The Red Web: The Kremlin’s Wars on the Internet

In this bold, updated edition, andrei soldatov and irina borogan offer a perspective from Moscow with new and previously unreported details of the 2016 hacking operation, telling the story of how Russia came to embrace the disruptive potential of the web and interfere with democracy around the world.

Only four years later, the kremlin used that same platform to disrupt the 2016 presidential election in the United States. With important new revelations into the Russian hacking of the 2016 Presidential campaigns"Andrei Soldatov is the single most prominent critic of Russia's surveillance apparatus. Edward snowdenafter the moscow protests in 2011-2012, Vladimir Putin became terrified of the internet as a dangerous means for political mobilization and uncensored public debate.

How did this transformation happen?the red Web is a groundbreaking history of the Kremlin's massive online-surveillance state that exposes just how easily the internet can become the means for repression, control, and geopolitical warfare.

The Invention of Russia: The Rise of Putin and the Age of Fake News

How did a country that embraced freedom and market reform 25 years ago end up as an autocratic police state bent once again on confrontation with America? A winner of the Orwell Prize, The Invention of Russia reaches back to the darkest days of the cold war to tell the story of Russia's stealthy and largely unchronicled counter revolution.

A highly regarded moscow correspondent for the Economist, Arkady Ostrovsky comes to this story both as a participant and a foreign correspondent. Putin pioneered a new form of demagogic populism --oblivious to facts and aggressively nationalistic - that has now been embraced by Donald Trump. His knowledge of many of the key players allows him to explain the phenomenon of Valdimir Putin - his rise and astonishing longevity, his use of hybrid warfare and the alarming crescendo of his military interventions.

In his new paperback preface, the trump putin access, Ostrovsky will explore how Putin influenced the US election, and will consider how Putin's methods - weaponizing the media and serving up fake news - came to enter American politics. One of putin's first acts was to reverse Gorbachev's decision to end media censorship and Ostrovsky argues that the Russian media has done more to shape the fate of the country than its politicians.

Winner of the orwell prizewinner of the cornelius ryan award finalist for the lionel gelber prize financial times book of the year “fast-paced and excellently written…much needed, dispassionate and eminently readable. New york times “Filled with sparkling prose and deep analysis. The wall street journalthe breakup of the soviet Union was a time of optimism around the world, but Russia today is actively involved in subversive information warfare, manipulating the media to destabilize its enemies.

The New Nobility: The Restoration of Russia's Security State and the Enduring Legacy of the KGB

In this riveting investigation, violently powerful force that is inextricably woven into modern Russia's fundamental makeup, two intrepid journalists penetrate the secret world of the FSB and illustrate how the security services have evolved into a ruthless, and has become more shadowy than its predecessor, the Soviet KGB.

. The security services have played a central—and often mysterious—role at key turning points in Russia during the tumultuous years following the Soviet collapse: from the Moscow apartment house bombings and theater siege, to the war in Chechnya and the Beslan school massacre. Used book in Good Condition.


All the Kremlin's Men: Inside the Court of Vladimir Putin

Based on an unprecedented series of interviews with Vladimir Putin's inner circle, this book presents a radically different view of power and politics in Russia. Used book in Good Condition. The image of Putin as a strongman is dissolved. The tenuous edifice is filled with all of the intrigue and plotting of a Medici court, as enemies of the state are invented and wars begun to justify personal gains, internal rivalries, or one faction's biased advantage.

A bestseller in russia, all the kremlin's Men is a shocking revisionist portrait of the Putin era and a dazzling reconstruction of the machinations of courtiers running riot. An extraordinary behind-the-scenes portrait of the court of Vladimir Putin, the oligarchs that surround it, and the many moods of modern Russia that reads like a "real House of Cards"Lev Lurie.

All the kremlin's men is a gripping narrative of an accidental king and a court out of control. In its place is a weary figurehead buffeted--if not controlled--by the men who at once advise and deceive him. The regional governors and bureaucratic leaders are immovable objects, far more powerful in their fiefdoms than the president himself.

So are the gatekeepers-those officials who guard the pathways to power-on whom Putin depends as much as they rely on him.

Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible: The Surreal Heart of the New Russia

A journey into the glittering, where even dictatorship is a reality showprofessional killers with the souls of artists, would-be theater directors turned Kremlin puppet-masters, suicidal supermodels, Hell's Angels who hallucinate themselves as holy warriors, surreal heart of 21st century Russia, and oligarch revolutionaries: welcome to the wild and bizarre heart of twenty-first-century Russia.

He is brought to smoky rooms for meetings with propaganda gurus running the nerve-center of the Russian media machine, and visits Siberian mafia-towns and the salons of the international super-rich in London and the US. As the putin regime becomes more aggressive, Pomerantsev finds himself drawn further into the system.

Dazzling yet piercingly insightful, Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible is an unforgettable voyage into a country spinning from decadence into madness. It is a world erupting with new money and new power, changing so fast it breaks all sense of reality, home to a form of dictatorship-far subtler than twentieth-century strains-that is rapidly rising to challenge the West.

When british producer peter pomerantsev plunges into the booming Russian TV industry, he gains access to every nook and corrupt cranny of the country. Used book in Good Condition. Nothing is true and everything Is Possible The Surreal Heart of the New Russia.

The Code of Putinism

Nothing is true and everything Is Possible The Surreal Heart of the New Russia. Used book in Good Condition. The code of putinism has powerfully shaped the nature of Russia's political system, its economy, and its foreign policy. It explains not only the thoughts and ideas that motivate Putin's decisions, but also the set of emotions and habits that influence how Putin and his close allies view the world.

What is vladimir putin up to? this book shows how the mentality of Putin and his team - the code of Putinism - has shaped Russian politics over the past two decades. While some observers portray putin as either a cold-blooded pragmatist or a strident Russian nationalist, Taylor provides a more nuanced and compelling interpretation of Putin's motives and actions.

. Key features of russian politics today -- such as authoritarianism, state domination of the economy, Putin's reliance on a small group of loyal friends and associates, and an assertive foreign policy - are traced to the code of Putinism. The code of putinism also shows how Putin's choices, guided by this mentality, have led to a Russia that is misruled at home and punching above its weight abroad.

Important feelings driving Russia's rulers include the need for respect, resentment about lost status and mistreatment by the West, and vulnerability. Key ideas of the code include conservatism, anti-Americanism, and the importance of a state that is powerful both at home and abroad. Taylor draws on a large number of interviews, the speeches of Putin and other top officials, and the Russian media to analyze the mentality of Team Putin.

Dominant habits of Putin and his associates include control, order, and loyalty.

The Limits of Partnership: U.S.-Russian Relations in the Twenty-First Century - Updated Edition

It reflects the unique perspective of an insider who is also recognized as a leading expert on this troubled relationship. Nothing is true and everything Is Possible The Surreal Heart of the New Russia. Used book in Good Condition. American presidents have repeatedly attempted to forge a strong and productive partnership only to be held hostage to the deep mistrust born of the Cold War.

Stent vividly describes how clinton and bush sought inroads with russia and staked much on their personal ties to Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin--only to leave office with relations at a low point--and how Barack Obama managed to restore ties only to see them undermined by a Putin regime resentful of American dominance and determined to restore Russia's great power status.

Why has it been so difficult to move the relationship forward? what are the prospects for doing so in the future? Is the effort doomed to fail again and again? What are the risks of a new Cold War? Angela Stent served as an adviser on Russia under Bill Clinton and George W. The limits of Partnership is a riveting narrative about U.

S. Russian relations from the Soviet collapse through the Ukraine crisis and the difficult challenges ahead. For the united states, russia remains a priority because of its nuclear weapons arsenal, its strategic location bordering Europe and Asia, and its ability to support--or thwart--American interests.

The limits of partnership calls for a fundamental reassessment of the principles and practices that drive U. S.

The Vory: Russia's Super Mafia

The vory—as the russian mafia is also known—was born early in the twentieth century, largely in the Gulags and criminal camps, where they developed their unique culture. Now, western readers can explore the fascinating history of the vory v zakone, the Afghan War, a group that has survived and thrived amid the changes brought on by Stalinism, the Cold War, and the end of the Soviet experiment.

Based on two decades of on-the-ground research, Galeotti’s captivating study details the vory’s journey to power from their early days to their adaptation to modern-day Russia’s free-wheeling oligarchy and global opportunities beyond. Used book in Good Condition. The first english-language book to document the men who emerged from the gulags to become Russia’s much-feared crime class: the vory v zakone Mark Galeotti is the go-to expert on organized crime in Russia, consulted by governments and police around the world.

. Identified by their signature tattoos, members abided by the thieves’ code, a strict system that forbade all paid employment and cooperation with law enforcement and the state. Nothing is true and everything Is Possible The Surreal Heart of the New Russia.

The Long Hangover: Putin's New Russia and the Ghosts of the Past

The narrative roams from the corridors of the Kremlin to the wilds of the Gulags and the trenches of East Ukraine. Packed with analysis but told mainly through vibrant reportage, it is a thoughtful exploration of the legacy of the Soviet collapse and how it has affected life in Russia and Putin's policies.

Used book in Good Condition. He charts how putin raised victory in world war II to the status of a national founding myth in the search for a unifying force to heal a divided country, and shows how dangerous the ramifications of this have been. The book explores why russia, unlike germany, the Gulag, has failed to come to terms with the darkest pages of its past: Stalin's purges, and the war deportations.

Walker not only explains vladimir Putin's goals and the government's official manipulations of history, but also focuses on ordinary Russians and their motivations. Nothing is true and everything Is Possible The Surreal Heart of the New Russia. By cleverly exploiting the memory of the Soviet victory over fascism in World War II, Putin's regime has made ordinary Russians feel that their country is great again.

Shaun walker provides new insight into contemporary Russia and its search for a new identity, telling the story through the country's troubled relationship with its Soviet past. It puts the annexation of Crimea and the newly assertive Russia in the context of the delayed fallout of the Soviet collapse. The long hangover is a book about a lost generation: the millions of Russians who lost their country and the subsequent attempts to restore to them a sense of purpose.

In the long hangover, shaun Walker provides a deeply reported, bottom-up explanation of Russia's resurgence under Putin.

Collusion: Secret Meetings, Dirty Money, and How Russia Helped Donald Trump Win

Luke harding, the guardian reporter and former Moscow bureau chief, quietly meets former MI6 officer Christopher Steele in a London pub to discuss President-elect Donald Trump’s Russia connections. Nothing is true and everything Is Possible The Surreal Heart of the New Russia. Used book in Good Condition.

. Drawing on new material and his expert understanding of moscow and its players, off-shore banks, money laundering, sketchy real estate deals, poisoned dissidents, the Miss Universe pageant, computer hacking, mobsters, Harding takes the reader through every bizarre and disquieting detail of the “Trump-Russia” story—an event so huge it involves international espionage, and the most shocking election in American history.

1 new york times bestseller  an explosive exposé that lays out the story behind the Steele Dossier, including Russia’s decades-in-the-making political game to upend American democracy and the Trump administration’s ties to Moscow. Harding…presents a powerful case for russian interference, and Trump campaign collusion, by collecting years of reporting on Trump’s connections to Russia and putting it all together in a coherent narrative.

The nation   December 2016. The names of the americans involved are well-known—paul manafort, carter page—but here Harding also shines a light on powerful Russian figures like Aras Agalarov, Michael Flynn, and Sergey Kislyak, Natalia Veselnitskaya, George Papadopoulos, Jared Kushner, whose motivations and instructions may have been coming from the highest echelons of the Kremlin.

A month later, steele’s now-famous dossier sparks what may be the biggest scandal of the modern era.

War by Other Means: Geoeconomics and Statecraft

John ikenberry, foreign affairs“a readable and lucid primer…the book defines the extensive topic and opens readers’ eyes to its prevalence throughout history…Presidential candidates who care more about protecting American interests would be wise to heed the advice of War by Other Means and take our geoeconomic toolkit more seriously.

Jordan schneider, Weekly Standard Used book in Good Condition. Nothing is true and everything Is Possible The Surreal Heart of the New Russia. The result is a playing field sharply tilting against the United States. Geoeconomics, the use of economic instruments to advance foreign policy goals, has long been a staple of great-power politics.

Policies governing everything from trade and investment to energy and exchange rates are wielded as tools to win diplomatic allies, punish adversaries, and coerce those in between. In this impressive policy manifesto, blackwill and harris argue that in recent decades, Russia, while China, the United States has tended to neglect this form of statecraft, and other illiberal states have increasingly employed it to Washington’s disadvantage.

G. Not so in the United States, however. America still too often reaches for the gun over the purse to advance its interests abroad. A foreign affairs best book of 2016Today, nations increasingly carry out geopolitical combat through economic means.