Texas Lightning Texas Time Travel Book 1

But, there is that treasure…. Someone is trying to force him to sell his ranch by staging a string of damaging incidents. Jake’s been kept so busy making repairs that he can’t run his ranch. Unless, that is, she is in league with whoever is trying to drive him out of business. If an outsider weren’t trying to kill Jake as well as bankrupt him, perhaps he and Penny might be able to reach an agreement.

Jake gradually learns Penny is who she claims, no matter that time travel is supposed to be impossible. She is determined to send to jail the rustlers who believe they can steal what is hers… until she is caught spying on their dirty works and must ride for her life. Even if he were stupid enough to wish to sell, the ranch is so firmly entailed that no one can break the conditions.

How can two people from different eras own the same ranch? Penelope Jane Terry knows everything about ranching in spite of being a lone woman. What penny doesn’t count on is being hurtled over a 120 years into the future. Jake knight believes the attractive woman who stumbled into his home one rainy evening either has amnesia or is certifiably insane.

They’re locked into a clash that it seems only one of them can win.

Texas Rainbow Texas Time Travel Book 2

Eaves is on her way home when she decides to drive through Terry Springs and see where her newlywed friends will live after their honeymoon. She sits on her suitcases but tumbles down a small ravine. A strong man of honor …sheriff bart Knight is attracted to the gorgeous blond he rescues from the ravine on a spring day in 2018.

From her clothes to her speech, he recognizes immediately that she has time traveled from another era—but not the same one as Penny, his sister-in-law. Each of them is determined to make a positive difference but in a separate way. How can they solve their dilemmas and remain true to their hearts? She is under his protection so he can’t take advantage of her, no matter how much he’d like to or how seductive her charms.

A blowout leaves her stranded on a ranch road. He’s certain Ellie is Trouble with a capital T. A flat tire and a tumble change a life…Wealthy heiress Eleanore “Ellie” St.

Texas Storm Texas Time Travel Book 3

Darned if he’ll let the family rope him into their shenanigans. Soon, he isn’t so certain he wants to. Jeannie luttrell’s passion in life is piloting airplanes. When caleb knight sees a person struggling with a parachute on his cousin’s ranch, he knows what has happened. But, how can two strong-willed individuals who view the world differently build a relationship? Especially, now that they have the same enemy plotting against them?

Another woman has landed in the small part of a ravine that appears to be a time portal from the past. She doesn’t mind the low pay, long hours, or the fact that as a World War II Women’s Air Service Pilot WASP she has to pay her own expenses. No matter how hard he tries, Caleb can’t avoid Jeannie. He stops and takes the stranded pilot to his cousin’s home but then he plans to be uninvolved.

When she lands the wind drags her across the ground and into a small ravine where her head strikes a rock. When a faulty oil pressure line causes her P-51 Mustang’s engine to fail, she has to bail out during a storm. Twice before a woman has come forward in time at this spot.

In His Thoughts: Blemished Brides Book 5

Weak. But patrolling for poachers is fraught with danger, and he soon finds his future looking bleak. Assigned to a position in the newly formed Yellowstone National Park, life seems like it couldn't get any better. Strength of heart and mind are not always visible in outward appearances, but love and support can overcome the uncertainties of tomorrow.

This book contains mild violence, mild kissing, and situations of a character experiencing intense panic attacks and anxiety. Other books in the blemished brides series:in his eyesin his touchIn His ArmsIn His KissIn His ThoughtsRelated books:Emma: Bride of KentuckyYellowstone Dawn Yellowstone Romance Series, Book 4.

Without the support of family or friends, she is terrorized daily by fear and impending doom. When all seems dark, a glimmer of hope appears in the form of a retired soldier. Ben & clara wouldn't have chosen the circumstances that brought them together, but they soon discover their importance in rescuing each other.

You’ll never know the amount of strength it takes to face the world each day. Ben ferguson faces each day as it's handed to him. Worthless. Demon-possessed. Images of a blue-eyed guardian angel are the only thing he has to pull him from the edge of death.

Yellowstone Reflections: Yellowstone Romance Series Novella

Before he settles down, he must prove to himself that, despite being a novice time traveler from the 21st century, he can make it on his own in the Yellowstone wilderness of 1835. When he is abruptly left completely isolated in an unfamiliar vastness, he must dig deep within himself to find what it takes to survive and return to Sarah, his only reason for living.

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This is a 35, 000-word companion novella to Yellowstone RedemptionChase Russell knows where he belongs. Confident he will learn everything he needs to know from his trusted companion Elk Runner, Chase is surprised to discover through a vision that it is actually others who put their confidence in him. Both his heart and his mind will forever be with the woman he loves.


Daniel McClintock McClintocks Book 4

As she and Daniel work together, they become attracted. Daniel knows she’s the One if only he can convince her to remain in McClintock Falls. The local doctor learns of a new type of treatment developed in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Now, at twenty-two, she is one of the best heilgymnast in the new field of mechanotherapy.

On her arrival in mcclintock falls, she is surprised that the patient she thought would be a teenage boy is a very handsome man her age. A desperate man…two years ago Daniel McClintock was paralyzed from the waist down. Daniel can’t go there, so his family writes for a therapist trained in the new treatment to come to them.

A surprise arrives…Everyone is expecting a man when Clara Van Hoosan arrives. A compassionate woman…Clara Van Hoosan entered training when she finished school at sixteen. When her supervisor receives a request for someone to travel to Texas in America and help a patient, Clara is pleased to accept. He keeps books for the ranch and paints landscapes with sales donated to the church.

She tries to hide her feelings for him. She believes his is the normal attachment a patient feels toward a therapist and will fade once he’s healed. He is deeply discouraged and wonders if he is bound to live his life an invalid.

The Rancher's Perfect Bride Loving A Rancher Book 7

Callum will do whatever is necessary to protect his wife. Desperate to escape her stepfather’s threats, Zenobia Stanton becomes a mail-order bride in Montana. After a crash course in cooking before she leaves for Montana, she can only hope for the best. Callum mcfadden is eager to have a wife enrich his life.

She wants to be the perfect bride but she’s been raised with servants and restricted from learning anything useful. Until, that is, her stepfather’s henchmen enter the picture. He looks forward to good meals and a well-run household—and to a wife to cuddle at night. He’s a patient man and is willing to make allowances while his wife adjusts to ranch life.

He’s pleased that Zenobia is up to the challenges she meets.

Under A Mulberry Moon

Estellematthew's freedom by Cissie PattersonThe Lady Lassoes an Outlaw by Charlene Raddon. Adventure! mystery! romance! nine award-winning and bestselling authors present western historical stories ranging from sweet to sensual to ignite your imagination and feed your passion for reading. Let us sweep you away from your daily cares and entertain you with our sigh-worthy novellas set between 1865 and 1900

The following books are included:millwright's daughter by zina abbottworth the wait by patricia PacJac CarrollAda and the Texas Cavalryman Brides of Texas Code by Carra CopelinA Family For Merry by Caroline ClemmonsA Family For Polly by Jacquie RogersComes A Specter by Keta DiabloThe Widow Buys A Groom by P.

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Theresa Orlan Orphans Book 15

When he meets theresa, he proposes on the spot, and Theresa’s just sleep-deprived enough to accept—until Edna Petunia and Cletus intervene. She agrees that all their care will be provided by her, but nurturing the twins night and day quickly turns into far more work than she can handle, even with help from her family.

Will cody and theresa convince the sanders family that the love they have is true? Or will Cody pack up and ride off into the sunset, leaving Theresa lonely and overwhelmed? When theresa sanders finds newborn twins abandoned on the steps of the schoolhouse, Edna Petunia and Cletus, she begs her adoptive parents, to give them a home.

They don’t approve of a stranger marrying their daughter, and they believe Cody should move on to the next town. She loves them immediately and can’t bear the idea of losing them, though her parents think it’s time for her to find them more permanent homes. Cody witherspoon is a traveling insurance man who never expected to come away from a sales visit with a wife.


Mail Order Marshal: A Brides of Beckham Novel Silverpines Series Book 1

Alexzander sewell feels like he's in the wrong place in Beckham, Massachusetts. Can he find a way to be what betsy needs and spend time in the mountains? can betsy let go of her love for ike and learn to love her mail order husband? Can Alexzander compromise on his dream of disappearing into the mountains to be the man his wife needs? Can they bring the killer to justice or will a series of natural disasters not only spell the end of Silverpines but of their marriage, too? What's a woman to do when she orders up a Mail Order Marshall? *This book is a Brides of Beckham book and the first book in a new Mail Order Husband series called Silverpines.

Born and raised on ryder Mountain in Harlan, Kentucky, he longs for the mountains of his youth. What's a girl to do? the men of the town won't stand up to the outlaw and self-appointed marshal. When his mother moved the whole family to remarry, he became stuck in the town of Beckham. To add insult to injury, his killer takes over every part of Ike's life, his house, the job of marshal, and he even wants Betsy.

When he gives her two months to grieve, Betsy comes up with a desperate plan: contact Elizabeth Tandy and order up a husband who has experience as a lawman. Now his friends, the tandy's, offer him a chance to go west, all the way to the Rocky Mountains. The only catch: he must marry a woman in desperate need of a husband and a lawman.

Betsy pike's world comes crashing down when her fiancé, Silverpines' Town Marshal, is gunned down on the eve of their wedding.

Destiny Awaits: A Western Time Travel Romance The Destiny Series Book 3

But tess must convince stubborn joseph to make a place in his life for his two orphaned nieces if she has any hope of returning to the 21st century. Ms. Hoping to thwart the woman, tess agrees to take a look at her true fate and suddenly finds herself transported back in time to 1885 Kansas--right into the arms of the most intoxicating man she's ever met.

Rugged farmer joseph Maguire is used to living life his own way--quiet and alone. What tess doesn't count on is the longing she feels every time Joseph pulls her into his arms, or her growing attachment to two precious little girls who desperately need a mother. Unforgettable characters, believable stories of the outrageous, and laugh-out-loud humor.

Could this man--this family--be her true destiny? Elizabeth pens some of the best dialogue in the business. A little romancestranded in the past without a dollar to her nametechnology heiress contessa harper was born into a life of wealth and privilege, so when a strange little woman in pearls appears at her bedside, rambling on about fate and destiny, Tess is certain the lady has kidnapping and ransom on her mind.