The Book of Lost Tales 1The History of Middle-Earth, Vol. 1

The extraordinary history of middle-earth, edited by Christopher TolkienThe Book of Lost Tales stands at the beginning of the entire conception of Middle-earth and Valinor. A commentary and notes greatly enrich the quest. The daily telegraph“affords us an almost over-the-shoulder view into the evolving creative process and genius of J.

R. R. The superb, sensitive, and extremely helpful commentary and editing done by Christopher Tolkien make all of this possible. Mythlore Del rey Books. Embedded in english legend and english association, where elves dwelt; from them he learned their true history, they were set in the narrative frame of a great westward voyage over the Ocean by a mariner named Eriol or Ælfwine to Tol Eressëa, the Lonely Isle, the Lost Tales of Elfinesse.

. Tolkien in a new, exciting aspect. In the tales are found the earliest accounts and original ideas of Gods and Elves; Dwarves and Orcs; the Silmarils and the Two Trees of Valinor; Nargothrond and Gondolin; and the geography and cosmology of the invented world. Praise for book of lost tales 1“In these tales we have the scholar joyously gamboling in the thickets of his imagination.

The Book of Lost Tales, Part Two The History of Middle-Earth, Vol. 2

Tolkien devotees will no doubt rejoice. Christopher tolkien shows himself to be his father’s son, delving into the question of Elvish genealogies. Also included is extensive information on the names and vocabulary in the earliest Elvish languages. He gives the reader histories of each character’s name as it evolved in the course of Tolkien’s revisions.

The new york times book reviewthis fascinating second part of the Book of Lost Tales features the tales of Beren and Lúthien, Túrin and the Dragon, and the only full narratives of the Necklace of the Dwarves and the Fall of Gondolin. Essential reading for Middle-earth aficionados, each tale is followed by commentary from editor Christopher Tolkien.

The tales will be appreciated by those who have read the Silmarillion and wish to examine how Tolkien improved his story and style from their original form, and how eventually The Lord of the Rings came to stand independently with only a few hints from the early mythology. British book News Del rey Books.


The Shaping of Middle-Earth: The Quenta, the Ambarkanta and the Annals The History of Middle-Earth, Vol. 4

Writings include a chronology of the events in Beleriand, the first Silmarillion map, and the only known description of the physical nature of Middle-earth's universe. R. Detailed annotations highlight changes ranging from the spelling of Elvish names to pivotal emendations whose effects reach even to the war of the ring.

The shaping of middle-earth presents a solid framework by which to trace the development of the early lore of Middle-earth. R. Del rey Books. Poems and prose, maps and chronologies, detours and diversions along the road to Middle-earth. Christopher tolkien has gathered archival materials that his late father, J.

Tolkien, used to create the world and the history behind his classic stories. This fourth volume of the history of Middle-earth presents early versions of those first tales, from the creation myth to the fall of Morgoth. It is a truly indispensable reference work for those familiar with the history of that endlessly beloved land--and fascinating reading for those just entering that world.


The Lost Road and Other Writings The History of Middle-Earth, Vol. 5

Tolkien and C. S. Tolkien’s unfinished story “the lost Road” chronicles the original destruction of Númenor, a pivotal event of the Second Age of Middle-earth. Del rey Books. Lewis embarked on a challenge. Lewis was to write on “space-travel” and Tolkien on “time-travel. Lewis’s novel out of the Silent Planet became the first book of a science fiction trilogy.

R. In this intriguing volume, christopher tolkien traces the vivid history of Middle-earth, bringing the land—its topography and ever-clashing forces—to the state readers recognize from The Lord of the Rings. Language amd Legend before The Lord of the Rings. Entertaining and informative, the Lost Road and Other Writings shares fresh insights into the evolution of one of the world’s most enduring fantasies.

The glorious history of how middle-earth would change—and become the world readers recognize in The Lord of the RingsAs friends and fellow members of the literary circle known as The Inklings, J. R.

Unfinished Tales: The Lost Lore of Middle-earth

But turin lived under the curse of a hateful dragon—and the lord’s  secret identity hid more than he knew. The second ageprince aldarion’s heart belonged to Erendis, but his passion lay with the ocean, and the great ships that sailed beyond the sight of the land. Mythic lore and forgotten legends unearthed by Christopher Tolkien from his father's archives unveil never-before-told stories of the three ages of ancient Middle-earth.

The first ageyoung lord turin fled from morgoth’s forces, wandering in disguise as an outlaw until he could avenge his people against the evil that had razed his home. Del rey Books. But isildur would learn the burden of a ringbearer—and of its temptation and despair. But no man could serve two mistresses—and no mortal’s love could withstand the lure of the sea.

The third agethe great warrior isildur escaped with the One Ring, cut from the Dark Lord Sauron’s hand, to hide it from Evil’s grasp. Language amd Legend before The Lord of the Rings. An extraordinary discovery is waiting for you on these pages.

Morgoth's Ring History of Middle-Earth, Vol. 10

Language amd Legend before The Lord of the Rings. The second part of this history of the later Silmarillion is concerned with developments in the legends of Beleriand after the completion of The Lord of the Rings. The first of two companion volumes which documents the later writing of The Silmarillion, Tolkien's epic tale of war.

After the the lord of the rings was at last achieved, J R R Tolkien turned his attention once again to 'the Matter of the Elder Days'. Del rey Books. The text of the annals of aman, and as the destinies of men and elves, portending upheaval in the old narratives, the 'Blessed Land' in the far West, ecame of central significance, as new and radical ideas, emerged at the heart of the mythology, mortals and immortals, is given in full; while in writings hitherto unknown is seen the nature of the problems that Tolkien explored in his later years, together with a vastly enlarged perception of the evil of Melkor, the Shadow upon Arda.

Harper collins publishers.

Unfinished Tales of Númenor and Middle-earth

Harper collins publishers. Anderson, author of The Annotated Hobbit Del rey Books. Language amd Legend before The Lord of the Rings. The tone is heroic, both the heroes and the villains greater than life-size. New york times book review unfinished tales of númenor and middle-earth concentrates on the lands of middle-earth and comprises Gandalf's lively account of how he came to send the Dwarves to the celebrated party at Bag-End, the story of the emergence of the sea god Ulmo before the eyes of Tuor on the coast of Beleriand, and an exact description of the military organization of the Riders of Rohan and the journey of the Black Riders during the hunt for the Ring.

. Mariner Books. It also contains the only surviving story about the long ages of Númenor before its downfall, and all that is known about the Five Wizards sent to Middle-earth as emissaries of the Valar, about the Seeing Stones known as palantíri, and about the legend of Amroth. Edited and with an introduction, index, commentary, and maps by Christopher Tolkien.

An indispensable volume illuminating many unknown stories and details of Middle-earth unavailable elsewhere. Douglas A.

Beren and Lúthien

Always key to the story is the fate that shadowed their love: Beren was a mortal man, Lúthien an immortal Elf. New york times bestseller “a good introduction to lotr fans nervous about taking on The Silmarillion,  and also gives longtime fans a fascinating look at the Tolkiens’ myth-making process.

EntertainmentWeekly. Com  “a beautiful book. San antonio express-news “with eloquence and diligence and care, the son reconstructs and retraces the father’s journey, pursuing the tale through draft after draft as Tolkien pursued his vision of Middle-earth. Npr. Org   the epic tale of beren and lúthien became an essential element in the evolution of The Silmarillion, the myths and legends of J.

R. R. Language amd Legend before The Lord of the Rings. Her father, a great elvish lord, melkor, imposed on Beren an impossible task before he might wed Lúthien: to rob the greatest of all evil beings, of a Silmaril. Tolkien’s First Age of the World. Harper collins publishers. Mariner Books.

The Return of the Shadow: The History of The Lord of the Rings, Part One The History of Middle-Earth, Vol. 6

The story in this book ends at the point where J. R. R. The character of the hobbit called trotter afterwards Strider or Aragorn is developed while his indentity remains an absolute puzzle, and the suspicion only very slowly becomes certainty that he must after all be a Man. In the return of the shadow an abandoned title for the first volume Christopher Tolkien describes, outline plans, and narrative drafts, with full citation of the earliest notes, the intricate evolution of The Fellowship of the Ring and the gradual emergence of the conceptions that transformed what J.

R. R. Tolkien halted in the story for a long time, still lacking Legolas and Gimli, as the Company of the Ring, stood before the tomb of Balin in the Mines of Moria. Language amd Legend before The Lord of the Rings. In this sixth volume of The History of Middle-earth the story reaches The Lord of the Rings. The hobbits, frodo's companions, undergo intricate permutations of name and personality, in league with the Enemy, and other major figures appear in strange modes: a sinister Treebeard, a ferocious and malevolent Farmer Maggot.

Tolkien for long believed would be a far shorter book, 'a sequel to The Hobbit'. The return of the shadow is illustrated with reproductions of the first maps and notable pages from the earliest manuscripts. Harper collins publishers.

The Treason of Isengard: The History of The Lord of the Rings, Part Two The History of Middle-Earth, Vol. 7

An appendix describes the runic alphabets of the time, with illustrations of the forms and an analysis of the Runes used in the Book of Mazarbul found beside Balin's tomb in Moria. Mariner Books. Language amd Legend before The Lord of the Rings. Tolkien introduces us to lothlorien, the Riders of Rohan, land of the elves, where we meet the Ents, and Saruman the White in the fortress of Isengard.

Del rey Books. Conceptions of what lay ahead dissolve as the story takes its own paths, as in the account of the capture of Frodo and his rescue by Sam Gamgee from Minas Morgul, written long before J. R. R. Tolkien actually reached that point in the writing of The Lord of the Rings. In brief outlines and penciled drafts dashed down on scraps of paper are the first entry of Galadriel; the earliest ides of the history of Gondor; and the original meeting of Aragorn with Eowyn, its significance destined to be wholly transformed.

A chief feature of the book is a full account of the original Map, with drawings of successive phases, which was long the basis and accompaniment of the emerging geography of Middle-earth. This book follows the long halt in the darkness of the Mines of Moria which ended The Return of the Shadow and traces the tale into new lands south and east of the Misty Mountains.

The treason of isengard is the seventh volume in Christopher Tolkien's History of Middle-earth and the second in his account of the evolution of The Lord of the Rings.

The War of the Ring: The History of The Lord of the Rings, Part Three The History of Middle-Earth, Vol. 8

Then comes the war in gondor, and the book ends with the parley between Gandalf and the ambassador of the Dark Lord before the Black Gate of Mordor. Language amd Legend before The Lord of the Rings. In the war of the ring christopher tolkien takes up the story of the writing of The Lord of the Rings with the Battle of Helm's Deep and the drowning of Isengard by the Ents.

Mariner Books. Harper collins publishers. Tolkien said that 'it will probably work out very differently from this plan when it really gets written, its nature as unknown to the author as to those who saw it fall, or the entry of Faramir into the story 'I am sure I did not invent him, though I like him, as the thing seems to write itself once it gets going'; and in The War of the Ring totally unforeseen developmenst that would become central to the narrative are seen at the moment of their emergence: the palantir bursting into fragments on the stairs of Orthanc, but there he came walking into the woods of Ithilien'.

The book is illustrated with plans and drawings of the changing conceptions of Orthanc, Dunharrow, Minas Tirith and the tunnels of Shelob's Lair. In describing his intentions for The Return of the King J. R. R. Del rey Books. Tolkien wrote at the time: 'i have got the hero into such a fix that not even an author will be able to extricate him without labour and difficulty'.