When the Heart Turns Cold 1 & 2 Lady Ice

Her desire to inflict pain is growing by the minute and she is on a quest to rid the world of unfaithful married, men – one at a time. Will kendrick be able to reconnect with Nala before she goes too far? Will his recommitment to be faithful melt the ice from her broken heart? Kendrick and nala jordan were inseparable from the very beginning, and they became the most highly respected and sought out power couple in Philly.

The once beloved, charismatic woman has risen like a phoenix and now she is a force to be reckoned with in her career, home and in the community. Every man that crosses her path is at risk of feeling her wrath. He is about to find out there is a thin line is between love and hate when Nala's heart turns cold.

Her entire world shatters when she walks in and catches Kendrick in a compromising position. Book 2 what was done in the dark has come to light and this time Nala is all cried out. They had a strong foundation, including a beautiful home, wealth and happiness…or so Nala thought. 2-books from the lady ice series included: book 1 Love was all Nala Jordan ever wanted, so marrying the handsome and ambitious Kendrick Jordan was more than she could’ve ever dreamed.


When the Heart Turns Cold 3 Lady Ice

A visit with someone from Nala’s past will help her put her recent transgressions into perspective. As the lead profiler on the Philly serial-killer case, she's doing everything she can to keep the cops on the wrong path. But will this person’s identity cause the lid to be blown off the Lady Ice investigation, or will Nala remain free to rid the world of cheating hearts?

Meanwhile, her husband, is moving on with his merry little life and planning an engagement with his new side chick, Kendrick Jordan, Crystal. She has to work hard to keep her sins covered up. Book 3 in the Lady Ice series. The heat is turning up on Nala Jordan.

Black Ice: The Family Bloodline Lady Ice Book 4

In “black ice, the family bloodline” all the answers to the questions, “Is her mother coming home? Is Robert Randstad her father? Will she finally do away with Kendrick and Crystal?” will be answered. The betrayal from her handsome husband, and Crystal, a woman she called friend, Kendrick, led her down a path to right all wrongs committed by married men.

An eager student assigned to the case is looking to make her big break, but Nala must stay one step ahead of her. Book 4 of the Lady Ice Series. Dr. The philadelphia police are no closer to apprehending who they have dubbed as “Lady Ice, ” and Nala continues to be out for blood. Nala jordan has made a name for herself as one of the most notorious killers in Philadelphia history.


Bride of a Hustla 1-3

Sasha can’t believe her good fortunes when Quamae falls head over heels in love with her and wants to make her his bride. He’s finally about to go legit, until he receives some devastatingly bad news that could land him in prison with a life sentence, which forces him to remain connected in the deadly dope game he’s so desperate to leave.

However, blue is there to help her regain her memory and pick up the pieces of her shattered heart. When circumstances test the strength of their vows, will quamae’s love prove to be unconditional or will the truth destroy their bond and cause him to punish her in a way that he usually reserves for his enemies in the streets? With so much hanging in the balance, Sasha will learn that being the BRIDE OF A HUSTLER can bring joy and pain.

Synopsis 2after sasha awakens from her coma, she has no recollection of what happened to her, or who tried to kill her. Although sasha is formerly the bride of a hustla, one shocking secret between her and Quamae could have them back together, as it can potentially destroy the new lives they’re living.

No one will be the same by the time the smoke clears. Synopsis 3sasha thinks she has finally found her peace and happiness in the arms of BLUE, who loves her perfectly. During this hellish journey, friendships are lost, tears are cried and lives are taken. But sasha is keeping secrets that will ultimately force her to commit the ultimate betrayal.

But the bride of a hustla is about to find out that her husband QUAMAE won't rest until she's his again.

When A Woman's Fed Up Box Set: Complete Series

Will mia forgive and forget or will she seek out revenge for her broken heart? See what happens when one woman has reached her breaking point. It was one horrible heart break after another. He came along and smoothly swept her off of her feet as if he was a broom made of love. In her heart and mind she was convinced that no woman could ask for a better man to spend the rest of their life with.

The moment mia met the infamous Seantrel she felt as though her life was now finally complete. Simply put he was the man of her dreams. However; mia was soon in for the rudest of awakenings when her life began to speed down the highway to hell with no rear view mirror. She didn't think things could get any worse until she was betrayed by the one person that she would have done anything for.

The lies, secrets and deception became too much. The complete series of When A Woman’s Fed Up. His charm was irresistible, some would say hypnotizing.

Savages and Side bitches: 1-4

Although they seem to be on different paths, the one thing they have in common is the knack for searching for love in all the wrong places. Melonia has been with the same guy for the past two years, and although they’ve been through trials, she always felt that he truly loved her. Join these girls on a wild ride through the streets of Detroit as they make a few stops at Drama Street, Murder Ave, and Infidelity Road.

Will melonia have the guts to go after what she wants no matter what she has to give up in order to get it? Will Tookie find the strength to leave or will she stay and suffocate at the mercy of side chicks? Knowing what comes with the life, but when she is hit with the ultimate disrespect back to back, she accepted a lot of Face’s ways, it becomes too much to bear.

As her life gets turned upside down she is awakened to the fact that the man she’s really been wanting had been right there for the taking all along. Tookie has been the “it” girl since fifteen years old when she linked up with a well-known hustler named Face from the other side of town. But when a crazy stalker comes out of nowhere, it leads to confusion and a ton of unanswered questions.

Best friends tookie and melonia have reached an age of maturity and it’s time to start making real decisions about life and love.

The Fetti Girls 1-3

Synopsis 1blaque barbee is every hustler's desire. But, no matter how cool and resourceful barbee tries to be, she's about to find out the true meaning of BLOODY MONEY and the consequences of being one of THE FETTI GIRLS. Synopsis 3the fetti girls' audacious leader, blacque barbee, is up against her strongest test yet, and the outcome seems all but destined.

With the odds stacked against her, corey, will the most savage chick of them all find a way out of this predicament?Blacque Barbee's man, and a sentence of life in prison hanging over her head, is still missing. Her beauty is captivating and her body is to die for. Most men want to sex her, many want to wife her.

When unforeseen circumstances come knocking on Barbee's door, she must answer them emphatically or end up in somebody's morgue. But there's a problem looming in the shadows and its name is RICH. All rich wants to do is love her and provide her with anything and everything her heart desires. Of course, this clever, gun clapping seductress isn't going down without an epic fight.

Robbing dope boys and living lavish is the only thing that fascinates her and her girls, CHYNA, MERCEDES and NEHIYA. Little does rich know, he's being played by the most treacherous female in the city. Will rich become another victim of black barbee and her crew? or will his intoxicating swag and powerful love break through and force Black Barbee to abandon her plan to have him laid down and robbed for his whole stash? When well-laid plans unravel, blood and tears will be shed and sisterly bonds could be broken forever, as the most conniving woman to ever rock a skirt must decide if her love for the fetti outweighs the love that's blossoming in her heart.


A distinguished thug stole my heart. But, when her beauty and sexiness catches the eye of a handsome and distinguished thug named G, nothing can stop her from falling head over heels for the refined bad boy. But trouble looms over them in the form of Nova's ex man, who refuses to let go of what they had. Will nova lose g's love because of a past she can't escape? Or will G's love prove to be a strong as his hustle?Sparks, bullets, and accusations fly non-stop in the drama-filled urban romance.

. Tragedy and heartbreak follow her like a dark cloud blocking out the sunshine she so desperately seeks. After her ex boyfriend's abusive ways and infidelities leave her shattered, the last thing she is looking for is love. In the windy city of chicago, Illinois, NOVA can't seem to catch a break.

The Boss Man's Daughters 1-5

But what he comes home to is the surprise of a lifetime. Did losing father god make them lose themselves? or will they bury their grief and rock the world to its core in the name of Love, but when ANGEL, one of the sisters, is lost, The Walker girls have survived everything the game has thrown at them, Hate and Revenge?SYNOPSIS 4From the grizzly death of their beloved father to the murder of their disloyal mother, FREEDOM and DESTINY are beyond consoling.

One thing that never gets compromised is their loyalty to each other and the man that fueled their ambitions. When father god's seeds declare war on one another, the earth will tremble and the Devil will reveal his face. The only thing left for them to do is fade into the night and live happily ever after.

For years, the girls' mother was thought to be dead; murdered by the hands of their father. Father god was larger than life. Now, years later, their father is back out on the streets. When she resurfaces things go into a tailspin and the girls must decide their next move. Once that decision is made, the streets better beware because THE BOSS MAN’S DAUGHTERS are unlike any clan the city has seen before.

Synopsis 2freedom, the boss man, angel and destiny have planned their whole lives around taking over the streets and reclaiming what was stolen from them when their father, was sent to prison. He was thought to be untouchable, but one woman did what many men couldn't-- she brought him down and placed him inside of a casket.

Yo Boo Been Creepin' With Me: Urban romance: Super Boxset

Rashaad loves kema and plans to marry her someday, but right now he's just having too much fun with his new found fame as a pro athlete. Kema is a woman who is head over heels in love with her high school sweetheart turned pro football player, Rashaad. With money and unlimited women at his disposal Rashaad is having second thoughts of truly being a one woman man.

She gave her up dreams in college just to follow him as he pursued his. When he fumbles off the field and ends up getting kema's cousin pregnant, he now has to decide what's more important; keeping his woman or raising his child Katrina has always been the chick who was used to getting what she wanted by any means necessary, and her cousin's man Rashaad is no exception! When she finds out that she's pregnant by him she knows that she has hit the jackpot.

The baby will be her meal ticket and Katrina will do whatever is necessary to make sure that no one gets in the way of not; including her cousin. Kema knew that with fame and money would come the thirst of the groupies, but she never would have imaged his biggest sideline chick would be her very own cousin.


My Other Baby Mama Box Set: A Dope Boy Saga

Although he has love for his main chick, he found love with his side chick of three years. In this complete series, you’ll take an unforgettable ride with Author Dani Littlepage. It’s available right here for your reading pleasure. It wasn’t until she was six months into her relationship with Ramsey that she found out that she wasn't the only woman in his life.

Baylynn, 24, is ramsey’s ride or die and a woman with a scandalous past. She was a known thot in the streets of philly and was proud of the reputation she had made for herself but when Ramsey came into the picture, she gave up her whorish ways for the man she loved but her path on the straight and narrow didn't last for long.

She is signed to cole Hart Signature and her writing is very clever, and this story is unputdownable. Throughout their relationship, Baylynn had numerous affairs on Ramsey and is often questioned about the paternity of their daughter Brandi. Gritty. A college graduate, bookstore owner, blogger and all around good girl.

Not wanting to give up the man she loved, cashmere played her role as the side chick and when their daughter, Cassi, was born she continued to be the secret no one but Ramsey’s family knew about. Unique. His drug operation and his money are his main focus and if anything or anyone stands in the way of that, he won’t hesitate to put them down.

Warning*** this is not your typical, dope Boy, Urban Romance, Thug Love, or Kingpin Savage book.