Poland, they are herded into crowded cattle cars.

The Merchant of Venice SparkNotes No Fear Shakespeare

Grosset Dunlap. Read shakespeare’s plays in all their brilliance—and understand what every word means!   Don’t be intimidated by Shakespeare! These popular guides make the Bard’s plays accessible and enjoyable. Each no fear guide contains:the complete text of the original playA line-by-line translation that puts the words into everyday languageA complete list of characters, with descriptionsPlenty of helpful commentary Puffin.

. Sparknotes.