The Devil’s Magician The Vatican Knights Book 14

After kimball hayden walked away from the church months before, he is summarily called to duty by Vatican principals to rescue his team. Peter’s basilica to make it whole again. He is the priest who is not a priest. He’s an angel to some and a demon to others. But in the middle East he is known by another name:.

. But as kimball works in the dark to serve the Light, he discovers the truth behind the ambush and follows the trail of the betraying source directly to the Vatican. The devil’s Magician. But having been ambushed and taken hostage themselves, only one man can bring them out. It’s said that when the world isn’t right, a man steps out of the shadows of St.

. When a cardinal is taken captive by an ISIS faction in Damascus, a team of Vatican Knights is dispatched to secure the cardinal’s release.

The Barbed Crown The Vatican Knights Book 13

But as time moves on and a relationship grows to the point where two people learn what they are capable of, an SS guard who falls in love with a Jewish girl, Frederic Becher, lays the groundwork for the creation of one of the most formidable forces in the world—the juggernaut that would eventually become the Vatican Knights.

This is an Origins novel. The stacks are constantly smoking, bodies are swinging from the gallows for days on end, and murder becomes a sport. Please note: this is an origins novelin auschwitz-birkenau in 1943, a place where ashes rain down on a daily basis to cover the ground with a mantle of gray, a rebel force of Jews band together in a fight for survival.

A young jewish woman from warsaw and an SS guard lean on one another inside the death camp where violence is the norm with brutal slayings and summary executions occurring daily.

The Nocturnal Saints The Vatican Knights Book 15

But when the investigation suggests that the pope may be a target, Kimball Hayden suddenly finds himself within the crosshairs, the Nocturnal Saints learn that they must go through the Vatican Knights to achieve their agenda. So when special agent shari cohen of the fbi is called to track down this faceless enemy, she’s joined by the Vatican Knights who have been dispatched by the pontiff to counteract the order.

In washington, D. C. Three priests have been murdered and mutilated with their corpses hanging upside-down in mock crucifixion. The only indicator as to the culprit is a 500-year-old order known as the Nocturnal Saints, an underground faction that had been borne from the Protestant Reformation and acts as judge, jury and executioner against those deemed to be in contradiction of old-time traditions.


Sinners and Saints The Vatican Knights Book 12

Eighty kilometers from the austrian border, a young girl becomes the key that controls the will of the man with the power to create and destroy. In the mountainous regions of Switzerland, a hostile force from a pariah regime attempts to extract a scientist from a fast-moving train. Kimball hayden, lead commander of the Vatican Knights, has been asked by the Vatican to retrieve a mysterious guest from Zurich and to escort him back to Rome by train.

Now, kimball hayden must become a sinner or a saint to achieve the means, with the lives of more than 400 innocent people onboard the express, and in the process must choose between damnation and salvation. Even though the mysterious stranger tries to direct him, Kimball has an agenda of his own. In geneva, a highly valued product with the power to cause major destruction is stolen from The CERN.

Onboard the train, kimball finds himself unwittingly caught up in the mix of an operation known as Scepter's Rule.

Original Sins The Vatican Knights Book 18

When kimball hayden is deemed expendable by his peers, rick jones weaves a tale of one man’s fall from grace, a rise to redemption, will the Vatican interfere and offer him a way to the Light? Or will Kimball continue his path to Darkness and fall victim to those who wish him dead? From the bestselling author of the Vatican Knights series, and a journey of rediscovery.

Watching from the shadows, however, are the elite commandos of the Vatican Knights. But as kimball hayden begins to see the negative cost of his actions, he slowly becomes the prey to a predator with absolute power. In a washington, D. C. Inside the vatican, a cardinal receives spiritual insight about a deadly killer.

Before kimball hayden became a vatican knight, he was the commander of the Pieces of Eight, a kill squad that worked as part of a black-arm force of the CIA. But when he begins to question the morality of his actions and the motives of his superiors, he is placed within the crosshairs by high-end principals who want to see him dead.

He kills with impunity and acts with the cold fortitude of a machine. Suburb, a family is executed by a government assassin. While flying at an altitude of 10, 000 feet, an editor of a newspaper is murdered. In the middle of the night as a bus leaves Washington, D.

Targeted Killing The Vatican Knights Book 11

Malta is on the brink of disaster. In malta, kimball hayden becomes the subject of a ‘targeted killing, while on retreat, ’ and soon finds himself on the run from a CIA liquidation squad. And kimball hayden is running out of time as an elite paramilitary unit hunts him down. But there’s another secret involved, a mission that was created to kill hundreds in order to promote a CIA agenda.

But when a leading political principal involved with the senator’s murder discovers that Kimball Hayden is alive and under the protection of the Vatican, he’s immediately seen as a threat to a certain few on Capitol Hill regarding the sanctioned hit on the senator, and those involved. After the ordered assassination on a United States senator by a cabal within the U.

S. Command, kimball is set up for failure and is believed dead by the Pentagon Brass. The clock is ticking. As the special activities division closes in to neutralize their target to keep secrets safe, the Vatican Knights are called upon to save one of their own. Long before kimball hayden became a Vatican Knight, he once served as an elite assassin for the United States government.


The Brimstone Diaries The Vatican Knights Book 16

After a sacred tome written by saint peter is stolen from the Vatican’s Secret Archives, people around the world begin to die at the hands of a madman once the secrets of The Brimstone Diaries are unveiled. In rome, a terrorist faction has quietly breached the ranks of the Vatican hierarchy. With kimball hayden and the vatican knights working on two fronts trying to protect the secrets of The Brimstone Diaries and the Vatican, great evils will rise on both sides that may be too much for the Vatican Knights in what could be their swansong mission.

As the conspiracy within the ranks begin to materialize, the greatest threat to the Vatican State is about to commence with Vatican City caught dead-center within the crosshairs of total annihilation.

The Golgotha Pursuit The Vatican Knights Book 10

After the march on the vatican by the Islamic State, the radical group begins its push deeper into the European and American Fronts. So when the vatican knights are called to retrieve the artifact before the weapons’ exchange can take place, the team quickly finds themselves up against an elite paramilitary group.

But can the vatican knights retrieve the true cross in time and return it to the vault above Golgotha Hill? Or will the Islamic State finally get a stranglehold on the American and European states. And bring the continents to their knees? But when the true cross—the wooden remnants of the cross jesus was crucified upon and the holiest of all relics—is stolen from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre by the Islamic State, it becomes clear that the relic is to be bartered to an arms dealer for weapons so devastating that Europe and the United States could be rocked to their very foundations.


CABAL The Vatican Knights Book 9

Having been marked for extraction by the vatican Knights, a cabal of ruthless killers from the Islamic State cripples all attempts of safe passage and gives chase across a desert landscape that’s completely ruled by scorpions and snakes. But as isis marches on rome and vatican city, finds himself divided by saving the lives of the children and the life of the pontiff, the fulcrum between sinner and saint, Kimball Hayden, with little chance of preserving both.

With little options and less hope, the Vatican Knights quickly discover that they’re in possession of a precious cargo: a young boy by the name of Farid. In an abandoned church deep inside the Syrian Desert, Father Jenkins watches over a group of children who’d been orphaned by war and unrest. As kimball hayden and the vatican knights fight to preserve the lives they protect, another ISIS team marches on the Vatican to take out the highest and most sacred seat in the land.


Dark Advent The Vatican Knights series Book 8

That every legend has a beginning. Growing up with a sheltering mother and a belligerent father, Kimball Hayden’s young life goes from one of innocence to the depths of chaos. But then the gangster prince quickly discovers that he may have overstepped his boundaries at the approach of an unstoppable force, he realizes one thing:.

It is dark and ugly and exists with the cold fortitude of a machine. His family is placed within the crosshairs, friends go missing or are found dead, all messages from the Gangster Prince. But when kimball’s world shatters and grieves a great loss, the sleeping giant within him awakens. When a vicious syndicate of murderers and extortionists begin to run the streets, Kimball soon becomes the focal point of their attention.

And it will define kimball as a dark savior for the rest of his life, choosing damnation over salvation to protect those who cannot protect themselves. It rises and walks a fine line between the Darkness and Light.

Juggernaut Vatican Knights Book 17

But as allawi’s troops draw closer to shari cohen, so that the woman he loves is protected at all costs, the priest who is not a priest must once again work in the Dark to serve the Light, even if the cost is his own life. But when he learns that shari cohen’s assassin is on the loose, he embarks on a trip of rediscovery that unites him with the woman he loves.

In a battle with everything at stake—love, life, future—will Kimball Hayden finally find peace against such overwhelming odds? Or will this be his final mission as a Vatican Knight? Juggernaut: a massive unstoppable force, movement, campaign, or object that crushes whatever is in its path. Kimball hayden: juggernautin virginia, a blacksite facility is assaulted with military sophistication to free a homegrown terrorist who once attempted to assassinate FBI Specialist Shari Cohen.

The stock markets begin to tumble, financial institutes are on the verge of declaring a ‘bank holiday, ’ and the American psyche hasn’t been this fragile since 9/11. In rome, kimball hayden’s demons are at their worst, the man becoming a shell of his former self. As kimball and shari form a bond to hunt down her aggressor who keeps America on the brink, they also begin to discover each other.

Within days, two of America’s most iconic symbols of freedom are razed. When it’s discovered that the assassin is plotting operation herod—a mission so terrible it could cripple the United States—the man behind the undertaking, has also set his sights on Shari Cohen with plans to finish what he started years ago, Mohammad Allawi, by seeing her dead.

For mohammad allawi to get to her, however, his highly trained unit must fight their way through the Vatican Knights most esteemed juggernaut known as Kimball Hayden.