The St. Croix Cartel 2

Croix brothers have to come to terms with the imminent threat in the streets that’s pouring over into the homes they share with the women who vowed to stand ten tows down. He pops up with baggage that can cost Cross, Priest, and Saint their freedom. Before they can rejoice they must dig deep to find the powerful love that brought them together when they first met.

After months of trying to locate them Cross starts to lose hope. Just when they thought Prentiss was gone to prison for life he’s out. Croix family is back with more drama, secrets, and treachery coming at them from all angles. They will all learn that sometimes the family you create is more powerful than the family you come from.

Croix is failing miserably at trying to find the family he created. Of course with trouble already brewing in his life from Shayla it’s hard to even find a moments time to realize just how much his wife needs him. Being kidnapped by yasir has taken a toll on Heaven and she must fight the mental battle of a lifetime to find the woman Cross fell in love with.

With rasheeda writing a tell all book about their life they’ve become more of roommates instead of husband and wife. With ketura dealing with a high risk pregnancy she needs Saint more than ever to be hands on and more attentive. She’s lost within herself because she doesn’t know who she is.

The St. Croix Cartel

It's not easy being the wife of a St. Croix and these women experience the highs and lows of being married to these powerful men. All is fair when it comes to love but when it comes to war in the streets there’s no love or rules when it comes to the The St. Despite being one of the biggest drug cartels they have family secrets.

Meet cross, Saint, and Priest St. Lies and Betrayal threaten to dismantle their empire. With their wives by their side they go through the ups and downs of being father’s, husbands, and Kingpins. Croix Cartel. Three brothers on a mission to solidify their rightful place in the drug game. Heaven, ketura, and rasheeda have the daunting task of holding down the home front while dealing with husbands that’s fighting battles seen and unseen.

Growing up under their father’s rule and watchful eye, they’ve learned everything they need to know about running their family business. Croix.

Hood Supreme

Their love for the street life has overshadowed the importance of building their own families. Their father is knee deep in criminal activities with the Alexander Crime Family. Team supreme is a criminal organization that has done just that. With their friend dream Brooks along for the ride the women find themselves torn between family and love.

With the help of their OG grandmother Ms. Gladys they’ve become a force to be reckoned with on the streets of Chicago. Meet givenchy, Prada, and Fendi Alexander. The neglected daughters of Malcolm Mills the Mayor of Chicago. Enters miyani and Gavin Mills. These partnerships have kept criminals a step ahead of the law and politicians richer.

Follow these criminal and political families as war is waged in the streets that can only end with bloodshed and broken hearts. It’s always been said that Chicago is one of the most corrupt cities in the nation. From the beginning of time criminals have partnered with political figures in an effort to retain control.

Their political connections have helped them to solidify themselves as the Upper Echelon of crime families.

Forever a Thugs Passion

While other family members have their own issues that lead to an all out war in the streets and on the home front. This threat has the potential to dismantle their entire existence. It’s always been in her nature to be his ride or die. Thug is the heart and soul of the Kenneth Family. Not to mention the reason why she kills anything moving that may be a threat to her family.

Their name alone holds weight and instills fear in the toughest of gangsters. For the last couple of years Thug Inc. This time around Thug and Tahari’s marriage is on the line. Tahari has always prided herself on being the wife of the infamous Ka’Jaire “Thug” Kenneth. May be the ones to finish. There’s a new threat with ties from their past out for vengeance.

Being his wife and the mother of their children has been her purpose. Thug Inc. She refuses to let him disregard the hard work she’s put in over the years. In this installment of the thug saga you’ll be taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions! Deep dark secrets from the past will be revealed that may have a pro founding effect on more than just Thug and Tahari’s relationship.

The relationship with their children is on the line as well.

Hood Supreme 2

Givenchy, prada, and Fendi still reign over all things Supreme. Miyani, gavin, and dream have stepped up in a major way for the men that they love. All bets are off in this installment of the highly anticipated best selling series. The alexander Family is back like they never left. The imminent threats have them on high alert and ready for whatever.

However, the enemies are coming out the wood works and trying to wreak havoc. The streets is watching and the government is lurking. Besides dealing with the beef in the streets they have to deal with past loves and family betrayal that threaten the women that they love. It’s one thing to protect the family you come from but, a totally different thing when you have to protect the family you’ve created.

The alexander brothers will not play when It comes down to Miyani, Gavin, and Dream. With their fate resting in the hands of the government the ladies in their life have to run things. While her grandsons have been behind the wall Ms. Gladys has groomed the girls to be the Boss Bitches that Team Supreme needs.

It’s about to be bloodshed in the Chi courtesy of Team Supreme❗️.

For The Love of a St.Pierre Boy: St. Pierre Boyz Part 4 The Finale

The St. This time around it’s chaos at home accompanied with bloodshed in the streets. From the streets of Dallas to the streets of Chicago. The days of folding and submitting is over. The brothers are wreaking havoc on anyone that poses a threat. This installment will have you on a emotional rollercoaster filled with pain and joy.

Of course the leading ladies of their lives are riding shotgun beside them. The women have found their voice. The culprit is closer to them than they think. While luxe, sebastian, leilani, dynasty Diamond, and Kilo are out holding court in the streets, Judah, and Yetta are building their own business venture.

Their defiance brings drama and chaos within the family that becomes more than they can handle. Get lost in the pages of this highly anticipated follow up to the Best Selling series the St. Pierre Boyz. Pierre boyz are back with a vengeance. Just when they rid themselves of those that waged war against them, a new enemy rises.

Being the independent women they have always been becomes too much for their significant others. Find out what these women go through while fighting For The Love of a St. Pierre Boy!

Are You Gonna Love Me?: Heaven's Story A Standalone Novel

Desperately wanting to let that hurt go she starts a relationship with Yasir. Get lost with heaven and Cross as they embark on a journey of love they never thought was possible. She’s a woman who doesn’t know her worth and has lost faith in falling in love again. Cross St. Croix is up for the challenge. He’s the gangster she needs and the gentleman that she deserves.

Falling in love for the third time is not what she wants but the persistent Cross St. Croix will not stop until he has Heaven rocking his last name. They say the third time is a charm but Heaven is having a hard time embracing Cross and the way he loves her so freely. The daughter of the infamous Remy and Rose’ Ramirez.

All of her life she’s been spoiled rotten with the world placed at her feet. Meet the young, rich, and beautiful Heaven Ramirez. Being raised by parents who have certain expectations has hindered Heaven from being able to truly love and be the grown woman she needs to be in relationships. After having a daughter with her first love Lil Dro she learns a baby will never keep a man who doesn’t want to be kept.

. Heaven has never been loved properly so his way of loving her is foreign.

Princess and The Plug 2

Finding out her father benito is behind her kidnapping and possibly the hit on Hercules has Princess unsure of anything while being held in Medellin. Just trying to love a man like Hercules Hernandez brings strife and struggle to Princess mentally. The couple you fell in love with are back with more drama than ever before.

They share a powerful love for one another but sometimes love isn’t enough to take away the demons of their past. Both princess and hercules are in for the shock of their lives when they come face to face with the true enemy behind trying to ruin them. At the same time she tries her hardest to make their relationship work.

While being held captive she learns so much about her father’s secret life. There will always be someone in the shadows ready to remind you of it. Will love conquer all or will their love affair end before they ever get a chance to relish in the joy of living happily ever after? They both realize no matter how much you try and forget your past.

Life with hercules was supposed to be everything she dreamed of but things aren’t quite happening the way she wanted. Princess has been dealt a bad hand since birth and there doesn’t seem to be a silver lining in sight for her.

Dangerously in Love with a Ruthless Thug

She had men flocking to her on a regular basis but being severely hurt in her past made her solely focus on her daughter and herself. One night. On the other hand you had Zacari Hood, the complete opposite. What happened the night of the reception and which brother was responsible? Finally deciding now was the best time to go back to school to secure a larger bag for her child, one night was all it took to knock Vashae back off her square that she worked so hard to plant her feet on.

The infamous hood brothers were abandoned during their pre teen years and it affected them differently. There was the charming younger brother Zamari Hood. His reputation alone made him a feared man worldwide. In this standalone, two people while be bonded for life because of one reckless night. You will embark on four segments as you watch this story unfold firsthand and watch some characters grow together while others grow apart while answering the question that’s burned everyone’s mind.

The epitome of tall, dark, handsome, rich, reckless and ruthless. He was tall, chocolate, rich and intelligent with a smile that made women crumble inside. One mistake is all it takes to make a major impact on your life. Vashae king has beauty, brains and a body to match. One reckless decision.

Daughter of a Thug, Wife of a Gangsta: A Thug Legacy Story

It will take drastic measures to happen in order for her to truly find her place. Love has never been easy and Ka’Jaiyah Kenneth is learning that the hard way. It’s in her dna and the streets expect nothing less of her. Take a ride with yahmeen and Yah-Yah as they embark on a journey of Hood Love like no other.

Brace yourself because this love affair gets Gangsta! He’s a gangsta in his own right and in order to takeover he needs Yah-Yah riding shot gun beside him so they can reign supreme. Especially, if she truly wants to be Mrs. After all she’s the child of the infamous Thug and Tahari Kenneth. It won’t be an easy task for yah-yah because she’s a spoiled, rich, Daddy’s girl that’s set in her ways.

Yahmeen Nazari. After all these years of being known as the problem child she realizes she needs to Boss Up. He needs a lil baby that’s gone listen and she don’t take orders easy. She may be content with that but Yahmeen is not.

Her Hood Knight in Shining Armor 2

In this explosive, highly anticipated part 2, we pick up where we left off. So when all answers point to the one he’s trusted the most, he has a few decisions to make. Who is responsible for dragging mckenna in this mess? will Jonario trust his gut? Or will he get hurt because the woman who has his heart is not who he used to know? In this finale, all of the answers to your questions will be revealed.

Jonairo knight has been betrayed in the past. Mckenna has been betrayed by those closest to her, and finds herself fighting for her freedom.