X-Files: Season 11


X-Files: The Event Series 2016

Bonus features:disc 1:**my struggle**founder's mutation**mulder & scully meet the were-monster" with david duchovny, gillian anderson, kumail nanjiani and darin morgandisc 2:**home again**babylon**my struggle ii**audio commentary on "my struggle ii" with chris Carter and Gabe RotterDisc 3:**Deleted & Scully Meet the Were-Monster**Audio Commentary on "Founder's Mutation" with Chris Carter and James Wong**Audio Commentary on "Mulder & Extended Scenes**43:45 The Makings of a Struggle**Season X: An In-Depth Behind-the-Scenes Look at The Event Series **Gag Reel**Monsters of the Week: A Recap of the Wildest and Scariest from the Original Series**The X-Files: Green Production PSA**Short Film "Grace" by Karen Nielsen Shrink-wrapped.

. This marks the momentous return of the emmy®- and Golden Globe® Award-winning pop culture phenomenon, which remains one of the longest-running sci-fi series in network television history. Almost 14 years after the original series run, six-episode event series from creator/executive producer Chris Carter, the next mind-bending chapter of THE X-FILESTM is a thrilling, with stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reinhabiting their roles as iconic FBI agents FOX MULDER and DANA SCULLY.

Mitch pileggi also returns as fbi assistant director WALTER SKINNER, Mulder and Scully s boss, who walks a fine line between loyalty to these investigators and accountability to his superiors.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe Single-Disc Edition

I want to believe" is a familiar phrase for fans of the series; it was the slogan on a poster that Mulder had hanging in his office at the FBI. Perhaps more clues. To something. Can be found in the film's title. And this movie is in that tradition of showing things that you would not see in most scary movies.

Unlike the first the x-files motion picture, released in 1998, carter and spotnitz's story for THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE does not require audiences to understand the series' complex mythology that stretched across its nine seasons on the air. The first movie was kind of an epic episode of the show, but THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE is a real, stand-alone movie, " explains Carter.

Factory sealed DVD. If the show hadn't existed, this is a story that still would have found its way to the big screen. Mulder and scully are called in to help with an FBI case. 0chris carterdavid duchovnygillian andersonAmanda PeetBilly ConnollyAlvin 'Xzibit' JoinerCallum Keith RennieMitch PileggiSpencer Maybee Shrink-wrapped.

It's a natural title, " says Chris Carter. While the scale and scope inherent in the medium of film allowed the filmmakers to take the story and characters where the show couldn't go, supernatural tales, Carter says THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE also marks a return to the series' roots, when it was the lone beacon on television for fans of thrillers, and of horror stories.

With the x-files, we often scared people by what they didn't show, and we use that device for the movie.

The X-Files: Season 9

Now you can own the entire ninth season of THE X-FILES? Condition: New. All 19 classic episodes including the 2-hour series finale are available for the first time in this exclusive 5-disc collector's edition. From the revelation about scully?s baby in ?nothing important happened today? and the mystery surrounding the murder of Agent Doggett?s son in ?Release? to Mulder?s final confrontation with those who would deny ?The Truth, ? these Season Nine episodes are a must for every X-Files fan! Shrink-wrapped.

Format: DVD. Factory sealed DVD. Box set; color; dvd; NTSC; Widescreen.

The X-Files: Fight the Future

Factory sealed DVD. Format: DVD. The x files is set against the dynamic backdrops of Washington, D. C. Dusty fields of northern Texas, private meeting rooms of London and the frigid reaches of Antarctica. Condition: New. Shrink-wrapped. The movie is carefully designed to introduce the popular characters to a whole new audience while rewarding its existing core of fans with answers to questions posed in the show's extraordinary five-season television run.

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Deadpool 2

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY The Ultimate Guide to The X-Files: 25 Years - Inside Every Season & Film

And sold by Amazon. Factory sealed DVD. This must-have dossier includes an oral history of the show, gillian Anderson, a primer to the mythology of The X-Files, show creator Chris Carter, dozens of photographs, and in-depth interviews with David Duchovny, coverage of every season and both movies, and writers of the show.

The truth is out there. This edition is printed using a high quality matte interior paper and printed on demand for immediate fulfillment. Format: DVD. The charisma and chemistry of actors david duchovny and Gillian Anderson, one a crusader for the truth no matter how strange, the other grounded in scientific skepticism, brought viewers back week after week, eager to plunge deeper into the unknown.

Now, entertainment weekly takes you behind the curtain into the show’s universe with an all-new Collector’s Edition, on the occasion of The X-Files’ 11th season, The Ultimate Guide to The X-Files. Box set; color; dvd; NTSC; Widescreen. Do you believe?twenty-five years ago, FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully introduced us to a world shrouded in secrecy and wrapped in paranoia.

. Condition: New. The x-files chronicled their experiences with the paranormal. Shrink-wrapped.

The Walking Dead Season 8 DVD

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The X-Files: Season 8

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Blindspot: Season 3

But the tattoos also expose the team's darkest secrets. Shrink-wrapped. Agent kurt weller sullivan Stapleton finally tracks down Jane, who's been on the run. Condition: New. Box set; color; dvd; NTSC; Widescreen. Box set; color; dvd; NTSC; Widescreen. Blindspot: the complete third season dvdfollowing the shocking second season finale, Blindspot returns for its third season Jaimie Alexander stars as Jane Doe, a mysterious woman found in Times Square with her memory erased and her body covered with a series of coded tattoos.

Format: DVD. As jane and the fbi team who discovered her work to decipher, investigate and solve the clues behind her tattoos, an ever-widening web of conspiracy and corruption is revealed, as is the truth behind Jane’s true identity and the organization that sent her to the FBI in the first place. Condition: New.

Weller, jane, and the fbi team set out to solve these new puzzles and stop the dangerous conspiracies they reveal. Season 3 jumps two years forward. Format: DVD. After the two discover a new set of luminescent tattoos planted on Jane’s body, Jane is forced to return to the FBI. Factory sealed DVD.

The Expanse: Season Three

Condition: New. Format: DVD. Caught in the middle, the Rocinante crew struggles to deal with tensions amongst themselves, while striving to survive and aid those in peril. Box set; color; dvd; NTSC; Widescreen. Box set; color; dvd; NTSC; Widescreen. Factory sealed DVD. Condition: New. As the war between earth and mars ignites across the solar system, the terrifying next phase in the evolution of the protomolecule threatens the very existence of humanity.

Format: DVD. Shrink-wrapped.