The Weight is Over

That’s where i stumble into what must be the hottest guy at the resort. The chemistry is there, but with him, it’s much more than physical. I’m excited by the idea of building a future, and I want to explore it with him, but the notion of letting someone in terrifies me. Evan doesn’t know it yet, but he’s the guy I’ve been fantasizing about.

That’s how i protect myself—by finding guys who would rather hit the gym than actually get to know me. Evan:my weaknesses are sexy men and decadent food. Since gorgeous men don’t usually go for guys like me, I tend to indulge in the latter. When i score a week-long job as the hospitality manager for a private island resort, it’s the wakeup call I need.

He’s exercising shirtless, but hell, I would too if I was him. Of all the men on the island, this one takes the cake. The real me. Not just the physical. Lately, though, I’ve been hoping for more than that.


He thinks his past makes him hard to love, but I’m not afraid of his demons—or his touch. Campbell:love and secrets don’t mix, but I’m already in too deep. Ever since the war, i’ve been too hardened to feel desire—until Brent appears. I invite him to my place, but I’m stunned when he’s gone the next morning.

. The connection between us is too powerful to let go. Who wants a boyfriend they can’t share a bed with? If I can’t even stay one night, I’ll never get what I most want: Brent’s body against mine, every night. I don’t know if i can keep Brent safe and keep him close at the same time. Brent:i’m falling for him, but I know he’s keeping a secret.

Campbell and I don’t just connect, we collide. He’s not trying to be my therapist, either; he’s taking me for the man I am, and that makes me want him even more. It all feels too good to be true. But my ptsd and night terrors make it difficult to have a love life. He gets my pulse up, and he’s twice as passionate as anyone I’ve ever met.

I want a future with him; we just have to make it through our first night together. If he fought through a war, I can fight through his past.

Protecting the Billionaire

He lives with me, eats with me, and sleeps so deliciously close to me. The problem? i’m sure he’s straight. Attracts me. In a single moment, everything changes. A tower of ripped muscles. There’s no way I can turn it down. The only drawback: rich people piss me off. Damon:i’ve never been with a guy, but Jamie’s got my brain and heart twisted up in knots.

The problem? I don’t do romance. And i definitely don’t need some gruff bodyguard to babysit me. But he’s hotter than hades. Almost positive…note to readers: This is an extra spicy standalone MM romance, heat level 10 It intrigues me. I won’t stay sheltered. I’m divorced, living in a cramped apartment in the Bronx, and scraping by as a private eye after desk politics threw my detective career under the bus.

But when an old friend sends me a job offer with a salary that makes my jaw drop, how can I say no? All I have to do is play bodyguard for some spoiled billionaire. I have to admit that life at the top has been lonely lately, but this isn’t how I thought I’d find a man to spend my time with. I don’t want my hand held.

When i meet jamie, he isn’t what I expect.

Pretty Femme Fox Book 1

Taylor:i won’t be another straight man’s secret. It’s hard to plan the perfect wedding for your best friend when you can’t keep your eyes off the groom's cousin. Still, we’ve got a problem—he’s supposed to marry a woman. It can be enjoyed as a standalone with no cliffhanger. Cole’s perfect—except for one thing: he’s as straight as the last man who broke my heart.

Or so I thought. But cole’s hands and lips tell another story. There’s no ring on his finger, but if he doesn’t follow his father’s orders, it’ll cost him one hell of an inheritance. My father’s a powerful man, and he’s got a match lined up for me—a female one, at that. Coming out to him isn’t something I had in the cards.

If i choose taylor, i’ll be putting my inheritance and my family’s business on the line. If i have to keep taylor a secret, I can’t keep him at all. This is the first book in the Femme Fox series. If cole decides to keep our time together hidden, we won’t be hearing any wedding bells. I can’t bring him out of the closet, but I won’t meet him in it, either.

Cole:it’s all or nothing for Taylor.


First is the dominant way he glares at me in the bar. What i can’t handle are the feelings that come afterward. Returning to New York means returning my focus to the job. So, what am i supposed to do when my boss tells me to show his son the ropes?Note to readers: This is a spicy MM romance with a twist. When i get to new York, my focus will be on the job.

Imagine my surprise when i show up for my first day of work and realize that the stranger who absolutely owned me in bed is my new boss. Dom:Cute. While dom is aggressive and dominant, this is not a BDSM book. Readers can expect two red-hot men and several steamy scenes that will leave you gasping. So, i make a promise to myself.

Last, but perhaps most important, is the assumption that my scandalous night with the sexy stranger will remain confidential and private. After tonight, i will move to new york to work for my father’s marketing firm, and I can’t add the stress of dealing with a relationship, but it’s been so long since I felt a man inside me.

On the cusp of my big promotion to partner, there can’t be any distractions. And boy is this guy a distraction. One night of indulging my darkest desires with the gorgeous Sean, but it has to end when he walks out the hotel door. Second is the room number scribbled on his cocktail napkin with the word “come”.


Still recovering from a shoulder injury, he decides to play the part and enlists the help of his childhood best friend to be his temporary boyfriend. Julian has been in love with Isaac since they were kids. For like three weeks. Tennis player isaac hudson isn’t gay, but when a photograph of him kissing another man makes its way to social media, he doesn’t have the heart to correct the speculation and disappoint all the people it means so much to.

It does, however, a heart-shaped tennis trophy, more than one tennis-related injury, explicit sex scenes, contain: boys kissing, a Lego car, the sexy application of various ointments, and true love conquering all. Knowing his friend was off-limits helped him keep his feelings hidden, but now that he’s supposed to pretend to date him…Well, things are getting a little tricky in the feelings department.

I want you to be my boyfriend. After a few surprisingly intimate dates, it becomes obvious that Isaac is less interested in faking it and more interested in trying it. Throw in a few steamy moments, and soon enough, Isaac finds himself falling into bed with his best friend. But can isaac figure out his feelings in time to see what’s right in front of him? Or will his player past come back to haunt him and take away his best chance at happiness?Player is a stand-alone gay romance with a HEA and no cliffhangers.



Torn between his duty as BFF and his newly acquired cynicism for love, Alex reluctantly agrees. Opposites in every way, Alex can't ever imagine hunky straight Hank ever being anything to him. Until he finds out Hank isn't so straight after all. Who would have known that the football star and the town queer would fall in love?Wedding planner, Alex Haynes, is left heartbroken and humiliated when his fiancé leaves him at the altar.

Tensions run high between the pair as they're forced into close proximity due to their working relationship. Little does he know that by agreeing to do so, he’s also agreeing to work with his high school bully, Hank Morrison. Once a college football star heading for greatness, Hank Morrison now runs the inn he inherited from his aunt in the small town of Redwood.

When his high school nemesis and first love interest, Alex shows up wanting to plan a wedding at the inn, he can’t turn down the kind of money on offer. Especially after all those years he made his life hell. When his best friend announces her engagement, she begs him to reconsider his decision. Even if it means having to deal with the uptight wedding planner who always thought he was too good for him.

It also means that they can't help getting to know each other and when they find out they aren't as different as they once thought, things become complicated. Too ashamed to show his face in Manhattan again, Alex flees for his upstate hometown and vows never to plan another wedding again.

Chasing Heat

He’s got a level head on his shoulders, and those shoulders are the kind I want to drape my legs around and never let go. Except i can't fall for Jackson, brooding, no matter how sexy, and ripped he is. He probably has a gorgeous girlfriend and zero interest in clumsy gay bartenders. Right?jackson:i carry plenty of guys out of fires, but Chase is the first one I don’t want to put down.

Nonetheless, I have to stay focused. His lips on mine, our bodies pressed together… That’s what I want from Chase. It doesn’t help that my boss at the firehouse seems to think I’m perfect for his daughter. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s not into guys. Because i'm sure Jackson is straight.

I mean, I'm pretty sure. Readers can expect two red-hot men and several steamy scenes that will leave you gasping. Not because I don't like firefighters as if. But who can blame me for lusting after a hunky firefighter?I never meant to set fire to my bar, I swear. I can’t help myself. Adorably clumsy and sexy as hell, Chase is a mystery.

He says he wants to thank me for rescuing him from the fire.

Weight for Love Worth the Weight Book 1

Readers can expect a steamy MM romance with several scenes that will leave you gasping. I thought those piercing eyes were only for the ladies, but I was wrong. When i give his car a jump, sparks fly, and he’s even more charming than I remember. Luckily, i’m the contractor renovating his grandma’s house, which means we’ll be seeing a lot of each other.

Mark:two things are off the menu: straight men and delicious food. As luck would have it, those are the first temptations I encounter when I return to my hometown to help renovate the family house. He’s even fitter and sexier than when I left. Oh so wrong. His dedication makes me hot, but I want him to know that I find him sexy no matter what.

Mark says he wants a workout partner, and I hope clothing is optional. This is the first book in the Worth the Weight series. It can be enjoyed as a standalone with no cliffhanger. I want mark, and I can’t hide my excitement. He’s the one who got away. We want each other, but I’m not sure if I deserve a guy like Carter.

The Swap

But when samuel is faced with an audacious young man who strikes up a conversation, the attraction to men he’s kept buried for so long comes rushing back. At twenty-two years old, Oliver Hughes is one of the most sought after male models in the world. Tossing their keys into a bowl and leaving it up to fate to decide who they’re paired with is too tempting to resist.

While attending a swap party, his last-ditch effort to find someone who doesn’t know who he is when they meet, Oliver finds himself drawn to a handsome, older man. When their daughter goes off to college, Samuel and his wife Gayle begin to take stock of their lives. Nervous about jumping back into the dating world, they accept a friend’s invitation to attend a swap party.

What will it take for oliver and Samuel to survive, and is their happily ever after doomed from the start? Except for one thing…yearning to fall in love and settle down, Oliver’s grown bored of meaningless hookups with shallow, fame seeking guys. Sassy and bold, with a penchant for wearing high heels and a touch of makeup, Oliver’s life is what he always dreamed it could be.

As their relationship grows, something sinister and dark threatens what they’ve managed to build. Realizing they’re best friends and not in love with one another, the two agree to an amicable split. One who’s endearingly unaware of his own appeal.


We may share everything else, but we aren’t sharing men. My brother’s the taker, but I’m the tempter. Note to readers: This is a standalone MM romance. But traveling for work has its perks, and Eric’s the most tempting eligible man I’ve met in ages. Anderson:all's fair in love, war, and sibling rivalry.

On the road, i didn’t expect to meet twins. The problem? His identical brother has eyes for me too. While eric’s pulling me into his bed, his brother wants to push between us. I never thought a man could hold me down, but with the twins around, I’ve got two who want to do just that—in different ways.

And from the looks of it, one of them might even want the best of both worlds. Caleb wants to double up, but I’ve got one too many brothers on my hands. Eric:anderson is a walking red flag I want to wrap myself in. The new guy next door didn’t just steal my breath away—he’s claimed my fantasies, too.

He’s hotter than hades, and damn if I’m not eager to play with fire. I can’t tear my eyes off him. I’m living in a dream until my twin Caleb appears. My brother wants to wedge himself between us—in more ways than one.