The Kinks – State Of Confusion

Universal. The kinks were still riding high on a resurgence of popularity that started in the late '70s, when this release hit the streets. The album opens with several big-fisted guitar chord numbers, which translated perfectly to the arenas they were then playing regularly. Uk edition of this 1983 album from the British Rock institution.


Give The People What They Want - The Kinks

Brand new unplayed.

Word Of Mouth - The Kinks

The rich, 'good day' and 'summer's gone', warm production is perfectly suited to some of Ray Davies' finest songs, while 'Too Hot' would have sounded right at home on Muswell Hilbillies. For anyone skeptical about The Kinks post-'70s output, this album will be a revelation. Sold me out' out-Stones the Rolling Stones.

. Uk edition of this 1984 album from the British Rock institution. Universal.

The Kinks - Sleepwalker

Universal. This reissue is complemented with some great unreleased material including a B-side that would otherwise be completely lost. Uk edition of this 1977 album from the British Rock institution. The song in question, 'prince of the punks', not only boasts an energetic melody, but also features a magnificent set of lyrics dealing with the Punk 'revolution'.


The Kinks - Misfits

All of these personages, which had always been popular with Ray, make an almost 'ensemble appearance' here. Features 'rock & roll fantasy', 'Live Life' and 'Hay Fever'. To ray davies' credit, he does not shy from addressing his increasing irrelevance on this deeply flawed but compelling confessional. Shrink-wrapped.

Universal. Misfits is all about the little man and the outcast: nerds with ridiculous psychological problems, sick people, self-isolated rock junkies, transvestites, prejudiced middle-class workers scared to death by disastrous social changes. The title is an apt summary of his painfully acute self-awareness.

. Digitally remastered edition of this 1978 album from the British Rock institution.

The Kinks - One For The Road

The kinks' live albums present a compelling portrait of the band across the decades, and this one stands up nicely alongside both Live Kinks and Everybody's in Showbiz. Capturing an era when the kinks reclaimed their sleek muscularity, leaving behind the theatrics that had been a feature of their act in the first half of the '70s.

. Shrink-wrapped. Universal. Shrink-wrapped. They easily mix newer numbers 'attitude', 'Misfits' with vintage chestnuts 'David Watts', 'Victoria', 'Superman', 'Stop your Sobbing'. Uk edition of this 1980 live album from the British Rock institution.

Low Budget

Japanese SHM-CD pressing. 2012. Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Universal.

The Kinks - Schoolboys In Disgrace

Flash'. Uk edition of this 1975 album from the British Rock institution. As usual, the melodies approach classic status. This was the kinks' 11th concept album and third rock opera in a row, this time built around a story of a certain 'naughty schoolboy' who was punished by the headmaster for his conduct, after which he became a hard and cruel person and 'grew up into Mr.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. Universal.


The original double-lp everybody's in show-biz contained a complete studio album which premiered the all-time Kinks classic "Celluloid Heroes" among other tracks and a live disc chronicling The Kinks' Carnegie Hall appearance in March 1972. The new legacy edition of everybody's in show-biz includes the original double album in its entirety alongside a third LP with previously unissued studio sessions outtakes recorded for the album in 1972 and live material recorded March 2-3, 1972 during The Kinks' triumphant Carnegie Hall concert run.

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. First released in august 1972, everybody's in show-biz was The Kinks' tenth studio album, arriving within a year of the acclaimed Muswell Hillbillies the group's debut album for RCA Records.

The Kinks - Preservation Act 1

Shrink-wrapped. Shrink-wrapped. More recent reviews of Preservation: Act 1 have been more sympathetic to it's ambitions. Digitally remastered edition of this 1973 album from the British Rock legends. Many hardcore kinks fans were alienated by Ray Davies' melodramatic songwriting during the Preservation project era, resulting in albums that played more like the soundtracks to a piece of musical theatre than rock albums.

. The cd reissue of preservation: act 1 includes the single versions of "Preservation" and "One of the Survivors", neither of which are available on the original vinyl release. In particular, all music's stephen thomas Erlewine has declared "Sweet Lady Genevieve" to be the "real candidate for Davies' forgotten masterpiece".


A Soap Opera - The Kinks

Shrink-wrapped. Uk edition of this 1975 album from the British Rock institution. Soap opera was regarded as Rock 'n' Roll theater at it's most charmingly absurd. The band, who viewed the project as a Ray Davies vehicle, wondered aloud if it would be their last recording together. Out of this strife, however, emerged one of The Kinks' more eccentric and accomplished records - due in no small part to Ray's genius.

Shrink-wrapped. Universal.